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  1. lowmass

    Cool article Bowman is in, with a few pics

    excellent form in that pic
  2. lowmass

    What Round(s)?

    I see NO evidence that he missed a gear in that start. In fact his left foot was off the peg pretty much the whole length of start Looks like he got kicked and had to let off to avoid incident
  3. lowmass

    Hey Eli

    ET will have this series won with two races left no one is at his level at the moment
  4. equalizer track conditions and too many obstacles don't make for great racing
  5. I wouldn't get to excited about the finishes this week. The track surface was just as much an equalizer as last week, maybe even more. Anderson needs to slow his roll just a tick when in second like that. He wore himself out attempting aggression on a slippery surface. Something was out to get ET last night and he narrowly escaped the darts to hang onto some points Yes yes "everyone has to ride the same track". True but physics rule in these situations and the fastest are held back from their top speed when riding on boiler plate. We will see a different outcome once we get to tracks where there's some traction About time Adam C !
  6. lowmass

    Webb, the ride Mango wants to talk about

    you keepin em honest while I was gone
  7. lowmass

    1990 Anaheim SX - Bradshaw's holeshot

    Im not sure if it still exists, cant remember where / when it was, but there was a vid I saw about 15 years ago of Bradshaw around the outside of a large banked hairpin turn that no lie makes even the ones shown here look slow. I know that sounds like typical exaggeration but he came in at the start of the turn layed down more than anyone even at apex. It actually looked fake when first saw it. Like the tape was sped up, but after watching again you realized the guy on inside looked natural in speed and lean angle then out of nowhere Bradshaw comes in almost completely horizontal at the entrance of turn floating and the big banked berm laterally sling shot him around. It was otherworldly. I have to wonder if he maybe misjudged the entrance and speed and just totally lucked out. The guy on the inside was demoralized.
  8. lowmass

    Webb, the ride Mango wants to talk about

    well the conditions were tricky and next race will likely be much different. looking forward to seeing whos who when its dry Web was exciting to watch and I honestly hope he can ride like that and last the season, it will be fun to watch him stir the pot In the end however I suspect ET will be on top, IF he can stay clean. Seemed to me he was riding carful and still at pace.
  9. lowmass

    Thoughts on A1

  10. lowmass

    Thoughts on A1

    I stand corrected its the time in the column left of fast time where I see ETs dominance
  11. lowmass

    Webb, the ride Mango wants to talk about

    interesting. well cant say for sure but it looked to me like he was on the edge too much. Got away with it this time
  12. lowmass

    Webb, the ride Mango wants to talk about

    Web was hangin it out. He better slow that roll just a bit if he wants to make it through the season
  13. lowmass

    Thoughts on A1

    Tomac was over a second faster than anyone else and that's moving through the pack
  14. lowmass

    Glen Coldenhoff Crashes Hard.

    I wonder if their news is as flawless as ours is??