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  1. Looking forward to an epic weekend at an epic event hosted by some really epic people.
  2. mrudy

    New Staging Area for PSER Enduros

    Thanks for the heads up. Where will the classroom portion of the Beginner School be held? Will it be in a building, tent or should we bring our own chair? Thanks! Looking forward to the events!
  3. While laying in bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking about what could possibly be the issue, the possibility that I got the spacers mixed up could be the culprit. That is the only thing I think could be different. Oh and thanks for the info. I think the rotor will be fine.
  4. While laying in bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking about what could possibly be the issue, the possibility that I got the spacers mixed up could be the culprit. That is the only thing I think could be different. Oh and thanks for the info. I think the rotor will be fine.
  5. Ok so no big deal, right? Time to change out the front tire on the WRR, before I remove the front axle, I push on the front brake caliper to widen the brake pads a little to help with the wheel reinstall. I remove the axle and front wheel, change the tire, no problems. Go to put the front wheel back on..... and when I spin the wheel, it doesn't rotate smoothly and I hear a scraping sound (like metal on metal). I look and investigate, remove the caliper, remove the pads, reinstall the pads reinstall the wheel and still get this sound. I looked closer and saw the metal clip/shield that is on the top of the brake caliper where the brake pads slide in, a little bit of the metal piece was hanging out, like maybe 1/32" or less, but it was enough to tick and scrape on the rotor. I removed the metal clip/shield and no more ticking, but the wheel still didn't turn very well. Took it out for a spin and within a mile, the rotor was very hot and there were metal shavings and part of the front disc rotor was shiny, on one side. I'm kind of puzzled as to what makes this front wheel install so special and unlike the 100's I have done in the past on many dirt bikes. What am I missing here? could it be the fork tubes out of alignment? Front brake caliper out of alignment? The brake pads are like new, but are they hosed? I have attached a photo so have a look. Thanks.
  6. Post up your pics and video links to the Almost 25hrs of Starvation Ridge. Total mudfest!!! Here's some of mine from the start. http://mrudy.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Hare-Scrambles/2010-Almost-25hrs-of/14449495_GJjq4 Trav on the run! The mass of runners
  7. mrudy

    24 Hour Race teams needed

    Ha, ha, ha, ha! Yep, it has certainly been worth it. I will have a bike back in the garage sooner or later. Thanks for making me laugh today!
  8. mrudy

    Why Do I Keep Dumping?

    Lower tire pressure usually does the trick for me. But also body position makes a difference, too. Are you counter balancing in the turn (putting your weight on the outside peg)? Between the tire pressure and the counter balancing, you will improve the contact patch of the tire on the surface. This should limit the slips in the turn and also allow you to carry more speed. Good luck.
  9. mrudy

    24 Hour Race teams needed

    F*#&ing divorce will do that to a guy. :foul:
  10. mrudy

    24 Hour Race teams needed

    If any team gets desperate enough in looking for a rider, I am available. Have done this event a couple times a few years ago. Solid amateur rider. The only rub is that I am without a bike (hence the desperate part). Mike
  11. mrudy

    desert 100 start debacle

    Thanks for the run down on what happened, Rob. And I agree, Ricky is one of the fastest racers in the NW and had it been a clean start all the way around, he may have still gotten the holeshot anyway. For all you riders that are complaining about the false start, I have seen several false starts at the Dez 100 ever since I first started going in 1983. One thing my dad taught me was that after I get my start punch or mark on my race tag, be ready for the race to start at any time. Be alert, especially when everyone is lined up on the line. Once something like this happens, whether the organizers try to do something about it or not, it is pretty much mob rule and all of these twitchy desert racers are not going to stop for nothing. I got burned about 15 years ago under the same situation and have learned my lesson ever since. FWIW.
  12. mrudy

    R.I.P Kevin Parks

    Anyone here remember Sean Wilson #131? He was an incredible NMA racer and superb guy that died nearly 10 years ago. I still think about him often and now with Kevin's tragic passing, it really hits me hard. It just reminds me how fragile life can be. Godspeed Kevin.
  13. mrudy

    Anyone at the 25 hour race online, post pics?

    A few pics at: http://mrudy.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Hare-Scrambles/2009-Almost-25-Hr-Race/10164196_8ba2k/1/699403126_LfjrD Some samples: The godfather: Start of the first wave. Super Dave! Farm house Barn REVERUP! Flyin' high at Mile 12 Crud! Blisters! Double crud! Flat!
  14. mrudy

    2010 nma off road schedule

    Years ago, the ISDE's were kept out of the Enduro Series because they weren't really run as ISDE's. Frankly they were a trail ride with a couple of tests thrown in. I remember one in particular where the short course was just 20 miles total mileage. With the AMA changing the enduro format, it is only a matter of time before the NMA eventually does something similar. With that, and if clubs can hold true ISDE events, then certainly ISDE's could find a place in the Enduro Series. As for the manpower. Whoever stated it takes the same amount of man power to put on an ISDE as it does an enduro is smoking something funny. Enduros are incredibly labor intensive and to put on a high class event, takes practically every member of the club and then some. ISDE's can take a bunch of people, too, but frankly isn't as heavy a lift as an enduro. It can be done with less people and less time committed to trail work and mileage. Ride on! Thanks, Tim for tackling the NMA calendar job. You rock, brother!
  15. mrudy

    Shelton Enduro This Weekend!!

    How interesting, that's what I thought, too. Doh! Just kidding.....