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  1. Dingus.

    Tire pressure.

    12psi shouldn't feel dead flat, there might be an underlying problem with suspension or something. I run mine around 13 for hard pack and it works good for me. 15psi is usually what the manufacturer recommends, but I don't really know anyone that runs them that high.
  2. Made out of 5/8" steel pipes, held inside of short segments of larger pipes that allows it to rotate. The gate is dropped via a rope that pulls on the vertical piece of pipe you see in the bottom pic. The rope kicks out the bottom of the pipe, which is the only thing holding the gate up. It was painted after this picture was taken to prevent rust. Let me know what you guys think, I'm a mechanical engineering student and I appreciate any constructive criticism.
  3. Dingus.

    Tranny work

    The thing about service manuals is they like to recommend a lot of specialty tools that you don't really need. A steady hand and some basic tools can accomplish more than you'd think.
  4. Dingus.

    New Private MX Track legal issues

    I know what you mean about the tracks closing around here, I'm near Altoona Pa and there's hardly anywhere to race anymore locally. District 5 is worthless now. I don't think Rocket Raceway, Wild Ride, or High Voltage are having much of a racing season either this year as far as I know. Back to the original topic, a few of my buddies around here have succesfully made private tracks that have lasted for years. The tracks are pretty isolated, and only a few relatives live close by. One of my close friends broke his femur at the track, and he said the hospital never asked where it happened and apparently his healthcare provider didn't look into it either. I'm not sure if this is an exception or not, but any time I've been injured at a track I've never been questioned about it.
  5. Dingus.

    Dirtbike Soundboard app

    Make one for IOS!
  6. Dingus.

    Pre-race inspection

    I probably wouldn't worry about it, I've never had my bike inspected at any race. Even the big tracks like High Point and Steel City didn't do an inspection for amateurs.
  7. Dingus.

    I need some help setuping my 14 YZ250F

    First set your sag, look at youtube videos to find out how to do this. If you still feel hunched over maybe try handlebars with a higher bend, or even bar risers. However, keep in mind that you're supposed to be a little hunched over while you stand up. This is called the attack position.
  8. Dingus.

    My baby

    looks like you're cutting it pretty close with that exhaust plug. dont push it in too hard!
  9. Dingus.

    When the bike is off and in gear

    This. There are probably notches on the basket where the plates smack against it. Its usually not a huge deal but if you start breaking clutch plates or anything you might wanna get it fixed. You could either buy a new basket or take a wide file and carefully file away the notches
  10. Dingus.

    Wanting to race this year advice needed

    GO FREAKING RACE ALREADY AND STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW GOOD YOU THINK YOU ARE. Motocross isn't an easy sport and you sure as hell won't get a pro license in your first year.
  11. I haven't had any problems with my SS filter, not sure what all the bashing is for. They filter down to lower microns than the paper. I put mine in a cup full of parts cleaner or gas and shake it around to get the majority of the debris out, then I go over it again with an aerosol can of carb cleaner and finally a magnet. The process takes less than 5 mins. I can't see any metal shavings in it when I'm done.
  12. Dingus.

    Need help with gearing

    You'll be looking at some fairly slow acceleration with that gearing. If you want a reasonably taller gearing go with 1 or 2 teeth lower on the rear sprocket. The effects arent as dramatic when you drop teeth on the rear.
  13. Dingus.

    Wanting to race this year advice needed

    You won't get any real sponsors until you get good and start winning major races. But if you are friends with any local business owners, retired pros, etc they might help you out. Be prepared to spend a lot of your own money though. There's a saying that goes something like "To make a million dollars in motocross, you have to start with 2 million."
  14. Dingus.

    Fender not lined up with wheel

    I've always just smacked the tire off a tree a few times
  15. Dingus.

    MX on TV & entertainment

    Couldn't get that lucky..