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  1. MadMike2288

    Look what I got

    Figured I'd share a few pics
  2. MadMike2288

    Look what I got

    Not sure, I'll have to take a closer look. I debated cleaning the carb while everything was off but decided aganist it:banghead:
  3. MadMike2288

    Look what I got

    Just got everything back together and took it around the neighborhood a few times, so far so good. Only think I really has trouble with would have been getting the kickstart back in and adjusting the clucth but now its running great. Only issue I still have is that sometimes when I first start the bike it likes to rev up quite high and I have to nail the kill switch, then give the throttle a few turns and the start it up again and everything is good. Any Ideas on That?
  4. MadMike2288

    Look what I got

    Now I get it:bonk: Good to know, now if only my parts would come in...
  5. MadMike2288

    Look what I got

    It won't damage the other side of the case of anything?
  6. MadMike2288

    Look what I got

    I never thought of that, still not actually sure how I would go about doing that. Would I just use like a large dowel or something to press it out?
  7. MadMike2288

    Look what I got

    Just got the top end done, now I'm just waiting on the a couple extra parts. Does anyone have any experience pressing out the bearing and inner seal that is around the water pump shaft?
  8. MadMike2288

    Look what I got

    Just got my parts hopefully I can get it back together tonight
  9. MadMike2288

    Look what I got

    The bike did come with a cylimer manual, which has helped out a bit. I actaully have the whole bike disasembled and the water pump shafted removed, which I thought was going to be the most difficult part came out pretty easy. I'm only worried about putting the exhaust valve back together, I didn't pay too much attention to it during disasembling. But so far everything has gone pretty smoothly.
  10. MadMike2288

    Look what I got

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been on TT but I'd figure I'd stop by to show off the new bike. It's nothing special but I picked her up for a good price. She needs a little work but hopefully after a few hunderd bucks I'll have second bike to tool around on. It's a 2000 yz125, Needs a new top, a few seals and a water pump shaft. This will be my first time doing any motor work besides a topend, hopefully I can get everthing goes smoothly. I've been a honda guy through and through but maybe this will change that a little:thumbsup: Sh!tty pic but all I got for now
  11. MadMike2288

    2009 450X and 2011 450R in the woods pics

    Did you have any over heating issues on 450r in the woods?
  12. MadMike2288

    How to make bike look shiny?

    Armor All cleans up a bike real nice, dust sticks too it pretty bad tho
  13. MadMike2288

    Beginner on Dirt

    XR would prolly be a good choice, gonna be alot heavier than a 2-stroke, but the linear powerband will be much more forgiving than that of a 2-stoke. Maintenance wise you can't beat a 2-stoke, so simple and easy to work on. The fun factor is gonna about 100x better on the 2-stroke but anything too technical will be difficult if you don't have too much experience off-road. XR's are pretty much bulletproof and carry a pretty decent resale value so they would probibaly be the smart choice for a new rider.
  14. MadMike2288

    How to make money when your under 16

    Alot of grocery stores will hire 16 and under for bagging groceries. Take it from me, I'm 20 and never seriouslty worked till about 19. Save every penny you have. 6k on a new 125 seems like a good idea, but if your not racing and it's not paying you dividends to ride it, then I would't want to shell out 6k on a new bike. Save around 3k and buy yourself a used one owner bike with little use, throw in a new pistion, lube everything, change the fluids and bang, got yourself a new bike.
  15. MadMike2288

    YZ 125 VS CRF 450r

    They may share the same physical demensions, but boy do they feel different when your on them. The 125 will feel about 100 times more nimble and balenced, esspecailly if it's an older 450.