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  1. james509

    Need help with lacing DRZ400SM Rear Wheel

    New set of Excell DRZ rear spokes, notice they're marked inner and outer. the short ones are the outers.
  2. james509

    Need help with lacing DRZ400SM Rear Wheel

    No they don't. I've been a tech at this Suzuki dealership for 30 years, I went and checked spoke lengths, I ask our Suzuki tech rep that just happen to be here, and I just happen to know how to lace wheels. Look at the picture below. the inners are closer to the axle, they are father from the rim. They need to be longer to reach.
  3. james509

    Need help with lacing DRZ400SM Rear Wheel

    Not sure where you guys are getting your information. I had to go into back setup area and on to the showroom floor this afternoon and measure rear wheel spokes. Checked a drz400e, a 400sm, a rmx450 and even a crf450x honda. All inner spokes were longer. Don't really care how you all put yours together but there is only 1 right way with stock spokes. Found this other guy that agrees with me too. Eddie Sisneros Get Help Now Member 507 65,660 posts Location: Colorado Report post Posted February 10, 2006 oem spokes are different lengths.the inner spokes are slightly longer.
  4. james509

    Need help with lacing DRZ400SM Rear Wheel

    Looking down on the hub, you'll notice that half of the holes are drilled closer to the center. That's where your long spokes go. From your pic it looks like the inner gets the long ones.
  5. james509

    Engine washer

    Looks like a clutch basket washer, could be on either side of the outer basket.
  6. james509

    3x3 mod now won't idle well

    First off, you can't do the 3x3 without rejetting the carb. It will run too lean. Secondly, the larger hole will not affect the idle. Sounds like you have a plugged pilot jet. Don't know why the jet would decide to mess up from cutting the airbox but something happen. Do you have the vacuum hose from the petcock hooked up?
  7. james509

    Show me your...BETA !

    Gave my princess a re-skin. Didn't come out too bad...
  8. james509

    Show me your...BETA !

    I love Chadwick, Been going there for over 40 years.
  9. james509

    Spark Plug Size Warning 300RR

    That 2mm makes no difference in the Beta. A projected core will help a engine with a bad combustion chamber design, the beta dosn't have that problem. Don't know why Beta would change, Maybe cheaper. I run the NGK BPR7EIX Iridium Plug just for the fine wire electrode.
  10. james509

    Spark Plug Size Warning 300RR

    It won't make any difference either way. As long as the heat range, 7, is correct your good to go.
  11. james509

    DRZ400E with Big Bore Kit Questions

    The cylinder Works has been proven many times over and a good deal. And yes, It's worth it.
  12. Try pulling on each wire where they go into the connector at the regulator rectifier. I have found a couple of wires on different bikes that were not crimped correctly and would pull out of the plug. Both times it was the black wire.
  13. james509

    CRF 450x won't start (2006) Please Help!!

    I've seen the cam slip in the gear and retard the cam timing. Best way to check is to set up a degree wheel and dial indicator and check the lobe centers. also on TDC of the overlap stroke, both the in and the ex valves should be open about the same amount. You can also look at another cam and compare the cam gear marks with the in lobes. If it has slipped, you should be able to easily see the difference.
  14. james509

    Shinko R505 Cheater

  15. james509

    Shinko R505 Cheater

    I have the 120 Shinko 505 on my 300rr with the Tubliss at 6 psi with a goldentyre fatty with Tubliss at 9 psi on the front. Best combo I've found yet for rough and rocky southern Missouri trails at Chadwick and Taylor Park, Colorado. The 505 hooks like a trials tire and works in the mud. It's also wearing well. Get the 120 for your 450, You'll like it.