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  1. leakypipe23

    Want to make your Supercross experience even cooler?

    Absolutely! You can google us (and you might even fund an interview with my ugly mug), check out mxforchildren.org, or Facebook.com/mxforchildren Absolutely! Seattle is our "home race"!
  2. leakypipe23

    Legislative friends

    Debate tonight between Rossi and Murray. 7 PM KCTS9 Watch it, then research how many times Murray says something that doesn't match her voting record. Don't turn that into a drinking game, though, you'll be hammered and it's a weeknight.
  3. leakypipe23

    Any Powerlifters on the TT NW section?

    *cough*540*cough* Missed 562 Your boy did great.
  4. leakypipe23

    Looking for a Supercross experience like no other?

    Confirmed: Chad Reed will be back by Seattle and will join Ryan Villopoto as our Meet and Greet guests!
  5. MX for Children presents the Inside Line Experience 2010, benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital. Qualifying fundraisers receive: -Two tickets to the race -A tour of one of the race trailers -A track walk -Viewing of a private practice the day before the race -A meet and greet at the hospital with Team Kawasaki How do you qualify? Easy! Download a fundraising form here and get started! A group in Houston is raising money by selling cupcakes and cookies at races, sweeping starting gates, and working with a local restaurant to get donations. Get creative, have fun, and raise money for sick kids!
  6. leakypipe23

    Any Powerlifters on the TT NW section?

    While I haven't done much riding lately, I have started training to run a half marathon in June. I can tell you that the muscular endurance in my legs is horrible. Training for a single rep max in squat and deadlift is the exact opposite of what I should be doing for running. I am currently trying to figure out the best program to accomplish all of my goals. Specifically the Powerlifting/Strongman section. Some of the strongest people in the country post there. I had a question about Travis Ortmayer's deadlift routine (WSM Finalist), and Travis himself replied. Pretty cool. The rest of that site is pretty much a joke, except for the Misc. section.
  7. leakypipe23

    Any Powerlifters on the TT NW section?

    Sorry, I meant for him to go to the one this weekend just to check it out. They will be lifting off monolifts and most will be suited/shirted, but it would give him an idea of how a meet runs. I'll be pulling raw on March 13th as well. Should be a fun meet. APF is a very equipped-centered fed. There may not be anyone else in his weight class lifting raw.
  8. leakypipe23

    Any Powerlifters on the TT NW section?

    Check out this site: http://www.nwusapl.com/ Don't know much about Oregon, but the active feds in Washington are USAPL, WABDL, andPride Powerlifting APF is also going in Oregon. There is a USPF meet this weekend in Gresham http://wvuspf.com/ I know Mark Bell from SuperTraining will be up for this one. I am doing USAPL WA State Championships meet the 28th up here in Washington. Should be a big meet, make it up and watch if you can. In reference to a post above, just because a fed isn't tested doesn't mean your son will get into that stuff. Drug tests are expensive and some feds decide to skip them. USAPL does test 10% at all meets.
  9. leakypipe23

    Washington Local NW Rider Needs Our Help

    In 2005, Randy Abrahamson was seriously injured while practicing in Longview, WA for the Amateur Nationals. His worst injury was a lacerated liver which tore bile ducts that the doctors can't seem to repair and has made him depressed and he now weighs 125 at 6'2". It has really torn me up to see Randy go from a vibrant, fun loving kid to a dejected soul hoping for a solution to take away the pain. The next option is the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, but that will be a tremendous financial burden for the family. They are great people but struggling to forge on for Randy and stay above the continually mounting medical bills. Please check out hopeforrandy.blogspot.com and Rider Down for more information and a PayPal link and other ways to donate. Thanks!
  10. leakypipe23

    I90 Benefit Thread?

    Go faster? That is a far cry from his attitude about it before! Sweet! Any way to get raffle tickets now?
  11. leakypipe23

    extmotorsports spokane

    So you are mad he doesn't take the info you give him and hop on a dozer and build it to your spec? It is his track! You really have no idea what all the particulars are involved with his track design. Insurance requirements, building a track that is safe and fun for everyone, etc. I can't believe someone is actually taking the time to bitch about a track in their area! You know how many we have in the Seattle area?
  12. leakypipe23

    NMA Enduro Series

    Sara, I have criticized you in the past about bashing the NMA while not stepping up to help. I want to thank you for stepping up and helping out this volunteer organization and doing a great job! THANKS!
  13. leakypipe23

    Twelve days until MX Ride for Children East!

    Six days bump!
  14. leakypipe23

    extmotorsports spokane

    That's funny, I have talked to Josh about five times over the past couple of weeks and every time he has been on a dozer working on the track. I guess it is just luck. Great facility, great people to work with, and this is and extremely crappy way to promote another track in the Spokane area.
  15. August 9th at Extreme in Spokane!