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  1. deadman

    16 tooth sprocket install

    With stock gearing my bike will lift the front tire in the first 3 gears and in 4th if I yank on the bars real hard. Can the bike still wheelie with 16/44 gearing?
  2. deadman

    DRZ400S Yellow or Blue ?

    The blue powerband under the seat is a little thinner than the yellow powerband on the yellow bikes. This makes the blue bike 4.5 MPH faster in top gear. The thicker yellow powerband is the same one used on the "E" bike. This is the reason that Suzuki doesn't make blue pure offroad bikes.
  3. deadman

    17 inch rims on stock hubs

    My poor neglected DRZ400s has been sitting in storage for close to a year now. I am charging the battery and will get the license plate renewed tomorrow. I enjoy riding off-road, but there is very limited area to ride here. I have street tires on the 21/18 inch wheels now but am thinking of getting 17s. Does anyone know how much it costs to get 17 inch rims put onto the stock hubs? Also where is a good place to send the hubs to get the rims put on? $1000 for new 17s is a little expensive right now. Ed 2003 DRZ400s with a few mods
  4. I had a Sprint ST that got stolen a while back. I loved the biks and it had the nice 955 motor. I am sure you will love the Tiger.
  5. Has anyone heard what injuries Jeremy Stenberg suffered this past weekend? That was a bad landing.
  6. deadman

    Windaham-my only complaint

    Look at Reed. He is the 3rd fastest on the track and may end up winning the title. I wish Windaham had been healthy this year. He would have been in the mix since James and Ricky have not had perfect seasons.
  7. deadman

    To the idiots at the AMA

    Are you telling us that someone actualtl raced a dirtbike in conditions that were less than perfect? Where can we have a snow race? That would be fun to watch!!!
  8. deadman

    Tires for dual purpose ?

    I hasve Kenda trackmasters on my bike for the dirt. They are cheap enough to let the road eat up if I am too lazy to change to my road tires.
  9. deadman

    Winter is here

    Not me. I like riding in a light jacket in Dec. and Jan. Luck, here in NC, dictates if it is going to be 80 or 20 degrees on winter days.
  10. deadman

    Engagement ring openion? (style)

    Congratulations on the approval I wouldn't get a used ring either. I got my wifes ring brand new from an online jewelry store. Once I got it, I took it to get appraised. I was very happy for what the ring was appraised at. A guy I work with recently got a new ring online. Seems like a lot of people are getting engaged right now.
  11. deadman

    Engagement ring openion? (style)

    I am not a lady, but I am a married man. The key is that if she loves you she will love most any ring since it is sigh of the love. On that note EBAY RULES!!! I am not kidding. I know a lot of guys that have bought rings off ebay. My wife knows where I got hers. I even showed it to her online and she said, "I love it, get that one." She still tells me how beautiful it is. The best part, I saved $5k
  12. deadman

    Just want to show you my DRZ SuperMoto

    Nice!!! I like the graphics What kind of car is that?
  13. deadman

    top end gone south

    People's posts say pictures would help. That is why I posted about not being near the bike right now. I should have worded it differently and included that bit of information in my original post. Sorry for the confusion
  14. deadman

    top end gone south

    I was riding near my folks home in another state.
  15. deadman

    top end gone south

    I imagine Factory since It was a suzuki Dealer who did the last work on the motor.