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  1. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    How to check oil level, crf450r

    650 cc of oil on motorside and 750-800cc of oil on tranny- with age these bikes like to consume oil on motorside so keep an eye out. I would recommend a good X ring chain like RK's MXU line as these bikes have a lot of torque and will wear chain out pretty quick. Blue Loctite on the sprocket bolts is recommended as well. Thanks- Eric
  2. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    Crooked KTM handlebars

    Well known problem with the "new" rubber mounted triple clamps on the 16 on XC and SX models. KTM uses a really soft durometer rubber cones and a 10mm bolt to hold down the bar mounts as well as an extremely soft aluminum bar mount. Several companies, including us , are making stronger bar mounts to help combat this problem. https://www.scottsonline.com/Product_Purchase2.php?Bike_ID=7308&BI_ID=1008706 Thanks- Eric
  3. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    Spoiler alert

    OK, I will bite... What bike are we looking at here? There is a lot of stuff there that is confusing me....
  4. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    CRF450L and HPSD Damper

    It looks like we will be getting a bike very shortly but proto type and production time take awhile to complete. If I had to guess at this moment it will be sometime in January before we have finished product.... this precludes us running into any unforeseen issues. Thanks- Eric
  5. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    2004 RM125 help

    Hmm, 2004 RM125 had solid triple clamps with no rubbers. 2005 was the first year of the rubber mounted triple clamps. Thanks- Eric
  6. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    Using 7/8" bar on 1-1/8" bar clamps?

    Run it and have fun!
  7. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    Using 7/8" bar on 1-1/8" bar clamps?

    https://www.scottsonline.com/groupitem.php?Item=3145&Groups=88 Durf was right- This will allow you to run 7/8 bars on the 1 1/8 bar mounts- Thanks- Eric
  8. Eric,

    My 2002 DRZ400E has the stock triples with 7/8" bars. I have your 7/8" bar clamp (#963515) and the post mounted.

    I have Rox 2" risers (7/8" to 1 1/8" fatbar).

    I was told by someone at Scotts the #4200-04 with a reverse arm is the correct stabilzer to get.

    Will there be clearance for the stabilizer?


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    2. RapidDog


      Thanks. I have a friend with the BRP top clamp and I'll try his out today for fitment today.

      May have to use taller risers...

    3. RapidDog


      checked last night

      needs at least another 1/4+ inch to clear.

      next size ROX is 3.5" rise which isn't good.

      Thanks for the response

    4. Eric@ScottsPerformance


      ABout the only other option I can think if is to use the BRP/Scotts tripel clamp with the SUB mount kit and that will raise the bars an inch and let you use the oversized bars.


  9. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    Is this Sprocket OK?

    In the KTM Hard parts catalog they sell the Supersprox stuff. The front sprocket is destroyed and I imagine the chain is shot as well. Normally you want to replace everything as a matched set so they wear at the same rate. If that rear sprocket doesn't show any wear then run it. Thanks- Eric
  10. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    need help ( tranny problem)?

    Oil is grey from the metal that was taken off the bolt or whatever that part wore down inside.
  11. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    21 inches tube in 18 inches wheel

    When we have customers looking for spare tubes to carry with them on a ride we always recommend that they just buy the 21 inch tube that way they can put it in anything. Just have to be a little more carefull when installing it but no performance issues at all. Thanks- Eric
  12. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    Dual sport debacle

    The front D606 tends to cup funny if ridden on pavement a lot. The MT21 works better on street and wears longer, the D606 works better in dirt and is actually a really good Baja tire for guys doing a long ride.
  13. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    Dual sport debacle

    Pirelli makes some real good tires that are are street legal but far more dirt oriented than street. XCMH Scorpion. If you want more street/dirt mid look at a Dunlop 606 or Pirelli MT21. 120x18 in both those tires as they are a small 120. Thanks- Eric
  14. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    2002 Yamaha YZ 125 Build

    Just remember that if the oil is dirty at all, just changing the oil and seals is not fixing the fork. At that point the shim stacks need to come apart and be very carefully cleaned. Also remember that there are different types of 5 weight fork oil. Regular 5 wt is meant for a damper rod fork, not a cartridge fork like you have. Forks and shocks are something I highly recommend taking to a suspension tuner to have done properly. Thanks- Eric
  15. Eric@ScottsPerformance

    2019 KTM 450 XC F

    The 19 XCF and 19 SXF are different motors, frames and plastics. Similar but different. Unless you have an 18 Factory Edition. Its causing us headaches right now as everything looks very similar but not quite the same. Thanks- Eric