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    Switching to Honda

    Ahhh see now I tend to disagree with that. I just made the switch from the 03 YZF to the 05 CRF after spending considerable time on some of my friends 04 CRF's, and my opinion is, that the 05 CRF is wayyyy smoother and more manageable than my YZF ever thought of being. And trust me I was, and still am in a way, a die hard Yamaha fan. I would own a new YZ 250 in a heartbeat...lol I can't say anything about the 05 YZF, as I have yet to ride or even SEE one of these bikes at a local track. They are both good bikes...just different. I happen to like the CRF 450 much better. Just my .02
  2. Just wondering if anyone out there has tried them yet. I am debating on what backgrounds I want to get for my CRF. I have used Decal in the past and have been very pleased with their product. I run a 3 digit number and thought the idea of integrating the airbox sounded like a good idea. Although there isn't a ton of room on the 2005, it would at least look seamless. I was wondering, of those who may have them, how they lined up, from airbox to side panel and overall quality. Thanks!
  3. MX416

    2005 Exhaust Question.

    I am assuming the 2005 exhaust system is different than the 2004 models due to the frame change and other various design changes...correct? Sweet looking Yosh system on E-bay for a 2004...titanium headpipe, carbon canister!!!
  4. MX416

    Powdercoating the hubs

    Where are you guys getting them powered coated and what are the costs? I can do the whole teardown...so it would just be the hubs. Hey Boomer...you know some place in Ohio to get them done?
  5. MX416

    I did a very bad thing today

    I would say it is a personal preference. So you can't go wrong with either one depending on your taste. I think the 4 speed tranny left a little to be desired on the MX track. The gap from 2nd to 3rd was a bit too much...even to over come with gearing change...again...a personal feel. The 5 speed tranny in the Honda is again just easier to use and a better design as far as usability goes in my book. I don't think the Yamaha is faster than the Honda in a straight line...IMHO.
  6. MX416

    I did a very bad thing today

    Coming from a 2003 YZ450 to a 2005 CRF 450, and spending ample amount of time on a few friends 04 CRF 450's, I would have to say that the Yamaha "felt" faster. That "felt" is a big word. Both bikes...basically stock....I found it easier to do things on the CRF...jumps out of corners, turning, and hammering through whoops. The Honda delivers much smoother....period. The Yamaha has a beast of a motor...it has the "hit". I would do allot of the jumps in the same gear as the Honda but would have to work a little harder to get he same result as the Honda. The suspension on the Yamaha is a bit stiff...but after it was broke in, it seemed to work quite well. The Honda broke in much quicker and feels more plush with the same smoothness and bottoming resistence. I will say that the Yamaha tracked nicer and felt better jumping....something I need to work on with my CRF.
  7. I noticed this to...coming from fours years on Yamahas to a 2005 CRF 450. I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day who switched the opposite way that I did. He commented on how the Yamaha felt "jacked up" in the rear compared to the Honda and I said I felt like I was going to slide off the back of my new CRF. I guess it's just something I need to get used to as my sag is set properly and the suspension feels great.
  8. MX416

    Tires: Give me your opinions

    First call for Bridgestone M401 and M402....front and rear combo. This in the intermediate combo and works well on a wide range of conditions and wears very well. M201 and M202 for softer ground....talk about hook up....
  9. MX416

    05 blown fork seals already??!!

    If you haven't had a fork seal go bad on you…you haven't been riding long enough. All a fork seal is, is a formed piece of rubber....time alone can break done rubber. Time, use and the elements we ride in will break them down that much quicker.
  10. MX416

    05 blown fork seals already??!!

    Film method orrrr the end of a tearoff will work to...if you don't have any film handy.
  11. MX416

    05 blown fork seals already??!!

    IMHO....I would just buy the seals and replace them myself..if you have the tools and the technical know how...or someone who might be able to assist you. Fork seals are fork seals regardless of who puts them in...sure there are different manufacturers of seals...but they all work on the same concept. My advice is to make sure you dump the air from the tubes on a regular basis, my '05 CRF had a BUNCH of air in the when I got it and build air very quickly. I put on a set of Motion Pro's pro bleeders...this makes dumping air very quick, easy and fun...lol. And to keep the seals clean..by pulling down the dust seal and keeping the dirt and debris out. Of course throw all of this out the window if you are looking for a re-valve anyway. I personally find the stock CRF suspension quite nice. Hope this helps.
  12. MX416

    Am I the only one still waiting???

    Mine came in today...I was second on my dealers list. I am picking it up on Monday!!!!
  13. I have an 05 CRF on order, I am coming off of an 03 YZ450. The YZ does have great pulling power...the four speed tranny IMHO is not the best thing in the world...maybe it's just the tracks I ride on...but I have ridden on a BUNCH of different kinds of tracks. The CRF ergos suit me better, the suspension out of the box feels better after being set up and the more mellow power delivery make the power more usable. I can also run longer and harder on the CRF than I can on my YZF and I believe it is due to the motor and delivery not being so brutal. I feel that the YZF is a great bike, and I am glad to have owned it, there just happened to be what I feel to be a better bike out there for me.
  14. MX416

    East Coast 05 CRF 450

    Hi there. I'm in Canton. My dealer called and said I should get mine Friday Oct 8th. They got 1, and I'm #2 like you. Are you dealing with Harding? I was also told October 8th would be the ship/release date for the 2nd shipment.
  15. MX416

    East Coast 05 CRF 450

    First one strolled into the greater New Philadelphia, Ohio area this past weekend....unfortunately it's not mine.....but mine is NEXT!!!!