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  1. bushy

    yz250f pipe

    I mean it wouldn't hurt the bike at all... but I think that looks more stupid that the oem setup.
  2. bushy

    OMG, what did I do!

    It's probably not holding up because you used paint rated for 500* when it really gets like 1200*
  3. bushy

    etown wednesday

    I live in CT and whenever I go down to the 1/4mile I always dream of riding on that mx track....
  4. bushy

    over filled oil in a 01 yzf

    This is true Or maybe he was doing a rebuild and needed 1.7L
  5. bushy

    clutch question?

    I depends when you're trying to do this. If the bike is cold, then no because the plates are dragging against each other due to the cold oil. This is normal. If the bike is hot and you still cant move it, then you may just need a simple adjustment to make the cable tighter at the clutch perch.
  6. bushy

    what do i need to change my cam chain

    Bro, why dont you answer his question bro? Anyway, you don't necessarily need a flywheel holder to retorque the flywheel nut. You could always place the bike in 5th gear and use the screwdriver through the sprocket method of locking up the bike. As far as the stator plate goes, I'm not exactly positive if the holes are notched or not. I'm leaning toward no, but just in case mark the placement of the plate in relation to the bolts by making a mark on it. This is the flywheel puller you need.. 27mm x 1.0 http://www.rockymountainmc.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&webTypeId=203&navTitle=Engine&webCatId=17&prodFamilyId=17329#vehicleSelect
  7. bushy

    over filled oil in a 01 yzf

    Have you ever changed the oil before? You cant just fill up oil until it touches the dipstick, as it is a dry sump system. You'll be filling up forever until it touches. Drain out the oil, measure 1.5L into a measuring cup, and pour it in. Forget about it.
  8. bushy

    2 years of use>>rebuild

    1. remove tank and clean area on frame and around valve cover 2. remove ignition cover 3. remove flywheel 4. remove valve cover 5. remove or untension cam chain tensioner 6. remove cam chain (may have to loosen the caps on one cam) 7. place chain back on crank sprocket, and hold the chain up to the frame with a wire 8. replace flywheel, ignition cover 7. remove two caps on ignition cover for timing mark and crank nut. 9. time engine 10. replace in order of disassembly.
  9. bushy

    who here lives in CT

    you're from berlin? me too.
  10. bushy

    more power?

    cool, stainless steel oil filter for more power! whats that like 10hp?
  11. bushy

    Help Me Understand Frequent Oil Changes

    In addition to all the reasons they have just stated, the main reason to change the oil more frequently is due to the fact that the engine and transmission share the same oil. Hard gear changes, using the clutch, and high rev's all contribute to the frequent changes. Another reason is that our bikes use timing chains instead of pushrods, and the chain demands clean oil all the time to prevent premature wear on the sprockets or chain rollers.
  12. bushy

    Blown 2007 YZ250F (First 3 weeks)

    Is everyone so stupid as to see that he clearly stated that he was running from security for fun as they don't care? They helped him bring is bike back for him! rtft
  13. bushy

    thomaston dam in ct

    im game for next week if anyone wants to go...
  14. bushy

    Thomaston, CT -- Dam Good 6/23-24

    damn too bad i cant make it!
  15. bushy

    Can't kickstart...

    If your bike jumped timing the least that would happen is that you wont have bent valves. So check the timing marks to see if they line up, and if they dont, pull off the head nukka!