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  1. I crank out 8 to 10 miles in 40 mins 3 times a week, climb hard then hammer it down.
  2. EnglertRacing

    butted spokes on stock 250s?

    Thanks The fronts look like 9/10/9 Or 9/9.5/9 Rear 8/9/8 https://www.central-wheel.co.uk/information/spokes-and-nipples-stock.html
  3. EnglertRacing

    butted spokes on stock 250s?

    Hello, I saw some butted spokes (tapered from the hub down in the middle, and back up at the nipples) on stock 250sx was a 2016 or 17 was thinking of building some wheels with double butted spokes, was wondering if anyone here has one of these bikes and some calipers and micrometers. If so could you be so kind as to measure the major and minor diameters of the front and rear spokes. Thanks, Aaron Englert
  4. EnglertRacing

    Son's Broken Collarbone

    Been plated, If you get a plate get it taken back out. I refractured it many times, too easily. The screws are major stress risers. Solid as a rock after I got the plate out.
  5. EnglertRacing

    Blown motor seal

    I like to read about testing and ignore she and he
  6. EnglertRacing

    Blown motor seal

    or visit bobistheoilguy.com and learn a thing or 500. They have a neato forum too..
  7. EnglertRacing

    Looped out a month ago, back still isn't 100%.

    I think find a better chiropractor, if that fails see an orthapedic.
  8. EnglertRacing

    Notched clutch basket... Anything I can do?

    It shouldnt be better its one of the lower viscosity atfs i like how it makes the clutch feel. Im wondering if there is something you do while riding that beats them up
  9. EnglertRacing

    Notched clutch basket... Anything I can do?

    Ive got more than that, running valvoline synthetic atf, no marks at all. With a slipper clutch that i feel is kind of hard on baskets.
  10. EnglertRacing

    Notched clutch basket... Anything I can do?

    How many hours and what oil
  11. EnglertRacing

    Chain roller shapes - whats the deal here?

    Ill put the saw down when you get to the bottom of the stairs
  12. EnglertRacing

    Chain roller shapes - whats the deal here?

    Ill take a whack The lower roller diameter is important as it will have some effect on how chain slack is managed during swing arm top out. Its mainly controlled by the location of the roller but is influenced by diameter, larger taking up more slack than smaller when position is fixed. Ribs and grooves will be to help laterally control the chain, but grooves change the diameter smaller. Less you can jam massive flanges on it and still have it fit, but if the chain slacks alot towards top out youd be bettet off using your room to increace diameter. The dished roller id stay away from. Its kind of thre opposite effect of the crowning on a band saw wheel that keeps the blade on, the chain may try to climb the groove rather than settle into it. At one point i was going to make a chain rollet with crown on it to test a theory (down hill mtb lowet chain guide roller) The toothed ones, I have no idea.... I have made several for different things machining them on the lathe from delrin (acetal) and finding double row bearings to eliminate 2 sets of bearing shields for low drag. Then using press and snap ring for retention. Always round and as big as I could fit.
  13. EnglertRacing

    Advise required! Cleaning outside cases

    wd40 might as well be diesel. im not laughing. It'll work, cheaper than wd as well. id probably use the pad of scotch bright by hand, NO drill.
  14. EnglertRacing

    Advise required! Cleaning outside cases

    Thats how i do it usually soak in gasoline to get the silicone off. then blow it off, then into the kitchen sink with a couple different plastic brushes, one solvent style brush, one dish brush, I like purple power degreaser in the sink. blow er off again. then into the oven at 200 to dry, then replace the bearings, or. if they are good, some oil in each.