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    www.cannondaler.com (For information) www.blackwidowatv.com (For Parts) That should do ya!
  2. RichDRZ

    Trying to decide on a new bike....HELP!

    I'm about an hour north of Sacramento. Good riding up here, except 80% is closed due to "wet" weather...still haven't figured that out. Two good sources for Husabergs or Huskys www.motoxotica.com For KTM/Husaberg www.nevadaktm.com I bought my New (but 2 yr old berg) from the boys in Nevada. Small shop, good service, they do a huge volume. Not sure if the KLX 220 has e-start, but I agree with the valve statment bout Hondas. I'm pretty sure all the Asian bikes require very frequent adjustment. Cool thing about the berg, there are 2 "valve adjustment" access covers, so you don't have to pull more than the tank to adjust. Cheers, Rich
  3. RichDRZ

    Trying to decide on a new bike....HELP!

    How are ya...here's my journey: I started on a Hodaka 100 years ago. Moved to Kawas and Yamahas in the late 80s...throught the 90s I rode Yamahas and Suzukis. I started again in 2003 with a spanking new DRZ400. Good fun, heavy bike. (I ride trails, enduros and hare scrambles). I swapped the DRZ for a CAnnondale (which is wicked fast, and hard to work on). The cannondale is probably the best riding bike I've ever been on...but it wasn't reliable in the woods (I did a 10 mile push, and it sucked). In november, I bought a brand new 2004 Husaberg Fe450. Here's the details, and you can check www.husaberg.org for more info... 1. It has been extremely reliable (in 2003, Husaberg was purchased by KTM, and reliability went up...up up) 2. I am not a Pro...by any means...I like to go slow, or fast depending on the mood, weather, trails...dosage of aspirin in my system... This bike lets me do all of those. Yep, it's wicked fast, but a 6 speed gearbox allows great flexibility. I prefer the tight woods, and it eats it up. It feels flickable like a 100 cc 4 stroke...just the stance alone. 3. E-start and Kick Start? Awesome...I'll say no more. 4. I'm 5'8" tall. 32 inch inseam. I can't flat foot, but I can flat one side and toe the other. The suspension is plush, so it sags just right (I'm 195 dressed out in gear). 5. Every ride gets better and better. As I get more comfortable w/ the bike...it gets more comfortable w/ me. I have bells and whistles on mine...full function trip computer...steering stabilizer...etc. The hydraulic clutch does not fade. Changing oil takes 10 minutes. 1 filter, 1 screen, magnetic drain plug is already included. The volume of oil is exactly 1 liter...not 1.2, not .8...so no waste. Adjusting the valves is a screw type adjuster...and it takes an hour..no spending money on shims and other crud. The fit and finish of this bike is awesome, and it looks like it was handcrafted, not assembly lined out...for the masses. I think this is the best bike I have ever owned, and there is nothing that could convince me otherwise. It has a superlow center of gravity, and it's one of the lightest 4 strokes I've seen. (remember, I'm not an airtime guy, just trails)... 6. Parts and accessories..again www.husaberg.org...but from 2003 on- Wheels, bearings, brakes, triple clamps, suspension etc matches the KTM line.. Sprockets are KTM. Exhaust is KTM... Footpegs are KTM. Handlebars are KTM...the list goes on. There are plenty of dealers in the US, and there are more in Europe. I just bought some supermoto wheels for a KTM and they bolt right on. It's like the fancier version of KTM, with more features. The clutch is KTM. Basically the frame, plastics, motor are different. I have heard of 200+ hours with no major maintenance...I'm hoping to exceed that. 7. Cost? So far, 1 spark plug (just in case), 2 oil filters, Oil, and I've got 50 hrs....30 bucks. Valve adjustment was free, cause It's a total of 8 screws when you pull the tank off...no special tools required. (To me, that's the biggest weakness of the Honda, by the way). 8...Growing room, this bike has it. See previous post about comfort... 9. I see no reason why this bike wont take me into or through the next decade. It is made of Steel! (can weld, paint, etc..) Of course, no one can decide for you, but I would seriously consider the Berg. It's also one of the quietest bikes out there today...so good luck! Check out husaberg.org and see if there are more answers for ya... Good Luck! Rich.
  4. RichDRZ

    Maybe a Husaberg?

