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  1. treehuggerssuck

    International motorcycle motorsports (brokers)

    Actually what I'm looking for is a number to which ever department in Canada that handles titles. If I can I would like to try and handle this without Zach because he doesn't want to help me very much at all. You would think that somone spends 12k you would get treated better than this.
  2. treehuggerssuck

    International motorcycle motorsports (brokers)

    He just kept saying send me an email over and over and wouldn't tell me what he needed from me and I sent him one and his reply was not enough info.
  3. treehuggerssuck

    International motorcycle motorsports (brokers)

    Don't buy from them, I bought 2 bikes in 2004 from them and they arrived with no bill of sale or titles. I have been trying to get them ever since. When I call them on the phone they are jerks and very short with me and tell me to e-mail them. Worst decision I have ever made regarding a bike purchase. If anyone knows a number in Canada I can call to try and get some info on how to get titles for my bikes I would really appreciate it.
  4. I need to get in touch with those guys but I can't remember the name or the website, they had a link on here a long time ago but I can't seem to find it.
  5. treehuggerssuck

    Nevada Proposed OHV Registration Draft Up

    Don't forget to vote, Titus is a tree hugging liberal and has stated that she has aggressive plans for the environment. Vote Gibbons.........
  6. treehuggerssuck

    Non Riding Vegas Question??

    The dealers hear suck, use the TT store or order on line from another site, I rarely gamble but the casinos always get big names for concerts, everyone loves to play Vegas so you can see some great bands at really small venues. If you don't have a boat then you can camp at Government wash, it gets crowded on the weekends, if you go during the week no one will be there. If you have a boat then you can camp anywhere on the lake except for Boulder beach. I camp on Lake Mojave on the Arizona side all the time. Spring and fall are your best bets because during the summer it usually stays between 90 and 100 even at night, it's a little sweaty sleeping. I just sit in the water and drink beer all day. Send me a message and I will give you directions and some more ideas on camping.
  7. treehuggerssuck

    trails from the APEX

    Lake Mead and the river are national recreation areas and are off limits to non street legal vehicles, that said I have rode down to lake Mojave from the trails near Nelson via a power line road. You have a much greater chance getting caught trying to go Mead, I have seen people getting stopped on ATV's in the past. The trails near Nelson are very remote and I rarely see rangers, I spend a lot of time out there camping with my Seadoo's.
  8. treehuggerssuck

    No more payments!

    Screw that, enjoy it while you are young, because when you get older and have bills coming out the wah-zoo, their will be no one to pay them for you.
  9. I bought 2 bikes from them, it went smooth at first but the titles never arrived and when I spoke to them on the phone they stated that it was not their fault and that I would have to cover the cost of duplicate titles, something like $120 a piece. Since I live in Nevada and I don't have to register my bikes, so right now it's not a problem not having them, but I know it's going to bite me in the ass and I will have to fork up the money. Bottom line I would NOT use them again.
  10. treehuggerssuck

    Remote places to camp in Moab

    I will be out there july 29th thru august 1st
  11. treehuggerssuck

    Remote places to camp in Moab

    I've done a search and all I can find are campsites with cabins and motels, what I'm looking for is something out of the way near some good riding, my bikes are not dual sported so I must be able to ride out right form the campsite.
  12. treehuggerssuck

    places to ride in northwest Arizona?????

    Well I was looking at riding in southern Utah this weekend but the place I wanted to ride is still covered with snow so now I'm looking for some cool trails in NW Arizona, any suggestions would be great, thanks.
  13. treehuggerssuck

    trails near Brians head/Cedar Breaks Utah????

    Is there anywhere on line I can find a map with trail heads and places to ride? I'm trying to make a day trip from Vegas and I don't want to be wasting time looking around for a place to ride.
  14. Last year my brother and I camped at Zion national park for some hiking and on the way back we drove through Cedar Breaks National monument and Brians Head ski lodge and noticed that there were snow mobile and ATV trails every where, are these trails open to bikes and if they are open are they still covered with snow? Also can anyone recommend the best trails to visit for a one day trip.