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  1. Time Left: 21 days and 4 hours

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    Parting out a 2001 Honda CR125R. Will ship parts. Send message for info.


  2. JAK1985

    Trailer Question

    It's a carry on trailer 5x8 with the ramp in the back.
  3. JAK1985

    Trailer Question

    Ok I see what you mean. Thank you for that.
  4. Does anybody know if a Honda Rancher, and a CR125 will fit on a 5x8 trailer? If so how is the best way to load them?
  5. I have plans of placing an order at Rock mountain atv anyways so I though I'd try and find the stock bolt
  6. Thanks for the info. I can't really tell which bolt it is by looking at the diagram. If anybody knows for sure can you please let me know, thanks.
  7. I just bought this bike off craigslist and noticed it was missing a engine case bolt. I'm not sure which bolt it is to order. Can someone please tell me which bolt it is to order, or send me the link of the parts diagram with the number for which bolt to order. Thank you
  8. JAK1985

    KX250F O-Ring Chain Rubbing On Case

    Yeah I was thinking of doing that but I ended up buying a did vt2 narrow chain, and it doesn't rub.
  9. JAK1985

    Waterproofish boots?

    I use alpinestars tech 3 put waterproof paste on them, and my feet have never gotten wet.
  10. JAK1985

    KX250F O-Ring Chain Rubbing On Case

    The countershaft spacer won't work for my kx250f because I use a c clip for the front sprocket. If I add the spacer there will be no room for the c clip.
  11. JAK1985

    DID 520 VT2 Narrow Enduro Chain For Kx250f?

    Would you say the vt2 is like the same width as the stock chain?
  12. JAK1985

    KX250F O-Ring Chain Rubbing On Case

    I just bought this did vt2 narrow chain. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/958/24504/DID-520-VT2-Narrow-Enduro-Racing-X-Ring-Chain?term=did%20vt2%20chain If anybody's interested in a brand new renthal r3 o ring chain let me know, I did cut it though to 112 links