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  1. turborex696

    How to crash?

    Generally I approach a casejob or a overjump the same way. If its going to be a very harsh landing landing back wheel first hard on the gas is a good idea. Landing under power puts tension through the chain effectively stiffening the rear suspension. The front will probably slam down if its a hard enough landing so prepare to bottom out. Landing under power can also help keep you from swapping if it gets weird.
  2. turborex696

    2019 SSS fork changes

    I tried to do some research on the leaf spring mid valve but didn't come up with much. What are the advantages of this setup vs a check spring style mid vavle? Or are there any? I would like to know just for my own brain. I have been trying to wrap my head around this for a few days now and it makes me feel like I dont even understand how a mid valve works. I feel like if the stack is not up against the piston how is it flexing unless its just pushing enough oil through that it is still restrictive. Last question hopefully. I plan to purchase some check springs. I was on the SDI website and there are several dimention springs. One is 8mmx12mm any idea on the dementions of the stock KYB check springs? Thanks for the reply's and help.
  3. turborex696

    2019 SSS fork changes

    I found some interesting things in my friends 2019 yz250f forks last night so I thought I would share. I am about to tear into my 2019 yz450f forks and expect to find the same changes. First when I pulled the free pistons I saw KYB has finally started drilling large diameter holes in them so no more modification is needed. YAY. The problem I ran into is the midvalve compression shim stack. (the 8mm ID ones) have no float at all. As in there is not even a spring. I was hesitant to modify the stack any so we just changed the base valve some and plan to research and revisit. Has anyone been into the 2019 fx forks? Do they still have the spring/cup design that floats? The cup is also made into the holder now and the 8mm ID collar is also part of the shaft. I guess all I really need to do is pick up some check springs but after being in many sets of KYB forks I have not ran into this.
  4. turborex696

    2019 YZ450F Shock revalve question

    For anyone who is interested I swapped a few .44x0.2 for 44x0.25. and that got me to where I needed. The stack feels very planted and way better than the stock for a woods setup IMO. I can hit a root now without the back end skipping out all over the place. I will continue to put this valving into my KYB shocks.
  5. turborex696

    Aftermarket Clutch Perch

    I have the pro taper perch on my 19 yz450f. I have ran them for a long time and they are great. I have not broken one but after several years the lever will get a little sloppy. What surprised me is how much easier it made the clutch pull.
  6. turborex696

    Knee braces

    I have had the Asterisk ultracells, Pod K4's and now the PodK8's. I have friends with the EVS and the Mobius braces. I like them all really except for the asterisk. They felt super tough and the strapping system is cool but the problem is they are so bulky. They hardly fit under any set of pants and catch on everything. Look at the leatt knee braces pants as well.
  7. turborex696

    2019 YZ450F Shock revalve question

    Cool thanks for the suggestions. I will see what shims I have around. I may be able to swap a few. I wish I had a mill or a lathe so I could do some machine work. I guess a precise drill bit job could work but I don't if I want to risk that.
  8. So I am revalving my 2019 yz450f as I mainly ride it offroad. I have a really good feeling shock setting on my 2015 yz250fx so I figured I would just copy it over to the 450 and see how it is. The question I have is once all of the shims are sitting on the shaft the top 1-2 shims can wiggle around slightly as in they are almost sitting in the threads. I assume I can get a thinner baseplate to compensate for this. I never had an issue on my 250fx using the exact same shim stack. I will post the stack below. 44 x 0.20 (16) 36 X 0.10 30 x 0.10 44 x 0.20 42 x 0.20 40 x 0.20 38 x 0.20 36 x 0.20 34 x 0.25 32 x 0.25 30 x 0.25 28 x 0.25 26 x 0.25 24 x 0.25 22 x 0.25 20 x 0.25 18 x 0.30 Rebound 40 x 0.20 (9) 28 x 0.11 40 x 0.30 38 x 0.30 36 x 0.30 34 x 0.30 32 x 0.30 30 x 0.30 28 x 0.30 26 x 0.30 25 x 0.30 Is this fairly common? What is the proper way to fix it?
  9. I have heard rumors that the ampro team was running the 450f gearbox in the 450fx because most of the top level pro's hated the wide ratio gearbox with the huge jump between 3rd and 4th gear. Im pretty sure its a direct swap of the gears.
  10. turborex696

    Knowledge help etc about tire selection.

    This is going to be a really hard question for anyone to answer really. Tire selection is so personal and everyone has a tire they like or a combo of 1 front vs a different rear tire. I personally run Maxxis maxcross SI tires everywhere because they are decent on all terrain for how I ride. A lot of guys like the Kenda Millville tires for sandy conditions. Just pick out some tires and give them a shot is the only way you can tell what you like. I dont think you need a full blown paddle sand tire or anything unless you are riding dunes or something crazy sandy.
  11. I looked at mine today at idle and its just slightly below 25%. Looks about identical to your map.
  12. turborex696

    2006 yz450f head gasket leak?

    I would say its more likely the water pump seal that went. It would be really hard for the entire contents of your radiators to be blown out of the exhaust without you noticing. Pour some water in there and see if it leaks out of the weep hole on the bottom or your water pump. It it does replace that seal.
  13. It should idle at 0% throttle. Are you asking about what RPM is it idling at? I think mine is pretty similar to yours but I can look and make sure.
  14. turborex696

    How do YOU determine your rider skill level

    During a Stu Baylor riding class he said. C riders do things right sometimes. B riders do things right half of the time. A riders do things right most of the time. Pro riders do things right every time. I guess you can apply that to about any type of riding be it offorad, mx, endurocross or whatever.
  15. turborex696

    18 YZ450 Radiator brace recommendation

    I have the bullet proof design braces on my bike and they are super tough. A little pricey at 200 bucks though.