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  1. I should have mentioned it was a KLX300.
  2. Bought a 1999 Kawasaki new and thrashed and bashed it for almost 20 years. Along the way I added/replaced stuff on the bike to make it more durable or faster. Very dependable a bike to own. 260 lbs. on a certified scale after I removed some of the stuff it came with and replaced it with items to either make it handle better or go faster.

    Klx 140 leaking gas from carb vents

    That is what I would do also.

    Can-am ?

    I currently own a Polaris. Have been pretty happy with it. I do think that the amount of issues that had to be fixed are a little excessive for the number of hours I have put on it. I will replace it this spring most likely with the Can Am Outlander XT based on the research I have done. One of the things I want on a 4-wheeler is the polymer front and rear decks rather than the metal tube type decks. If Yamaha had polymer decks I would be looking at one of them. Anyway that is where I am at on my choice at this point.

    KLX300R valve source?

    I had my valves replaced along with a Bill Blue bore kit some years back. Kibblewhite were the replacements that Bill used. He told me at that time Kibblewhite had cleaned up their act and fixed a couple of issues and they were pretty reliable. They still in there today without issue.

    Looking at new ATV's

    Was out running around yesterday so I decided to stop at the local Can Am dealer to look at the models on the showroom floor. Of particular interest to me was the The Spar type frame on their product offerings. It looks like they have replaced it with a step ladder type frame. I would think that would be an opportunity to hook on anything that was higher than the ground clearance of the machine. I had thought of adding the undercarriage kit anyway but now I would assume it to be a must. I really like the looks and the power packages they offer but am concerned about this design. I have not looked at any other brands to see how they are built yet.

    Looking at new ATV's

    If I use my new 4-wheeler like I used the old one, denting up the frame would certainly be a possibility. I go with a group to the Colorado Rockies each year and there are plenty of rocks around. Is it just a matter of how it looks or is there structural damage to be concerned with ? I had thoughts of purchasing the protection kit.

    Looking at new ATV's

    Thanks for the input. Based on further research I would probably get the 650 if I went with Can AM and the 570 if Polaris. My current Polaris is a 500 and it has done everything I have ever wanted to do so I am not sure the benefits of buying a larger cc machine. Also what is the deal with the frame mod on the Can Am ?

    need help carb tuning !

    I drilled my air box, removed the air box lid, installed a Four Stroke Works header Pipe, put on a FMF muffler and installed an aftermarket needle and jet kit. With all this done I kept the same pilot jet. Everything ran pretty good for a vacuum slide carb. When it was time for a rebore I put on a Bill Blue 331 kit. Thinking this would call for a step up on the pilot jet I put in the #38. Never could get it to come off idle smoothly. I went back to the #35. I worked with the stock needle position and was able to get it come off idle really well. One thing I did was mark the needle jet/bleed pipe so when I screwed it in it was in the same position each time. This insured the needle set in the same position in the needle jet/bleed pipe each time I changed jets for the altitudes I rode in. By experimenting with the the needle position up or down I was able to tune it to where the motor was very responsive regardless of the altitude. Each bike is different so you have to experiment until you find the sweet spot. The level of your idle speed can also affect how the bike comes off idle. Hope I am not preaching to the choir here. Keep us posted on your progress.

    2007 KLX300R Good beginners bike?

    If she is riding a KDX 200 she won't have much of a problem once she gets use to the additional weight. You can gear the bike to accommodate almost any riding style and any terrain you choose to ride. I bought mine new in 1999 and have made a lot of modifications to it over the years. Probably one of the things I like about it is the suspension travel is close to some of the hotdog race bikes that are out their. The quality of the suspension is not as good but if you do not try to go race bike speeds the control will be fine. If there is a downside the bike has been out of production for 10 plus years and parts will be harder to find as time goes by. If the price is right I think she would be happy with it.

    2006 Klx 250 aftermarket jetting

    Sure made a difference on my KLX300.

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    Nice to see the ladies getting into the sport.

    Tomac is a punk..


    2007 KLX300R Good beginners bike?

    I bought one new in 1999 and still ride it today. It was never made for Supercross but I think it was the best performing bike on the market in the class it was designed to compete against. The starting issue was probably the most annoying aspect of the bike. You can learn how to position everything or you can have your ACR retimed by a member of Thumpertalk at a very reasonable cost and then you can almost kick it over with your hand. Other modifications can be made but that is if you want to and not because you have to.
  15. I currently have a 2007 Polaris Sportsman 500 4-wheeler. It has always been super reliable but does not have power steering. As I transition from two wheels to four wheels (age related) I want a newer model with power steering. Naturally I started my selection process with the Polaris brand. As my investigative process got farther along it seemed like the Polaris brand had let their quality slip. A lot of negative comments regarding the dealerships and Polaris corporate people who have the final say in what is warrantied and what is not. So, I started my research on Can Am's. Not nearly as much negativity but still some there. I know angry consumers can make a mountain out of a mole hill sometimes but also believe where there is smoke there is fire. Anybody out there care to the weigh into this conversation with information or experiences regarding these models or other models ?