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  1. So I've been chasing and erratic idle for a while decided to pull the tank off today and noticed that when I pulled the vacuum line off the petcock fuel dripped out I would think that's not supposed to do that LOL what's your thoughts?
  2. Yeah your rite I'll stick with the stock front. Thanks guys.
  3. Nope 130 I think didnt wanna push it to wide
  4. I just got a new rear tire and everyone recommended one size wider. What do you guys suggest on the front? Bigger or same size. This is mostly street daily driving to and from work
  5. Does anyone use the oe clutch for replacement? I learned my lesson with cars that I've owned. I could never match the factory feel with aftermarket clutches. Maybe bikes are different. I would hate to do all that work and have the clutch act whacky. Hey original poster you didnt switch oils lately did ya? Wierd how everything looks fine. Shouldn't it be completely worn out slipping that bad.
  6. Nah I could turn the extended one In till the engine shut off so it wasn't that. I tried it again and there is a difference between the two for sure. I don't mind the non extended screw at all as long as it runs good
  7. Ok don't ask me why but I used the idle mixture screw off the original bst carb in place of the extended screw and the idle smoothed out nicely. Also my setting went from half a turn to 1.5 turns wich I'm told is correct. Wierd but it worked and I'm happy. I had a problem with an extended screw on another bike in the past so I gave it a shot.
  8. Excellent! I'm tearing into it as I type lol.
  9. I'll try one jet smaller and see what happens. Does that seem odd to you for being at sea level with everything opened up? Lol it's not your carb thats the problem it's my weird ass bike! Should I keep the needle in the same spot?
  10. Hmm where's the idle jet? I know the main jet and the jet that the needle sits in. Not familiar with a separate idle jet. Here's the thing. I can lean the air screw and get it to stall from being to lean. I have it adjusted to rite where it picks up idle plus an 8th. But like I said it's only like 3/4 out. I would think procycle would put in the rite jets but hey accidents happen. There usually on the money though. I run the air box with no cover and the top cut also. Would a large idle jet cause the choke to dump more fuel.
  11. It's also a procycle carb. Didn't mention it cause I didn't wanna make it look like I was blaming them. It's got there setup but I lowered the needle one notch. Also I only need about 1/2 to 3/4 turn out on the idle screw to run properly. I thought that was kinda weird. Any more and it's to rich. I checked for air leaks last night and pulled the choke but everything looks good. The choke is just so sensitive that any time I pull it just a bit the engine just dies. And the idle like I said reminds me of a car with a vacuum leak. Kinda steady for a sec then slight up and down, not a steady beat.
  12. Hi guys, a while back I did the tm40 conversion and ive worked through some minor issues with great results. I'm stuck on two issues I can't figure out. My choke is super sensitive. I only have to pull it like a 16th of an inch to start it. Anymore and it just loads up. If I pull it out slightly when it's warmed it just shuts off. Is it supposed to be this sensitive? I doubt I'm running rich cause I lowered the needle and am only at a 1 turn out on the idle screw. Second problem is my idle isn't as smooth as the stock carb was. It used to be a steady blat blat blat blat blat but now I get a putt putt every 3 or 4 seconds. No matter how I adjust the air screw I still get that slight miss at idle and a slight up and down rpm. I checked for air leaks but nothing came up. I feel like the choke isn't all the way off or something but it's all the way pushed in and it's a brand new carb so ????? Anyone experience any of this? With that said off idle and warmed up riding it's perfect. Just the sensitive choke and idle has me stumped.
  13. Ok so took the cables off and started over. Took some time but I got pretty good not perfect but good. Took all the advice and left the cables slacked and that seemed to help. Still gotta a little rough spot only when running. I almost think it's just engine vacuum holding the slide till it opens enough. No biggie. Thanks again guys. Once again a great product from procycle!
  14. I read that somewhere and tried it but no good. Its rite off idle. If I gas it the throttle will stick about 1/4 open. Maybe they will break in? The factory cables were silky smooth maybe I just got spoiled lol.
  15. So I just installed pro cycles tm40 carb. I'm having a small issue with a throttle cable bind. No matter how i route it the cables still bind and won't let the throttle close. Any ideas? I tried spraying lube down the cable but it didn't help. Any else get a bind from the tm40. Man does this thing have responsiveness now lol. If I can the cables to not bind this will be great set up.