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  1. I said the bike is too low with or without my weight on it. With me on it i can touch the ground with flat feet. WIthout me on it it also sits too low. I will check my race sag i definitely set it when i got the bike but maybe i set it wrong.
  2. Its used but no lowering link. I think possibly because im lighter than its sprung for its messing up the static sag? Because im pretty sure my race sag is fine. If the static sag is greater than 1 3/4 inch – the spring is probably too stiff. What i would wonder though if this is correct would changing to a softer spring cause me to bottom out easier? i tend to have some very hard landings at times and wouldnt want to risk another pair of broken ankles.
  3. It was professionally setup for a 13 stone rider, with gear im probably 12. The problem is the bike sits too low with or without me on it. Its been like that since ive had it. We have two 09 yz450s and mine sits lower. I cant slide any stand under it because its too low and when side by side u can see the difference. My race sag is set to 100mm. Ive not checked any calculators but i would have assumed if its set for a heavier rider then it shouldnt sit lower.
  4. Hi, Ive had a problem with my rear shock and ive had it ever since ive bought the bike. Basically after setting race sag and everything when i sit on the bike its lower than any other bikes. even without putting weight on the bike it sits lower. Is this simply needing a new spring or could the rear shock be damaged? thanks in advance.
  5. Bigdong

    09 yfz 450 cylinder fit yzf 450?

    What ive got is a yz450f bike but the cylinder is kaput, But i can get hold of a yfz450 quads cylinder, it may well be a yfz450r. So would this fit? I dont actually need the clutch part on the cylinder unless there is a workaroud. I just want to be sure that my cylinder is definatly the problem by hopefully putting on the quad cylinder and getting the bike to start. thanks Basically crank seized so stripped down bike and rebuilt with new crank but then couldnt get bike to start, compression felt like it was low and was only giving off the occasional backfire. Timing etc was bang on, no valves were jammed open so stripped it down and found some marks on barrel that i never noticed on first inspection.
  6. Ive had a look and they both look similar except for where the clutch attaches. Has anyone managed to make one of these work? thanks
  7. Bigdong

    Water pump seal(s) ?

    The whole side cover has to come off im afraid. In fact dont take that as gospel. I cant quite remember but im pretty sure u need to take it off.
  8. Bigdong

    bottom end of 09 450 gets hot

    If your not sure what might be wrong here then no problem, ive got to strip it right down anyway. what im wondering though is if this is a problem? Does anyone elses bottom end get too hot to touch? Or is that normal. thanks
  9. If i were u i would skp the 09 and either go a different colour or maybe try a 10. Ive got an 09 and so does my mate and so far we havent seen any of the yama reliability ive heard of so much. They ride nice and everything but these two 09s have had pretty much the same problems happen around the same time. We have had so much problem i cant even remember everything thats gone wrong. I switched from suzuki and it never had half the problems these yams have had. It seems to be that everytime something gets fixed then something else decides to fail. I know alot of things like bearings will wear but ive never seen it as bad as these bikes. I know someone will comment on maintinannce but i never skip on anything. Maybe these have just been unlucky bikes.
  10. Today while out on the track i seized my crank but for months now ive noticed that the bottom of the engine gets real hot. Hotter than you could touch with your hand. Is this normal for this model or have i got some sort of issue here? Once i stripped it down i managed to free the crank pretty easily probably because it had cooled but i can still feel a sticky spot when turning it so it needs a new rod. Im just wondering if the excess heat could have caused this or did the crank just decide to call it a day.
  11. Bigdong

    Lets see your best action shot!

    Photos form yesterday Probably not my best no footer but only photo i have
  12. Bigdong

    Oil Leak, Have question

    I dont torque mine to spec, just tighten and then put on washer. Job done. Chances are your seals just gone bad, its not a big job.
  13. Bigdong

    Ticking noise after piston change

    heres a video of it
  14. So i just replaced the piston in my bike, it was a Prox size b and i changed it to a prox size c in an attempt to tighten up and quiet down the engine a bit but now ive got a really obvious ticking noise coming from the cylinder, It sounds like a really dry metal noise . I checked my cleances before i took the old piston out and they were good but i never checked them when i put it back together since nothing should have moved. Could this be anything to do with putting the slightly bigger piston in? Im positive it never made this noise before and am getting pretty paranoid that i never put in the wristpins properly or something. Bike drives fine and everything but im on the verge of pulling it apart again just to be sure. bikes an 09.
  15. Im currently putting a new piston and rings in my yzf 450 and i know break in techniques can be debated for hours but ive heard many stories of people absolutely thrashing the life out of a new piston and then saying it turned it into the best biike they have ever had. Every piston ive run in ive taken the slowly slowly 1/4 throttle , 1/2 throttle approach but this time im thinking of just taking it to the track and letting it rip. So basically my question is has anyone ever actually seized there bike from doing an improper break in?