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  1. Might want to get Mongoose to measure the bore, but I think re-using the old piston would likely be false economy at this time. Everything will fit better new, pin, rings, etc.....and wear together. Getting another easy-peasy 400 hrs+ sounds pretty good, especially when you've accumulate another 200 hrs, it's running GREAT .......and you start to wonder if maybe you should REALLY have put that new piston in..... Nice bikes....pondering one for myself! BTW, there are other areas that oil can disappear to, remember that and keep an open mind as you get further into this....certainly doesn't appear that the bore had anything to do with the loss.
  2. shuswap1

    06 DRZ bogging issue even with gentle throttle

    I'd replace the pilot jet. Stock size works very well.
  3. shuswap1

    DRZ - charging dropping

    Oil loss: Are you certain it lost 400 ml of oil in 900km, that is a pretty large loss! I would try and find the source of the loss before taking everything the head off to check, unless you have a strong urge to take the head off. Often easier to diagnose a problem BEFORE taking it apart. Don't run the oil low and cause unnecessary damage!
  4. shuswap1

    Has anyone seen this happen before

    One clip on the needle and +1 on the PJ shouldn't/couldn't normally cause any issue like you have encountered. This exhaust has some form of internal baffle/restricter to reduce the noise level, according to the manufacturer. I suspect the increase in sound corresponds to a failure or shifting of this component. https://staintune.com.au/collections/suzuki/products/staintune-drz400-sports-muffler
  5. shuswap1

    2019 Honda CRF45L to DRZ434 comparison

    Might be interesting but for 2 things: Price is close to that of a new Husky/KTM 350 or 500 EXC-F, seems to be a little heavier and the limited range of the stock tank. And, at this time I cannot find a larger aftermarket tank. Which also begs the question as to why on earth would Honda use expensive titanium for the fuel tank..... that quite a few riders would toss aside and replace with more capacity?
  6. shuswap1

    74jimbo's engine build thread

    Uh, you just might be missing my point. Wink wink!
  7. shuswap1

    74jimbo's engine build thread

    I dunno jimbo, seems you shipped a next-to-new DRZ motor with all the performance fixins to Erik for an oil change and they LOST IT?!! Almost a one-of-a-kind motor they need to replace!
  8. shuswap1

    Weird DRZ problems

    When you fellas are referring to the stator, confirm you are referring to the pick-up coil portion of the stator assembly?
  9. shuswap1

    74jimbo's engine build thread

    Unbelievably Pathetic Service My personal experience (Canada) has been bloody awful.
  10. The stock jetting, mainjet and pilot jet was re-installed on my BSR carb, which I am pretty sure you are running(black plastic top) The big change in power was the change to the needle....but you said power isn't the goal. So, I wouldn't change anything if the bike runs well, takes throttle well. The stock main, 142.5 is a good jet, in my experience at elevations of 1,400 asl to 7,000asl (my range to date) No need for the 3x3 either. On the other hand I am always seeking more power and don't care much about mileage, just off-road range(added a Clarke tank). I have a really nice runner, open exhaust(quite loud!), 3x3(honks!), Pumper carb with jet kit, etc.
  11. shuswap1

    What Carb is this ?

    Jimmy, rather than throw a bunch of effort and dough at it I'd just take a pass. The midcarb use of RTV is a clue it has been messed with and carbs are fussy things. If everything is working perfectly, then jetting will get you 'wonderful' power delivery. But no amount of jetting effort can overcome internal damage within the carb itself. You invest money, trial and error effort....... and still have a carb that delivers crap performance.
  12. shuswap1

    Overcharging battery!!!

    Noble is right, shouldn't take long to find a cheap one from a parted bike, they hardly ever fail.
  13. shuswap1

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Very unique paint scheme, probably never be another one just like it!
  14. shuswap1

    2019 Honda CRF45L to DRZ434 comparison

    The 350 lacks the tractor power of the DRZ, which I'd miss. But moving the bike around I am blown away by how light it is compared to the DRZ. On a roll-on it holds its own against the DRZ, but I weight 100# more than the wife, too. So 160# difference in overall weight. By the way, that is a VERY good price on the FE, surely doesn't include the lousy 12%??
  15. shuswap1

    Random pics.

    Worn a few of those out......never had a reason to switch to anything different(on the rear), so far