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  1. Roon

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    2018 onwards exhaust flange gasket
  2. Roon

    Xtrainer coolant loss

    1st step for any coolant leaks (puddles under bike etc) is to flush the factory coolant and replace with your preferred coolant mix (Im not here to debate waterless coolants V glycol/non glycol coolants) As a BETA dealer, since replacing factory coolant in every bike prior to delivery my rate of "coolant leak" warranties has reduced significantly. If a coolant leak/pressurising problem persists then look at resealing the small o-ring in the thermostat halves with a "water pump" type silicon sealant Next step would be replace the 2 head o-rings with either BETA or KTM o-rings Next step is buy an air-cooled bike and you can skip the cost of fitting radiator guards as well
  3. Roon

    200rr or ????

    Another Aussie review from a totally different location (next day to video review above): Along with a bunch of other people, I rode the 200RR on the weekend. Loved it. LOVED IT. Think "strong 125 with more grunt" and you will be close. It is basically exactly how I want a 200 power delivery to be, and it even coped with being significantly over-geared (15T front sprocket - feels like it would be happiest with a 14T). Compared to a typical 125, it has more bottom end, broader power/less hit, and revs out about as well. Also has an eagerness to pick up revs like a good 125. Compared to my competition model KDX200 (FMF pipe, Boyesen RAD valve), it vibrates much less, is way more rev happy, and the power delivery is smoother. The Beta definitely makes more top end power too. Compared to my WR200 powered YZ125 (FMF pipe & muffler, big YZ airbox), the Beta sounds much tighter, vibrates less (the WR has a counter-balancer) and is just stronger everywhere in the rev range. Similar electric power delivery on both bikes, but the Beta would eat the WR alive and doesn't sign off as early. Ergos are great. Usual Beta thing where the pegs are close to the seat but the bike doesn't feel cramped. Feels like the bigger Betas to sit on, but slimmer and it really does feel like a 125 to chuck around - most 200s feel lighter than 250s but do feel heavier than a 125 (who would have guessed!!). Without having a 125 to directly compare, it was very hard to imagine the 125 feeling lighter. The track we rode on was rock hard and covered with loose rocks and dust, plus I'm probably 15-20kg heavier than it was designed for, so I am cautious of saying anything about the suspension beyond "it seemed fine". Certainly no obvious vices in those conditions.
  4. Roon

    200rr or ????

    1. My riding does not do the bike justice. 2. Unridden bike on unriden trails, very chopped up trails. 3. Trying to adapt to using a foot brake again. (Clake 2) 4. Not wanting to bin it and wreck everyones day as its the only 200 in the county (Australia). 5. Would i buy one?? 6.YES... Beta 2019 model range test ride at Mt Kembla MX track today. My interest was mainly for the new addition to the range the 2019 RR 200 2T. I'm currently on a 2018 RR 300 WOW! .. what a machine, lighter in every way, great suspension and brakes, still has plenty of power and torque, I think I'm sold on it. Credit: Justin King
  5. Roon

    Most hrs on Beta made 4T?

    I have a customer with a 2015 RR390, 380 hours, 10,000kms http://www.dirtbikeworld.net/forum/showthread.php?t=123162 He has just bought a MY19 RR390 to replace it
  6. Roon

    2019 300rr pipe.

    The FMF Carbon pipe guards will fit, but not that great as there are gaps due to the slightly different chamber profile. If you order a replacement 2T pipe from BETA you will most likely be supplied and Arrow as all the FMFs have been used up for 2018 production and what were left went into spare parts which will be replaced by Arrows once the FMFs are used
  7. Roon

    Beta rr300 piston

    Simple: Do a top end now (new piston/rings/little end bearing), clean up the power valves, replace coolant, replace gearbox oil and then you know its done....relax and go ride Then redo the top end at every 120 to 140 hours from now. Make sure you don't let dust into the motor via a poorly seated and/or torn air filter and the barrel/cylinder will last indefinitely If retaining the oil injection replace the capacitor and diode with new/sealed units, dont judge the condition of the components by looking at the existing heat shrink, Ive seen plenty of capacitors that looked "dry" from the outside, but when Ive cut the heat shrink open, the legs were badly corroded Yes it is normal for the clutch to make a low frequency rattle type sound that disappears when the clutch lever is pulled in
  8. Roon


    HDR, I cant send you a PM so Ill just post his publicly On my way back from the US Im diverting to Hawaii (Oahu) for a couple of days 10th to 13th November, any dirbike rental companies you can recommend? Otherwise Im happy to go surfing and stand up paddle, Ill probably stay on the North Shore somewhere, cheers Cameron
  9. Roon


    HDR can you please message me as I will be visiting Ohau in November, cheers Cameron
  10. I’m doing another one today, MY19 RR480. I don’t do as per Beta instructions, I think it’s easier to do all the rear harness connectors such as ECU, capacitor, start relay, rollover switch etc.
  11. my 2018 XT250 with RR pipe (and jetting) is awesome, plenty of torque with unreal revability and instant response, with less vibes and inertia than the 300
  12. Roon

    Gas tank resting on wire harness

    I covered this last year when the MY18s came out...the MY18+ stock tanks have a recess moulded in the rear to accomodate the wiring harness going over the frame, the IMS tank does not have a recess to allow for the MY18+ harness routing. I just did a MY19 480 with 4 gallon rally tank and rerouted the harnessing before fitting the tank, but now the IMS tanks have "revised" mounting brackets (front and rear) so it may not be necessary. Im prepping another new MY19 RR480 next week with a 4 gallon IMS so Im going to try fitting the tank without rerouting the harness to see if there is enough clearance. If you do reroute your harness please take note that the diode pack and rollover cutout both have the same 6 pin connector. The difference is the rollover switch only has 3 wires connected, whereas the diode pack has all 6 wires connected, could be a trap for young players (or old dogs)
  13. Comparing 2T exhaust and bashplate options (weighed on a calibrated scale in kg - multiply by 2.2 for lbs) Force 2T alloy bashplate 1.12kg Force 2T alloy bashplate with pipeguard 2.48kg P-Tech/Carapaks 2T alloy bashplate with pipeguard 2.8kg B&B Offroad alloy bashplate with pipeguard 3.0kg ProPower Carbon Fibre pipe guard 0.44kg AXP Extreme bashplate with linkage guard 1.24kg AXP and CF pipeguard combo 1.68kg Usually I have run a CF pipeguard and an AXP extreme bashplate, however Im now leaving my pipes exposed (BETA and GasGas 250/300s) and taking the hits when they happen, when the pipes gets really dinged I take them to my local panel shop and he pops them out for a case of adult beverage.
  14. 2019 ZF suspension explained In Italian with English subtitles