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  1. F350JOHN

    04' CRF250r + 01' CR500 AF build!

    If you have any questions or need anything, I'm here to help. I did the exact same conversion 2 years ago.
  2. Anyone else out there with a CR500? Please show us your ride!
  3. F350JOHN

    KX500 Baja Designs / E-Line External Stator

    Still searching for one of these... thanks!
  4. F350JOHN

    KX500 Baja Designs / E-Line External Stator

    Thanks for the replies! I will check out those other options, but still if anyone runs across the e-line / baja designs unit please let me know. I know they are next to impossible to find, but any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone here runs that setup on their kx500? I would like to get a hold of a copy of the instructions and some details about it. As far as I understand, even though its not made anymore it is still the best out there for making the bike dual sport or just have lights for cross country. I would like to chat with some of the owners of these systems about their experience with it and the pros and cons associated with it. I found a good deal on a very nice kx500, and I am looking to make it dual sport for those longer trail rides. Thanks!
  6. F350JOHN

    2007 KX250...Good Deal?

    I have to disagree with your statement, good sir. There's a great many folks out there who recreationally ride without the need for the full MX boot. I wear steel or composite toe hiking boots when I ride... When I get where I'm going, its nice to be able to hike or walk a good distance. I tried mx boots a few years back, as you could imagine that became a one time deal... LolPoint being, I maintain my bikes extremely well. I'm a bit of a fanatic about it actually... What boots I where don't seem to affect my maintenance schedule.
  7. I'm super jealous of this. I wanted to make one of these, I wish I had the money to get a 2014 complete roller chassis like this guy:
  8. Time to bring my thread back from the dead! Who else wants to show their CR500?
  9. F350JOHN

    Big Bore 2 stroke

    It may run better, but as mechanical things are...the less you have to complicate the operation of said machine, the less goes wrong or could potentially go wrong. Add to that, the fact that a powervalve requires maintenance and upkeep (which it very well should to keep it working at its best) The CR500 doesn't have that additional part to inspect and maintain... i.e. literally one less thing to go wrong. Honda didn't feel the need to add a powervalve to their 500. Which I think was a move based on simple logic because they felt it had enough power for their goal at the time. The Honda may or may not be just a few ponies shy of the Kawasaki (depending on graph) as far as raw HP numbers go. I like the look of the CR power curve, its more linear all the way through the power range. This latest graph is courtesy of twostrokemotocross. Despite all this, I absolutely agree with you about both being great!
  10. I don't intend to. The motor and the bike have stupid amounts of money into it, that I would never recoup. Although I'd love to put my motor in a newer KTM chassis...but that's a dream for now. LOL Here it is as of now: I had the whole motor gone through. balanced crank, porting, polishing etc... Huge bucks, but worth it. That being said, I had all this motor work done and re installed it into its original chassis for about 5 months, then decided to do the aluminum frame project. So having this exact same motor in both chassis...I found the aluminum chassis to vibe significantly less than the steelie.
  11. So is spending 5x more to do a 4 stroke top end. It can smell bad and give headaches, I see your point depending on the situation. However, a properly tuned 2 stroke doesn't blow huge amounts of smoke in the first place. I find just the opposite. The 4 strokes are deafeningly loud in large groups or one on one. Exhaust aesthetics is grabbing at straws... but yes the expansion chambers do dent too easily. Torque is fine but it all depends on the rider. Once again, it all depends on the riders preference. I sure wish we were in the 90's still. Bikes wouldn't be $7000-$11000, there would be more choices as far as kids and family bikes and riding would still be about fun instead of status.
  12. My aluminum frame 500 vibs about half as bad as my steelie.
  13. F350JOHN

    What should I pay for this?

    Pictures can be deceiving! I traveled clear across the state of Colorado to look at my '95...same story as what you described. Also, it was stored outside for years...lol Why do people think it cool to trash stuff? Is it manly? Does one get cool points? No need to be OCD with it, but I mean come on people! I'd say its only worth $1800-2200 based on what you described...or keep on looking.
  14. F350JOHN

    Poor man's picture thread

    Proof positive that it doesn't matter what a person has.....but the real deal is that the person gets out and rides! There's amazing stuff out there to see. I for one hate how dirtbiking in general has become more about status than actual riding.