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  1. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    Never ride a fourwheeler

    Problem is that you are riding a 4x4 fast , in a trail you don't know obviously AND without an helmet. You are blaiming the vehicule . . . Is this a joke or something?
  2. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    My big bore still does not have enough

    get a bigger bike . . . old RFS ktm (07 and under) and make a 600 stroker out of it.
  3. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    How do you INTIMIDATE the other racers in your class?

    walk to the gates carrying your bike.
  4. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    Water Pump Alternative placement?

    KTM RFS engines have the water-pump on the camshaft.
  5. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    Eye Glasses and Goggles

    i wear glasses and thor are greats.
  6. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    Why KTM over others??

    what can i say . . . metal rust on every brand . . . some just rust faster then others? i've seen brand new bikes (ANY BRANDS) that after 2-3 weeks of riding are total piece of garbage cause their owners are metal "termites". what im trying to says is that : For CHEAPER i got a bike with a full set of brembo , hydro clutch , wiring for lights , tunable engine etc etc Why would i go buy a honda/kawa/yam/suz for MORE when i get LESS??? BTW , my car is an honda , i don't hate the brand. im just a wise customer that buy what is worth being brought.
  7. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    Why KTM over others??

    why KTM? Easy to work on brembo brakes hydro clutch (cable is outdated) tunability in stock form high quality fasterners/braided lines/grips/levers etc. . . build quality is second to none ( don't ****ing tell me a jap bike have a better build quality . . . my friend suzuki is 2 years old and is rusted , plastic drying out and craking . . . ) tuff as a nail , i never had an engine failure on any KTM i've owned. oh and yeah . . . my bike was 1000$ cheaper than any 450. oh , its was a 2011 and the 450 were left-over '10 that's a no-brainer for me to ride orange.
  8. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    Put a fan on my 300, not oem

    it look EXACTLY like the KTM fan kit.
  9. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    Dealing with muscle pain after rides?

    stretch , and eat those proteins for faster muscle repairs.
  10. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    CRF450R runs into electric fence

    about 1 year ago a women that live close-by got decapitated by a steel wire (maybe 3/8 OD) while riding a bike at a faily good speed (50 mph) wire was stretched at the right height for this to happen. Wire need and should be visible at all time with yellow/orange flags on their lenght. It is THAT dangerous.
  11. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    250 2t for taller person

    tall = ktm
  12. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    Tall riders unite !

    6'4 too , feel right at home on a KTM
  13. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    running in new engine

    im pretty sure the bike get gas from the dealer with the ratio for break-in
  14. rotaries: they drink gas and oil like an old 2 stroke diesel engine. the power is silly for the amount of fuel used also they sound like a sewing machine.
  15. Pierre-Luc Bossé

    gas pourring out of breather tubes on carb

    float level somewhat went off the roof , look normal now.