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  1. Boatload of them on ebay...Got all my tupperware for my 02 400exc there...
  2. Nice you are getting back into riding:ride: Here is some advise from somebody that's older than dirt, Me:smirk: (1) A 250 is all you need for now...You are just learning how to ride again, don't get something to big and heavy thats going to scare the bejabbers out of you, a lot of the bikes suggested here are that. (2) Consider a Kawasaki KLR250...They were made from 84-06...They are light, have plenty of grunt (for you) super reliable and cheap, also street legal. Nice suspension too.They are also air cooled so you don't have to screw around with the radiator hemorage if you drop it. (3) I'm a 200 lber, and we own a KLR250 that I take into town, no problem pulling me around...I also own a KTM400exc(street legal), a DRZ400s, a KLX250 and a Kawa Versys...By far the KLR250 is my favorite around town and on easy trails bike. I wish you luck...
  3. I'm heading down Friday am...Want to meet up at the Heritage? Where you coming from...
  4. Sounds like a plan...PM sent...Dan
  5. I'll be stayin at the Heritage...Ride an 02 400exc...I'm an easy split guy...Enjoyin the scenery kind of guy...Maybe do Panamint on Sat/ Rand on Sunday... Dan
  6. I was thinking Jawbone and Panamint...I'm a C- rider on a good day...
  7. The DMV won't care if it used to be licenced...That part is already out of the system when the green sticker was aquired...So basically you are going to try to get a plate for a dirt bike (TLR)...They will want to see an emmisions label and all the other street bikey stuff on it...IMHO find a bike wiht a plate on it...Good luck
  8. Anybody else doing this ride...My buddy bailed on me this year and looking for some riders to hook up with...Tkx...Dan
  9. The Motor Cafe, Sunnyvale I believe...Moore & Sons have a great rep, but they're in Santa Cruz...Valves are pretty easy, carbs not bad...Get a service manual, take your time and you can do both jobs in 1/2 a day...Good luck
  10. CanTurn

    My new Six Days 250

    Damn nice bike...Congrats:thumbsup:
  11. CanTurn

    My, New to Me, 400 EXC

    So thats what that barby thing is for, was almost gonna chop it off...Now my new vent hose has a home for the other end:worthy:...Thanks to all for the advise.
  12. CanTurn

    New-to-me 450 EXC-G

    Pics Pics & more Pics...I grew up on Life magazine so you know where my reading level is:smirk: Oh yeah and Playboy too and as we all know, that improved our vocabulary immensely:crazy: