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  1. mnb

    Husqvarna te610 Wont Start

    If you dig around, you can find the manual online. Did you buy it from GP Sports in SJ? Just curious because I live in SJ. I have an older 2003 TE610e, it looks very different from yours, but the engine is virtually identical.
  2. mnb

    Husqvarna Rocks-1 Boots

    They look a lot like Gaerne SG-10s to me...
  3. mnb

    GasGas buys Italian Husky Engine Tech.

    Maybe they don't know how to work on their bikes. Most Harleys that have problems are because the knucklehead riding the knucklehead is a lousy mechanic. I've seen plenty of broken down KTMs... You get a loose wire on your Husky and need to stop for 10 min to fix it and suddenly it's piece of crap Husky, always breaking down... blah blah blah... How quickly they forget about the problems their bike had. Or maybe they just grouse about others to make them feel better about theirs...
  4. I have a CDI for a 2003 TE610e that I thought I needed and don't (it wasn't the problem). It's never been used. Let me know if you're interested.
  5. mnb

    Husqvarna Parts

    No problems getting the few parts I've needed here. All this parts doom and gloom people have been spreading is bullshit.
  6. And its… fugly. But then, what do you expect, it's a KTM.
  7. mnb

    MotoXotica in Vacaville, CA

    Dan and Ann are great people and quite an asset to the Husky community. I wish I lived closer to their shop (90+ min away).
  8. Motorcycle mfgs really need to make these more robust. I've got mine just past finger tight and they feel like they're stripping. And I know they've never been overtightened (except maybe at the factory).
  9. mnb

    Husqvarna 701 Prototype Unveiled at EICMA

    I'm sorry, but based on that comment, your opinion on the good looks of anything shall be forever in question from this point forward. That 701 is one of the most fugly bikes I've ever seen. Yank all that crap that covers the pipes and it would look a lot better. As is, especially with the dorky baja designs four LED headlight setup, it's a contender for ugliest bike ever. Probably rides well. And like a bat outta hell. But I wouldn't want to be seen riding one. And I'd have to be blindfolded, lead to the bike and throw a leg over before removing the blindfold so that I would see the ugliness of the 701 in its full glory.
  10. And there you go again, making the erroneous assumption that most dirt bikers race. Most don't.
  11. Sounds good until you realize they'll only be robbing their own customer base, not expanding it. Evolution is going a bit far considering it's a suspension linkage and different plastics. Nothing else changed.
  12. No one will be riding the new Husqvarnas. Anyone that wants a KTM is going to buy the real thing... the orange one. The new Husqvarnas are KTMs with different plastic and a suspension link. Big whoop.
  13. Yup. A smart company would leverage the good assets of an acquisition. But it's looking like KTM just wanted the brand recognition.
  14. My post had nothing to do with that. You claimed my bike is not what it is and now you're attempting to deflect being... yet again... WRONG. Not gonna work. Own up to it. Or shut up and move on. And yes, Husky as we've known it is history. That was evident LONG ago. Whether the new Husky is merely a blue and white Xerox or something worth looking at remains to be seen. That fat lady won't sing for at least a year, if not two, maybe three. Doesn't matter to me. KTMs are all too tall for me. I really doubt any sub brand they make will have reasonable seat heights. Husabergs didn't. So I'm done with the brand. Doesn't mean I can't continue to enjoy the bikes I own.
  15. Not only do I call it a 2003, but so does Husqvarna, the registration, the pink slip, the VIN, the frame and the owner's manual that came with the bike. I'm the 2nd owner, so I can't say when it was bought, but frankly, that's irrelevant.