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  1. So picked up this X to make into my mid size dual sport. I've got my ktm300 race bike and my tenere for long adventure rides. I've got several things I need to fix on it, one being the seat. Someone cut this thing down to what appears to be for a person with a 24" inseam..geez! Where are the deals on complete seats? The pan on this thing is broke or I'd just replace the foam. I've got sprockets and linkage bushings on the way. Gonna have to get some wider pegs and possibly raise the bars, as I hate the ergos on this thing at the moment. Also, any recommendation on graphic kits for this bike without dropping $170? Is there a link to show the list of things that are the same between the R and the X?
  2. Sweet mother of pearl what is the easiest way to get this damn airbox out???? Apparently removing the entire rear of the bike is what it's gonna take.
  3. zwr250f

    Harescramble Scoring Systems

    Seems like MotoTally has a monopoly on the harescramble/enduro scoring.
  4. Interested in what computer scoring systems series around the country are using? We use "MotoTally" here in Arkansas. Just curious what other series use.
  5. Definitely won't be towing this in any flatlands and mostly interstate trips the principal hwys 3-4hrs from my location. I do like the Tacoma options, hadn't thought of the Nissan. I can't bring myself to trust buying a ranger. Any thoughts about a Maxima as tow vehicle?
  6. As the title says. I've looked at standard transmission civics and that's about it. I'm very leary about anything with an auto tranny. I'm looking for a used ride. 100K miles or so on it. This won't be a daily driving just used to pull a 3-rail trailer with possibly 2 bikes on it. What other cars are capable of this? 4cyl tacomas are also on my list. I have a tundra and enclosed trailer, but finances and further away riding areas are pushing me toward alternatives. I already have the 3-rail. Thanks Zac
  7. zwr250f

    What happened to Tomac on Saturday?

    I can understand the weight being a factor, but I would think not finishing a race would be a bigger deal than some added weight. Heck even Tubliss would be better than risking a pinched tube. Tubliss is lighter than a bib for sure.
  8. zwr250f

    What happened to Tomac on Saturday?

    Why would a pro EVER end a race with a flat tire!! $20K in suspension and they can't afford a $100 Mousse bib? Seems ridiculous.
  9. zwr250f

    Supercross SX Format Question

    Okay, so I've been DVR'ing all the races and I skip from checkered flag till next gate drop. I'm sure I missed all the convo about the new 450 main qualifying format, but what is the deal? 4 from 2 heats, then 5 from 2 more heats, then the lcq. what's the reasoning for this?
  10. 4cyl-Auto Tranny. 2000lb tow capacity/200 at the hitch. What are your thoughts about me pulling a 3-rail trailer with bike. Am I just asking for transmission problems?
  11. zwr250f

    Prepping for muddy conditions (video)

    Great Tips! I'm with Bryan, on the cooking spray. I've also found that in the mud races, where I don't have a stepped seat or big grippers, I duct tape a rag on my seat for a bump. Otherwise I just slide right off the seat when going uphills. I also run the Moose elephants ears. love those things, keeps my gloves and grips mud free.
  12. zwr250f

    Bridgestone M404 Intermediate Tire

    Awesome tire in the Arkansas rocks, only tire I've ran that won't fall apart after one race in the sharp jagged stuff.
  13. zwr250f

    Bridgestone M403 Intermediate Tire

    Love these tires in the rocky arkansas terrain, will not chunk easily, but will still work thru some slop without giving away.
  14. zwr250f

    Just started Crossfit

    I'm 36yrs old, 6', 190lbs. I've done 4 days of it so far, and about to start in on the official schedule. I've never joined a gym in my life, always just worked out at my own pace, and can't stand the P90X/Insanity stuff, because I lose focus at home, so this has been perfect for me. Nutrition wise, what do I need to be doing to get the most of my workouts? Recovery foods/drinks? Things to help with the soreness? I want to drop 10-15lbs thru this program, anything I need to do to help that. I've been eating healthier for the past year, but I have 2 kids so it's not always easy with their busy schedule and my poor cooking skills!
  15. I must see pics of 4bikes in the bed of a truck. I believe it, just want to see it!