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  1. shuswap1

    CV carbs, how do they work

    But it was well-tailored to the attention span of a typical Harley / chopper owner....2 minutes, at best?
  2. shuswap1

    Why do I keep going through rear wheel bearing?

    Pretty sure your 'stunt' riding forces aren't any greater than the beating my well-loved DRZ takes off road. It's a '03, factory original bearings.
  3. shuswap1

    Forks/front wheel bounce at high speed

    That's my emergency kit; Solder for soldering when on the trails, copper wiring for electrical repairs and fishing weights in case I get hungry(and lucky) I think this is a rather innovative use of tools and doubling up their storage to balance a tire. Want me to show you how to install them on your bike? Ha!
  4. shuswap1

    Best DRZ400 chain/sprocket combo deals?

    So far so good, seems to be holding up very well. About 8k miles, 2 adjustments (at most, who keeps track of this?) I'm running stock rear and 14 tooth front, all dirt miles.
  5. shuswap1

    Forks/front wheel bounce at high speed

    I'm sure that a true wheel is a preferred starting point .......but I think that ship has sailed for my rims. Really just managing the wildest deformations at this point.
  6. shuswap1

    Forks/front wheel bounce at high speed

    Thanks for the 1st-hand info, that spurs me on.
  7. shuswap1

    Forks/front wheel bounce at high speed

    How long have you used the beads? Ill be balancing 4 tires this winter and have a source for beads, but was hesitant how they would do with tire debris and muck and guck inside. If they would stand up for the life of the tire it would make one heck of a lot of sense for me.
  8. 'Replacing at cost', still sounds like some $, which I would put towards a rim that is stronger than this one.
  9. shuswap1

    Drz 400 motor questions

    The thumb sized hole adds the question of heat and lube failure.....which leads to other questions around the condition of the camshaft journals and main bearings. Pics are quite helpful and it would be interesting to see the piston.
  10. I dunno, found it light, airy and even a little informative re assessing lights based on their measurable performance. I've had some very helpful tech assistance from a BD rep on TT also. Some just try and sell stuff, some participate and prove helpful.
  11. shuswap1

    Cut out at high RPM

    That's pretty tough. It looks like the front wheel deflected immediately to the right at the same moment it came into contact with the tires...or the small gap between the tires, can't be certain. Perhaps you were trying to regain control? Just do everything necessary to get healthy and strong again, including not risking further damage once you are this far into the healing process.
  12. shuswap1

    Random pics.

  13. Lolosama posted a service interval page from the manual above. Most of the riders here change their oil before the 2k mile mark, I do it a little sooner. I don't pay much attention to the manual's intervals, still using the same brake fluid that was installed 15 years ago and have no reason to change it.... yet. And my brakes get a full workout every ride. On the other hand, I must change the brake fluid annually on my BMW F700GS, it develops solids within the fluid for some reason. My DRZ400 is about 325# without any racks but with a 16L tank. The DR650 does not really FEEL heavy. Before getting too stuck on one or the other I think you might find it useful to sit on each model and see how they fit you. The DRZ is pretty tall.
  14. shuswap1

    Random pics.

    Always had a soft spot for the 383, buddy had one in his '64 Sport Fury. Very strong motor, at least until he figured a light bulb sitting next to the motor would prevent water from freezing in the block. When he installed a new motor, direct from a circuit track racer, it walked all over my RD400! Now that really pizzed me off.....
  15. Nothing wrong with the DRZ400 but you sound like the DR650 would be an even better fit, given your specifications. The DRZ is a little more hyper-off-road than the DR, which is just that much better at a more comfortable and relaxed pace. It weighs very little more, it's aircooled(nothing wrong with that) it's extremely well-proven, cheap to own/operate and you won't feel any weight difference anyway. The DR has become an iconic bike for world travellers, those that NEED lower maintenance and reliability.