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  1. I thinking of a new toy. What speeds can be run for longer distances.
  2. the carb only has 45 hours. It was replaced last year. That is terible.
  3. I was running stock needle 3rd clip 45 pilot and a 170 main. The temp was 50-50. Now it is 90-95 and I cant get it to idle. The fuel screw doent do anythig.It is realy rough and stalls out quick. It is also hard to start hot. I lowerd the pilot one and no help. So I moved the needle to clip 2 and a 168 main. I seems to idle now. But doesnt that seem to lean? Any help please.
  4. trx310r

    13.5:1 what octane fuel

    I know I can get away with pump fuel. But if I ride at high RPM for long time what would be the safe octane?
  5. trx310r

    Hey you No-Toil guys, got a ?

    Do not use gas! It will start to eat at the glue on the filter. Use a good air non bio filter cleaner or kerosene. Yes no Toil is bio. The cleaner is like oxy clean. In a pinch I have used laundry detergent but it don't work as well as no-toil's cleaner. Twin air also has bio but the cleaner is not as good and same with the oil.
  6. I have the same setup but no humidity and the 50. Were is a good start?
  7. trx310r

    gunk on new bike?

    Yep.. Grease Lighting = destroyed anodizing.
  8. trx310r

    dry rebuild??

    Rich I was going to use Quickseat dry powder. I did not know about AL4 piston assembly. What is the benefits of the mixture. I never tried any of there products. Can I get good results with just the dry lube. any info and recommendation would be great.
  9. trx310r

    Hinson Clutch Setup?

    Well worth it. If you get the pressure plate and inner hub buy the works kit. Same price but the parts are machined as a unit. I believe the splines are a little different to. As far as price I got mine local but check the TT store. They all seem to bee close to the same.
  10. trx310r

    New neck brace design - Leatt Design

    It is PCS. I have one and they are a great company. They will work with you on different thickness braces. All neck and helmets are not the same. I would not ride with out it. I cant find the web site now.
  11. trx310r

    crf parts

    Ron what about the heads that don't need guides. Don
  12. trx310r

    Enduros In NJ Doomed?

    I hope!
  13. I would use TI myself. RHC 187 cam, springs, and good seats with ti valves. I am sure it may not last as long as SS but thats my 2 cents. Back to KW's or Ferrea. I would have to say from what I hear there both great. I would go with the RHC Ferrea because I believe there lighter. If you switch to SS you well need springs meant for the heavier valves. I recommend new springs anyway. The stock are not to great. You can just do the intakes. They go first because there ti and ex. are steel.
  14. trx310r

    Reading,PA Boo Koo Arenacross 1-8-05

    No that kid went down hard. Plotts kid !