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  1. itsallbizz

    Yamaha WR426 2001 plating in Nebraska

    If it was already plated and registered in another state you should have zero issues plating it and registering it here. as stated above, go get it inspected (84th and Chicago) pay your 10 bucks and walk right next door to register it. Make 100% sure you have the title and bill of sale.
  2. Just the simple fact that you are asking means you are thinking about a new bike and probably have been for awhile now. If you are like me it wont be long until you are going to buy something anyway. This thread is funny because I just sold my 06 CR250 because I am looking for something enduro, like a exc or xcf-w. I want the ability to ride on the trails and maybe some country roads out where I live. If buying the new bike will not harm you financially then I say go for it. Better to get a good deal on a bike you want then put a bunch of money into an older bike and then sell it anyway 6 months later.
  3. itsallbizz

    Looking for a 450

    Get yourself a bike master set of tire spoons and a gallon of R-U-GLYDE from Napa auto. That's all I use! as far as suspension rebuild/re-valves go, it took me awhile before I decided to "give it a try". But I got tired of paying 100 dollars a pop to replace fork seals. I did a lot of research on here and watch several you-tube videos, I just took my time and recorded every step on paper and a rebuild is like second nature now. re-valves can be difficult, and I don't have all the answers but the trick is to not change "too drastically" make small minimal changes and go from there. Always write it down so you can go back to your "base" settings.
  4. itsallbizz

    Looking for a 450

    I have ridden both carbed and EFI, I did notice a difference, the EFI was more "electric" feeling, the throttle response was instant. There is a split second "lag" with the carb so if that will bother you then I say go with the EFI. All things being equal I have also had to replace a 300 dollar fuel pump on an EFI bike which chapped my a$$ more than anything and I have NEVER had a fuel delivery issue with any of my carbed bikes. I got rid of my EFI bike and only have the carbed bike now, It still just as fun if not more because its a smoker. For me its all about maximum fun for minimum cost (I am the sole provider for a family of 6). So I look at a cost breakdown of everything when I go to buy something, not just initial cost but maintenance cost and operation cost. I have a shoe string budget when it comes to my riding habit but I guarantee you my bike is maintained better than any of my buddies 7k dollar KTM's. I don't have the money like they do, they pay people to change their tires.....I do 98% of bike work myself and am constantly searching for deals on parts/supplies
  5. itsallbizz

    Looking for a 450

    The 05-08 CRF 450's were hailed as some of the best MX bikes ever made. There were small motor and suspension refinements made between 05-08, so the closer you get to an 08 the better off you are. I know most if not all the parts are interchangeable. There is a lot of support, OEM parts, aftermarket parts and bikes themselves still in circulation so you really cant go wrong. Sometimes I regret selling my 07 CRF 450 but I wanted to go back to a smoker and could not justify buying one and keeping the other. That bike had motor to spare and handled better than any other 450 I have ever owned, but it wasn't a 2 stroke and that's what I wanted so she was sold. I know lots of people still compare the 08 CRF 450 to the new bikes today. There is a RacerX article that was written a few months ago comparing the new bikes to the 08 CRF450 and I believe they did a 'budget rebuild" video also breaking down the "best bang for your buck". Personally I wouldn't buy any YZF older that an 06, any CRF older than an 05, and KXF or RMZ older than a 2010. I don't know much about KTM 450's prior to 2014 so I have no opinion on those, Personally I couldn't see spending more than 3k on any bike and I doubt you are going to find a KTM 450 cheaper than that. I am pretty tight with money so I would get the best deal I could find!
  6. itsallbizz

    Tires for Crosstimbers Trails - Oklahoma

    6" of water is nothing, some of the stuff we cross has water almost up to the seat. When our bike were sunk we had water over the bars, we hit a hole and that was all she wrote. The rivers around here are sandy and the depth can change over night. We were careless and not paying attention, we had crossed the river several times in several spots with no issues and then h@ly $h!t bike's are under water.
  7. itsallbizz

    Tires for Crosstimbers Trails - Oklahoma

    How deep are the crossings under normal weather conditions? My buddy and I have had some real bad luck when it comes to creek/river crossings. Last time we both sunk our bikes and he needed a 2700 dollar total rebuild (4 stroke). I only needed to pull the plug and let the bike dry out (2 stroke) and our day/week/month was DONE. I did give mine a good inspection afterwards and did not see any issues, I have been running the same top/bottom end since I would hate to drive 8.5 hours and not be able to ride some great trails because my bike was drowned. Or I couldn't ride the trails I wanted because they were closed, but I would call or contact someone a day or two before we left to check trail conditions/weather conditions.
  8. itsallbizz

    Winter Offroad races?

