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  1. vh5150

    Motocross photography

    if you are looking for comments and critique on your composition/exposure, you could post on the photo forum. there seems to be some very knowledgeable people on there.
  2. vh5150

    Idaho City 100 ISDE Qualifier

    I have Saturday spot that is for sale since I, unfortunately, will not be able to go to the race this year. PM me or respond back to this thread if you would like to go. Thanks,
  3. If anyone wants to go to this but missed the sign up for Saturday I have a spot and I am not going to be able to go to the race. Let me know if you would like my spot.
  4. vh5150

    Idaho ISDE qualifier-anyone going?

    I am not going to be able to make it to the race. I have my Saturday spot that I can sell to anyone wishing to ride but missed the sign up.
  5. vh5150

    Idaho City 100 ISDE Qualifier

    well, now it looks like I will not be able to make it to Idaho City. If anyone wants my Saturday spot, it is available.
  6. vh5150

    Idaho City 100 ISDE Qualifier

    I am driving up and back by myself.
  7. vh5150

    Idaho City 100 ISDE Qualifier

    I did it back in 2005 and have been waiting to do it again...so I'm going....Sweet!!
  8. vh5150

    Idaho City 100 ISDE Qualifier

    Just wondering if anyone from Arizona is making the drive to go to this awesome event? (provided you signed up quickly because rider limit for Saturday was reached within a day or two!!) Sunday is still open..I believe.
  9. vh5150

    GS Frinday the 17th

    are any of you guys married?? how on earth do you get away to ride that much? luckyyyy!!!!
  10. vh5150

    2006 yz450f Reliability Any Problems?

    best bike I have ever had. I love it, just wish it would cut to the inside of turns a little better. That is my only complaint, but it is probably mine own lack of skill!!
  11. vh5150

    Rebuilding Forks

    just replace the seal. Pretty easy to do yourself. I just did mine about a month ago.
  12. vh5150

    If you could have any helmet

    I have the Arai Windham in red. Now I need a blue one to match my Yamaha. They are excellent helmets.
  13. vh5150

    450 or 250f

    A couple of years ago I set out to make an informed decision on this topic. At a track in Utah, that would be Delta, 125 shifter, I put in many laps on a 250f and a 450f. I was within + or- one second every time. The track had an uphill section and a bit of a softer section, at least on the day I was testing, as you might imagine, the 250 felt slower and the 450 would shine. I felt I could ride the 250 longer and not get weary, but for the relatively short motos that we non-pros ride, personally, I would take the 450 any day of the week if I could only have one, which I do...
  14. vh5150

    Idaho City 100

    oh this is painful.. I did Idaho City two years ago when I lived in Utah. I emerged unscathed, but my wife managed to break her leg after watching me go through the grass track section. Last May I got this damn job in Arizona so I missed it last year and again this year. That is one of the funnest things I have ever done. I envy all who are going!!
  15. vh5150

    What do you buy too much/many of?

    diesel fuel for my truck