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  1. Snowsk5054

    Ride in thongs??

    Wow, this is a weird thread...
  2. Snowsk5054

    Where to get Husky parts?

    I am looking into getting a Husky, but have no clue where to get aftermarket parts or stock parts. Were do you guys get them? Ohh...I am looking into a 2 smoke Husky, I think 250 2 smoke? Not sure...but anyway, thanks!
  3. Snowsk5054

    wow that wasnt a suprise that kx65 beat that ttr

    Sometimes it is the bike, sometimes it is a 50/50 deal. I mean if s really good rider shows up with YZ 250F stock bike, and a rider, who isnt that good, shows up with a factory YZ 250F, possibly the kid on the factory would whoop ass, but in my opinion, all rider...it dosent matter what bike your on, but the rider riding it.
  4. Snowsk5054

    should i get a bigger bike

    Buy my 80, shot me a pm if interested... Oh yeah, an 80 would be perfect for you...
  5. That dosent even look like it has been sat on...
  6. Snowsk5054

    vermont trails

    Dude, Vast Trails are strictly for snowmobiles, unless you ask permission from the people who own the trail if you can ride on them, then its legal....other than that, no one is allowed on the trails with dirtbikes or quads, because they "tear up" the trails...
  7. Snowsk5054

    anyone want a 9,500.00 ttr?

    ummm...is that guy smokin rock?
  8. Snowsk5054

    Any riding around the Burlington, Vt. area??

    Umm...dont go up sugarbush, dont go up any mountains with a dirtbike, mountain maintaners would whoop your monkey ass! There scary lookin....
  9. Snowsk5054

    vermont trails

    No friggin way!! You live in clarendon? I live in Mount Holly, a little ways over...THATS AWESOME!! Umm...yeah...no trails around here, and I havent found any tracks either...hope it helps
  10. Snowsk5054

    TT Custom Graphics - UPDATE!

    HOLY S***!! YOU SHOULD MAKE A WHOLE GRAPHICS PACKAGE WITH A FRONT FENDER DECAL and a seat cover with the shroud graphics and sell them on TT!!! That is awesome!!!
  11. Snowsk5054

    Lets see pics of those YZ/WR250F's - II

    Nice pics everyone!! I wish to soon be in this neighborhood with a 250F...gotta sell my YZ 80...sucks, nobody wants a very highly modded 2 stroke...
  12. Snowsk5054

    Anyone want to upgrade to a YZ?

    UBB39-ML-1235452-ML- bikes for sale forum
  13. Snowsk5054


    I think I even talked about it for a while....umm who was it Jonny rotten? He did that to his bike didnt he? Put a YZ 80 swingarm on and a old 80s YZ 80 shock on it to level it out, but someone over seas said they did it and they snapped a frame from stress, I think ACS posted it a long time ago....anyways, it would be cheaper to put a TTr motor in a YZ 80 frame, PRC does it for $1400, then sell everything else....
  14. Snowsk5054

    For sale- 2001 TTr 125L

    Pretty much new, only had since August, rode for a month, been in garage since. No mods, except air box thing, VERY low hours. Looks new. Asking $1700, E-mail me at Snowsk5054@msn.com for questions or pics....
  15. Snowsk5054

    No Fly Wheel?

    Why thank you! *Takes a bow*