    @ YZDADDY Its almost time for our annual Okla trip(s), do you have any specific weekends you want us to come down in January? Will you be racing any weekends? We will be looking to ride Cross Timber Creek Friday and then ride your place Saturday. I want to make sure you will be around because NOT coming to your place would be a wasted trip. Probably just John and I the first time down this January, but I may have a few guys lined up for our second trip in February
  9. itsallbizz

    Tires for Crosstimbers Trails - Oklahoma

    Cross Timbers sounds like a place I would want to ride, I will definitely check it out this winter when I come down. The more I thought about it the more I would like one way trails, then I wouldn't have to be so worried about getting smoked by some jag on a quad or in a jeep. Is there any good single track/ hill climbs? I like the nasty tight stuff you have to think about while riding. Do they have a facebook page or website?
  10. itsallbizz

    Winter Offroad races?

    Most of the places I ride are multi-direction so I guess I am used to it. I just ride smart, not over my head and try to be courteous to everyone out on the trail and usually they reciprocate.
  11. itsallbizz

    Tires for Crosstimbers Trails - Oklahoma

    I have no issues with buying permits and "paying to play" I just dont want to buy a spark arrestor unless I absolutely have too. I am not looking to start any trouble or try to get away with something, I just like to know what to expect when riding somewhere for the first time. I still live in Nebr but I come down to Okla and ride a few times every winter.
  12. itsallbizz

    When does your bike get put away?

    Bike never gets "put away" I usually use the off weekends for bike maintenance. The trick is what's the weather gonna be, is it going to be crappy this weekend , use that for bike maintenance or make needed repairs, time with family, truck maintenance, etc...etc.. The bike needs to be ready for that one off day where its nice to ride in winter. I usually ride 10 months a year here in Nebraska (March-December). With temps @ 53 degrees this Sunday I can most certainly handle that! When "real winter" sets in and doesn't leave I just head south to Oklahoma a few times every January and February!
  13. itsallbizz

    Tires for Crosstimbers Trails - Oklahoma

    Do they check for spark arrestors at Draper lake (crosstimbers creek) ? I know its says they are required but it says that on most websites. I am trying to get some ideas together for my annual winter ride and I want to make sure I cover any issues that might come about. and weezer don't think I forgot about you Kansas guys, I have been really busy with the move and working the property I bought, but now the cold is starting to set in and I am about done working outside for the winter. I am just trying to get a plan together before I make an announcement about where we are going and when.
  14. itsallbizz

    Winter Offroad races?

    The place in Davis, OK. is called "Cross Bar Ranch". They have a facebook page and a website. I rode there back in January of this year and it was fun. Of coarse it was 25 degrees back home in Nebraska and 65 with lots of Sun in Davis so...... Its a little more set up for jeeps and side by sides with open rocky trails and hill climbs, but we had fun never the less, there are some tight technical trails you can find if you look hard enough or just ask someone that runs the place when you get there. Everyone was real friendly and from all the facebook post this year it looks like they made a bunch of improvements.
  15. itsallbizz

    Best Clutch for '01 CR250

    I tried the Tusk clutch pack for my 2006 CR250 and had no luck with it. The "stack height" was noticeably taller (1/8") than the OEM that I took out. My bike would "lurch" or "jerk" really bad when going into first with the clutch pulled all the way in, like it was only half engaged. And when out riding the tight single track it really sucked when I needed to clutch the bike to get over logs or rocks. I ate $h!t a few times before I bought an EBC clutch pack and I have had no issues since. The EBC claims they have the exact same specs and materials as OEM. I have several rides on the EBC with no complaints yet. (also note, I am not a clutch abuser, the OEM clutch in the bike was 10 years old.)