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  1. CSMiller

    RC at the MEC

    You guys know he didn't actually mean that right? How many times did you see RC make someone crash, he got close to Stewart a few times but Stewart usually wrecked himself.
  2. CSMiller

    Ralph Shaheen Fan Club - Ralph Rocks!

    I don't know why everybody hates Ralph, I think he and Jeff really add some excitement during a race, mainly because their watching it live just as we are. And they are informational during races, filling in rider stats or whatever... when did every one start hating Ralph so much?
  3. CSMiller

    Is it me or was the mec bubbas race to win?

    When I see Stewart actually line back up on the gate I'll start making predictions. I don't think I'm even going to refer to Stewart as JS7 anymore.
  4. CSMiller

    Bubba testing yellow GO PRO Cam !!! ?

    Well I say he's doing pretty good on Suzuki so far... few rough jumps but, not bad...
  5. CSMiller

    how much is RV worth?

    I think this will be in the 2012 Outdoor Season but Barcia will be in there too.
  6. CSMiller

    who got the MEC prediction right

    I had RV for Main Event 1 and 3, then RD for Main Event 2. Really sucks Dungey couldn't get a little more in the mix but he is on a new bike.
  7. CSMiller

    Alessi is a tard, tool, and fool all in one.

    I never thought Alessi deserved a factory ride in the first place. He crashes every race and usually knocks himself out. Then he almost takes RD5 out and then flips him off when he passes him like he's hot shit or something. I've never liked Alessi, probably never will.
  8. CSMiller

    Thoughts on Dungey's performance?

    I thought he did very well for only having six days on the bike, a bike that is a completely different style from his Suzuki. I think he'll be right up in the top three just like last season. Hopefully he can get angry this season and pass people, that is clearly one of his weakest points is that he's too nice on the track.
  9. That video of him of the YZ was just a joke I'm pretty sure. I doubt that he would race a two-stroke, maybe at MEC, but I'm not sure if he's racing in that.
  10. CSMiller

    KTM Signs Ryan Dungey

    Nice to see KTM has themselves a truly talented rider(no offense to Short).
  11. CSMiller

    Is J-Law racing supercross

    I do remember when J-Law raced Daytona a few years ago, he led like 10 or something laps, it was an awesome race. I don't think he's dedicated enough to racing.
  12. CSMiller

    Is J-Law racing supercross

    He might race two laps of Heat 1. That will be the most of it.
  13. CSMiller

    Sweet pic of RV2 little bro.

    It really does, lol. How old is Tyler?
  14. CSMiller

    Supercross CR22 Withdrawls from MEC

    Reed Withdraws From Monster Energy Cup by swapmoto Twelve months ago to this day, Chad Reed took the next and most significant step in his motorsport career by establishing TwoTwo Motorsports. Born from a desire to race for the love of it, Reed’s outfit grew from the ground up and a small but dedicated staff beat the odds to make it to the start line at Anaheim 1 for the new season of Supercross. Reed thrived in his new role, relishing the day-to-day decisions challenging him as team owner, and this was reflected in his racing as he fought to finish a commendable second place in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship and third place in the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship, as well as leading Team Australia to its first-ever podium finish at last week’s Motocross of Nations in France. The rigour of 365 straight days on and off the track has left Reed in need of a break and time with his young family, thus leaving him to make the difficult decision to withdraw from next month’s Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas. “I wouldn’t change a thing about the last 12 months,” said Reed. “It has been challenging and fulfilling at the same time, and personally, I have re-discovered my love of riding and racing. “My decision to withdraw from the Monster Energy Cup certainly wasn’t an easy one. It is a unique concept and shaping up to be a fantastic event, but I felt it would not do justice to my fans and sponsors simply to show up if I was unprepared. “Living and breathing 24 hours a day as a racer and team owner has meant I’ve not had as much time for my family as I have wanted, and its very important to me that I have a break before re-focusing on 2012 and going one better in Supercross,” he stated. In addition to Reed’s racing and management role, he has dedicated considerable time and effort to his biography ‘My Way’, and was recognised earlier this year by the Governor General of Australia with a Member of the Order of Australia medal. Source: TransWorld Motocross
  15. CSMiller

    No mystery behind RYAN DUNGEY and KTM its all here

    It is going to be really weird seeing RD5 on another bike. Hasn't he been with Suzuki since the start of his Pro Career? Sweet bike man.