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  1. MayhemMOORE

    RM 125. Ground up re-build

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll have to look into one.
  2. MayhemMOORE

    RM 125. Ground up re-build

    Looking good. How do you like that Clarke tank? I never knew they made a stock one in black, I searched forever when I started my build and finally gave up. Now that I see it's been added to their lineup I'll have to get one.
  3. MayhemMOORE

    exhaust Connectors

    http://www.tmdesignworks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=144&products_id=235&zenid=668f6a099b50c651f14f89d6bfdc3925 I've considered getting this since it looks a little better than radiator hose. But I've run a piece of hose and a couple clamps for a few years with no issues. I also could not believe how much the oem one was so just made my own.
  4. MayhemMOORE

    05 rm 125 problem

    If you are referring to the ignition cover (near the tip of the shifter), take it off and look. Nothing should fall out unless something is broken off. Once in there you can inspect the flywheel, stator and dry side main seal/bearing for wear and play. Grab the flywheel and try to move it up/down and in/out. If it is worn you will notice the play and it could be a source of noise. If you have a flywheel puller, take off the flywheel and inspect the inside of it along with the stator plate. Make sure the flywheel isn't contacting anything and that it is not coming apart if riveted.
  5. MayhemMOORE

    2005 rm 125 top end bog

    Sounds like jetting. Check the jetting against the factory specs and go from there. Also try a new plug and get a good read on it to see where your jetting is at.
  6. MayhemMOORE

    what in the hell does this mean?

    Sprak plug is probably not tight, threads stripped/partially stripped or the gasket (washer), is missing. Kind of hard to tell from the pic. Get a new plug of the correct type, clean the area up and inspect the threads and then try the new plug and see what the results are.
  7. MayhemMOORE

    new wiseco clutch basket

    Should be good to go with the pre applied locker. I've heard of some people peening over the end after installation but I'm not familiar with that basket and if its required with the locktite.
  8. MayhemMOORE

    No mid range hit in 01 RM250

    Yes, raise the needle by lowering the clip. From what you described, to me, it sounds like a lean bog, so raising the needle will richen the midrange a bit and should help out.
  9. MayhemMOORE

    How do you ride & live in an apartment?

    When I lived in an upstairs studio apartment I kept it at the bottom of the stairs (they were in my apt) with the front wheel a few steps up and a bungee clipped to the railing to keep it from falling over. You had to duck and turn sideways to get up the stairs. In the Winter a friend helped me carry it upstairs and it sat in the kitchen area for the season.
  10. MayhemMOORE

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I've got one that's going to expire before I can place an order. If someone wants it and can hook me up when they get one, they can have it. Send me a pm.
  11. MayhemMOORE

    RM250 Top and Bottom Rebuild Parts

    Once you get ahold of a manual, it will list specs for thrust washer clearance on the big end of the rod as well as the deflection on the small end. If it doesn't have any play up/down, it may still be good, but always check the limits to be safe. And if you already plan on pulling it out, might as well have it rebuilt.
  12. MayhemMOORE

    YZ 125 Oil Seal Complete Failure

    If it were mine I would already have it torn down and be doing all the bearings. I told him at the least he should do mains, but I recommended having the crank redone as well since it is close to the limit on tolerances and with that dirty oil getting in there I wouldn't trust the big end bearing to last much longer. I have a feeling it will sit on my bench for a while until he decides to spend the money or just sell it.
  13. MayhemMOORE

    YZ 125 Oil Seal Complete Failure

    He's not too interested in having to split the cases, so I will probably just flush everything out and do a seal for now. Here's what was left of the seal before and after battling it out of the case; it was stuck in there pretty good.
  14. MayhemMOORE

    2006 RM 250 Build Thread...

    They look good. That's the look I'd like to acheive, however just stripping them bare and letting them oxidize on their own has not gotten them that dark. What did you use for an acid?
  15. MayhemMOORE

    2006 RM 250 Build Thread...

    Looks awesome. How did you end up getting the color on the clutch/ignition covers? Is it paint or did you acid wash them?