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  1. Marooned_in_Kansas

    Idaho Trails in Idaho Falls, ID area?

    Wife (WR250F) and youngest son (13 yrs old & riding a 125) and I are coming to do some riding this weekend in the Idaho Falls, ID area but not sure where to go. We are looking for some good single track but not super technical as the boy has just made the jump to the 125 recently and is still gaining confidence. We need a place where we can camp with a 26 ft toyhauler that is not to difficult to get in and out of. Are there any campgrounds that would be centrally located to a good complex of trails? Any advise would be greatly appriciated:thumbsup:. P.S. Wife wants to know if there is any good places for windsurfing near by?
  2. Marooned_in_Kansas

    Taneum Creek?

    Joe, Just taking the two youngest this time. Ages 12 and 14 with a couple of years of trail riding under their belts. They don't like rocks(which we have a lot of in Montana).
  3. Marooned_in_Kansas

    Taneum Creek?

    The family and I are planning on riding Taneum Creek for the first time later this week. Wondered what suggestions you guys might have for the best place to camp as we will be towing the toy hauler? We would like access to some easier trails that we can ride with the kids as well as some more technical stuff for the wife and I. Also what condition are the trails in, we heard there was a lot of flooding earlier this year? Thanks!
  4. Marooned_in_Kansas

    Cowbell ISDE Questions?

    Wife and I are planning on racing the Cowbell ISDE at Walker Valley and having never ridden this area before were wondering about conditions and type of terrain etc. Also, have the monsoons started yet? I hear it rains some times up there! Thanks!
  5. Marooned_in_Kansas

    looking for CDI for DR650

    Need a CDI for a 96-04 DR650. Suzuki wants way to much for a new one:thumbsdn: Any leads on a good used CDI would be appriciated.
  6. Marooned_in_Kansas

    Baja Designs LED tail light and the 650L

    How clean an installation is this (wiring, modifications to stock or aftermarket parts)? Did you have to mess with the subframe to install the CRF450 fender? Thanks!
  7. Marooned_in_Kansas

    Help! Need photo of DR650 CDI 4-wire plug!!

    My husband and I thank you over and over for the picture! That is exactly what we wanted.
  8. Marooned_in_Kansas

    Help! Need photo of DR650 CDI 4-wire plug!!

    We need a picture of the 4-wire plug on the CDI unit (under the seat) for a DR650 (97-03) to determine the position of the wires. Please help by posting a photo or description! The factory manual does not show wire position. Someone else took the plug apart and we're trying to put it back together (sigh) Herman & Lisa
  9. Marooned_in_Kansas

    I need a suggestion on where to find driving lights...

    My husband and I are in the process of installing a 400W stator (up from the stock 200W) in anticipation of adding 2 TrailTech 30W HID handlebar mount spots. The stock stator severely limits how much lighting you can add. We will post pictures of the stator install once done. ElectroSport (Marcus) (http://www.electrosport.com/) made a one-off model based on their KLR upgrade. Contact Jeff at TrailTech re: the HID's (http://trailtech.net/single_hid_scmr16.html). Lisa
  10. Marooned_in_Kansas

    Can the '07 DR650SE handle sustained touring speeds?

    I have put several long days on my DR650, including 2 700+ milers lately. I have converted to a 520 chain and sprockets. I prefer changing the countershaft (front) sprocket, running a 16t on the slab and a 14t off-road. It's a snap to change, compared to the rear (where you have to remove the rear wheel). Also, you can adjust for the decreased and increased chain tension via the snails without having to add or remove links. As others have posted, a desert tank is a must for long days on the road. I love my IMS tank - my buddies nicknamed my scoot the DR Valdez for it's fuel capacity Lisa
  11. Marooned_in_Kansas

    tire irons - curved or straight?

    We like the Moose Ty-er irons. They have a spooned end, an easy-to-grip handle and are vitually impossible to bend. Would be nice if they packaged them in 3's instead of 2's, though!
  12. Marooned_in_Kansas

    DR650 rear fender/tail light

    Thanks, sdemondo. I will prolly go with the stock rear fender in black, the DRZ250 light and your cool tag bracket/light. I'll post pictures once I'm done. Lisa
  13. Marooned_in_Kansas

    DR650 rear fender/tail light

    What options are out there for replacing the stock rear fender and tail light assembly for a 97 DR650? I melted my fender, tail light and marker light yesterday (oops ... shoulda bungeed that gear on better) and would like to go away from stock if possible. The black sub-fender is intact. Thanks - Lisa P.S. 1400 miles on my new Mefo Explorer MEF-99's in 2 days, all pavement, and so far they're great!
  14. Marooned_in_Kansas

    Windscreen advice for an '07 DR650SE...

    Slipstreamer makes the Spitfire http://www.slipstreamer.com/Product/Sport/sport.html which mounts to the handlebars, does not vibrate, and comes off in a snap (I'd recommend screws instead of the stock plastic wing nuts). I've used one for years and love it (and it doesn't even look bad!) Lisa
  15. Marooned_in_Kansas

    DR650 lighting, front number plate

    Didja ask for Marcus? He's the one beefing up my stator. I haven't dealt with anyone else there. Let me know what you find out - Lisa