    I recommend you buy the Dirt Version, Here's why: The FS comes with a shorter set of forks and shock. You won't be able to really get enough travel on off road trails...and lots of rub. Get an 04 if you can find one. These bikes are engineered extremely well and run awesome. Contact Marc at www.nevadaktm.com and he can hook you up with cush drives. Sorry, I don't know the e-mail, but their phone number is on their page. He has converted quite a few dirt bikes for street legality. I did this with my 2004 Fe450e. Took about an hour to route the wiring harness (plug and play). As for overheating, Husaberg now has a fan and sensor kit for these bikes...but run 'engine ice' and you won't find a problem. Look on e-bay for "Husaberg". There's a guy in England that makes some trick parts that will protect your bike, and you from things like the exhaust header. You can run a smaller front rotor and be fine with it, look at all the XR650s with plates out there. The brembo brakes on these 'Bergs ROCK. Good luck!
  5. A young man in North east oregon, about 15 years ago hit a wire like that on forest service property. He hit the wire with his neck, and it nearly killed him. From that day forward, he had to talk with the litlle box that makes you sound like a robot held up to his neck.
  6. RichDRZ

    Mighty Quiet in Here!

    Actually, I consider it good natured regional ribbing. I'm in the Air Force, and I would give away everything but a dirt bike to be stationed in South Carolina. Nothing personal about California, except one little thing: "What do you dislike most about Cali?" "The People". "Which ones?" "All of them." And especially the soccer mom humvee driving cell phone talking strip mall attending traffic causing for no reason illegal border crossing freaks I see every time I set foot off the Air Force base. So spode, ,it's alright. I'm envious of your geographical location. That's all.
  7. RichDRZ

    Mighty Quiet in Here!

    Naw Jeff, Spode (spud, spew) whatever, has a good point (sarcasm coming). We should do what every magazine tells us. No independent thought allowed. That might be dangerous. I mean, independent thought does all sorts of bad things in South Carolina, i.e. Prevents inbreeding, moves toilets indoors, turns on electricity, brings dentists to town, can't forget integration, boy, the list, she do go on. Maybe independent thinking is a good thing...
  8. RichDRZ

    Mighty Quiet in Here!

    At first, I thought you were a victim of the California school system...but I put some thought into why you would spell out EXTINCT. This is what I came up with: Extinct (defined as related to Yamaha). 1. The direction 2 strokes are going. 2. Steel Frames. 3. Yamaha Riders ideas. That's it, 'sall I could come up with based ont my education of the English Language.
  9. I'm in the Air Force. When I was stationed over in England as a C-130 mechanic, we had all the gags: Go fetch a gallon of K-9P (the military uses acronyms for everything, grease was called PDL, petroleum something something)...And we'd get other people on the base involved, until finally the person would end up at the cop shop asking for K-9 P (say it, it makes sense). The best one, was this kid from who knows where, but he was a little bit slow. One of the guys called him on the phone from another room in the building and told him he was overdue for his "inprocessing physical"...totally bogus. After a few minutes the "Doctor" actually had this 18 year old guy doing pushups, situps and stretching on the shop floor right next to the phone, counting off "1 sir, 2 sir" for his over the phone physical. It was on speaker phone, and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. To cap it off, the young airman even did the 'turn your head and cough' manuever-for a doc on the phone!!!! My sides hurt for multiple days from that one...
  10. RichDRZ

    2 Cannondales 4 sale

    be sure to post at www.cannondaler.com
  11. I'd recommend APEX motorsports in Roseville...Small business, but they aren't as rude or uptight as Roseville Cycle.
  12. You can find it at your local airport, it's right next to the prop wash.
  13. RichDRZ

    crf 250 or 450?

    I do agree "There is no replacement for displacement"
  14. RichDRZ

    Trail Closure

    Another good, FREE source is the ARRA... Americans for Responsible Recreational Access www.arra.org
  15. RichDRZ

    Clutch is sticking

    Another TT success story! Have fun.