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    Insurance for the WR???

    hey mike, where in washington do you live? i'm in spokane, and have my street legal wr 400 insured by mutual of enumclaw for 60 bucks a year. if you live close lets go riding sometime.....

    flywheel weights

    I'm running the stock WR timing. I still want more low end. I can get it if I install a 12 oz weight, at the expense of some top end power. Can I get the top end back by switching to YZ timing, without cancelling out what I just did with the flywheel weight?

    WR 4 banger or KTM 2 banger

    For what its worth, I just traded a KTM 300 EXC straight across for a WR400F. Why? I loved the Katoom's power. (You would find the 300's power to be much more linear than that of a 250.) Nevertheless, I found myself running out of gas all the time. The average trailriding loops we take run about 85 miles, and the stock 3.2 gallon KTM tank was good for only 65 miles. My WR is good for over 100. In a drag race, no contest, the WR wins handily. In really tight woods, or really technical terrain the KTM has the edge do to its light weight. It goes back to an earlier post...blondes or brunettes? Good luck, you'll enjoy either one. ------------------ '00 WR400F, WB headpipe/E series w/ 12 disks, airbox lid off and stock jetting
  4. I just got a WB stainless steel headpipe from Nathan Woods (the #5 nationally ranked 4-stroke MXer who rides a YZ426F). Nathan cleaned house last weekend at the 4 stroke nationals event here in Spokane, WA. However, the stainless headpipe from his practice bike recently took a hard spanking, and now sports about a 1" diameter, 1/2" deep oval-shaped dent right on the front surface of the 180 degree bend. I took it to a metal fab shop here, they said that because its stainless I'm out of luck. I then called the "guaranteed 35 dollar pipe repair" guys from the ad in Dirt Bike, and they told me the same thing. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've thought of drilling a couple of holes in the dent, then maybe using a stainless steel screw and a body shop slide hammer to pull the dent out. Would it help to heat the pipe first before trying to pull the dent? I hope someone else has maybe successfully dealt with this problem. Thanks in advance for your input!

    Monty and Uncle Moose Where Are You?

    where do you guys go riding in idaho? i live in spokane, washington, and am half hour from Couer d'Alene's Canfield Mountain Trail system. Always looking for new places to go.....