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  1. EnglertRacing

    CRF 2010 to 2019 conversion

    I dont understand why anyone would want to get rid of the 9-12 rear number plates and fender.
  2. EnglertRacing

    My bike has a Gritty throttle?

    Do you have freeplay? Are you sure the cable isnt off the side of the tube?
  3. EnglertRacing

    Damaged case.. but can it be ran?? Opinions??

    Weld File or mill then lap on granite with 320 emery cloth sheet. Id look on ebay for a good case....
  4. EnglertRacing

    Won’t start, months of sitting

    You ground the plug or the coil will arc somewhere. That somewhere is internally which degrades the winding insulation and damages the coil somewhere between not much and alot. Its best to pop a plug in there and set it on something conductive and, use an alligator clip jumper to connect it to a good spot to keep it grounded as it does an impression of a drum stick bouncing on the valve cover or whatever. While your kicking it. I would drain the tank. Install a new fuel filter, run the pump disconnected from the injector via a battery to clear out your line. And i would run cleaner through the injector while pulsing it with 9v battery.
  5. EnglertRacing

    2012 CRF450 build

    Been on a 09 for 9 years now... Suggestions. Handling 24mm is where its at, i have 22s and im going to 24mm. My rekluse e axle makes the bike quit tucking but not push either at 24mm. The 22 are better than 20 for sure but man the 24 offset.... Merge knuckle smokes pull rods, if they still make them. Engine. Do the decomp spring tension mod. The auto decomp mechanism is what causes the flame out. A member on here figured it out. The 09, would round 5th gear's dogs due to shallow enguagement and bend the shift fork and or dent the shift drum, creating a flase neutral. There is a heavy duty fix which involves a lathe. The 10+ have different 3rd and 5th mainshaft gears which i have not inspected, but may have deeper dog enguagement. Anyways as a good preventative measure you can easily install a crf450x detent spring which costs about 3$. Or a higher end preventative is the factory pro detend spring and roller, and the star if you have $$$. Thats all i have that i really really reccomend, without getting into prefrence things.
  6. EnglertRacing

    Suspension re-valving advice

    Race tech will be good for you. Then you can diy. Here is what you should know though. The engineers at kyb and showa are bright and can design the piston however they want. Race tech insists you need moar flowz. However the real motive is that in using larger ports, they require a stiffer stack. If this stack was used on a std piston it would be much much firmer. This is to prevent you from buying one kit and outfitting one or a dozen of your friends bikes. The other reason is that youd feel quite penetrated purchasing a 2$ bag of shims for 150$, so they give you a little gold billet piece so you have something that feels valuble. Btw dull shit grey type 3 hard anodize smokes type 2 with pretty colors any day. Its kind of like software and a software key. The shims are like the software can get the software from the mfg, or download it, but you need the key, which is the piston. What pisses me off is that they use the guise that the kyb and showa engineers are stupid and its all about big ports. Its not its about profit. Also make sure you use a setup that doesnt ditch the MV for a check valve
  7. EnglertRacing

    Pivot Pegz all that? ... or not?

    Never noticed that at all? Your feet are probably too far forwards. Im size 12 and I dont have this problem. You dont have sz 12+ and have stupid bootie liner boots do you? What?
  8. EnglertRacing

    Roll the bars back till you can't ride?

    A SHORT industry perfessional. Soo helpful and informative to hear from someone that the bikes fit correctly
  9. EnglertRacing

    cylinder sleeve misaligned?

    Die grinder is really the tool for the job
  10. EnglertRacing

    cylinder sleeve misaligned?

    Shoud be able to see some scratches. But this is a good possibility. Would be an easy fix tho.
  11. EnglertRacing

    cylinder sleeve misaligned?

    Misalignment would have to be pretty be signifigant to cause binding. Fore and aft anglar misalignment or offset is a non issue and infact a design feature on many engines resulting in desaxle or wrist pin to main journal offset
  12. EnglertRacing

    cylinder sleeve misaligned?

    Could be crooked and or offset side to side. Deffo a bummer
  13. 1, 4500 a year 2 10000+ 3 GF, not wife and all I tell her is to mind her own business, and to bring me a sandwich, and that im busy.
  14. EnglertRacing

    Tubliss- Love/hate relationship

    I can't figure out why anyone isn't listening to the slime love. It's that easy, pull your stem and squirt it in there, then forget about it. I use it as lube when mounting too and never have leaks, ever. Orangeseal
  15. EnglertRacing

    Carburetor repair or replace?

    Thats junk unfortunately