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  1. RM975

    Torque Wrench

    Regardless of a prescision tools manufacturer, a tool can fail calibration out of the box. Get It Calibrated.
  2. RM975

    Repsol oil ok?

    Repsol has a HUGE bike presence in the Dakar race.
  3. How about getting them anodized black?
  4. RM975

    Torque Wrench???

    Buy a torque wrench that will accomodate the maintenance you will be doing the most. It doesnt hurt to get it calibrated. Some, such as Snap On, come with a cal' certificate.
  5. RM975

    Brand new XR

    Outstanding. You have inspired me.
  6. RM975


    I have used the troubleshooting steps in the Clymer manual. The ignition coils are putting out power and to back this up I connected the lighting side to power up the CDI. No spark. No power output to the coil.
  7. RM975


    I was reading through the history of the XR400 thread when I saw the annotation that the '98 & up N. American bikes got a different CDI. I went to the XR parts book and confirmed it. The '97 & older has a different part number and is @ $50 more. Aftermarket offers 99-04 only. I think '98 & '99-04 are compatable. Comments?
  8. RM975


    I reinstalled the resistor with no change. There is no power getting to the coil from the CDI.
  9. RM975


    It looks as if I have killed my CDI. I replaced the spark plug resistor & spring with a long spring and the bike wont start. Good grounds, good AC voltage to the CDI, good resistance through the stator, kill switch is working as advertised, pulse generator check out, good resistance check through the plug wire, but no output to the coil. All I did was remove that resistor. And kick. And kick. And kick. And kick. No spark. Could that first kick to an unresisted plug wire have killed my cdi? A one time freak incident? I have read elsewhere that the mod was safe and I am not blaming it.
  10. RM975

    crazy Idea

    Hey! I like that name! The one we have is much too legitimate sounding.