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  1. chemfrk

    Ford Bronco's

    if you are interested in more info and alot of straight talk about Broncos, go to www.fullsizebronco.com great site, lots of good people and great mods, Chem
  2. chemfrk

    "I Wanna Ride" commercial

    Ok, Just my .02 worth. 1. I love the commercials,,, both the honda and the yamaha, they do great things for promoting our sport to others,,, especially during televised races,, This is often a time, many kids will be watching,, with their parents,, "wishing" they could be like the big Guys,,, if nothing else,,it sparks discussion As I often tell people we ride with,,, I don't care what you ride,,, just get out and RIDE.... As for the comment that was made earlier about if you don't have a right leg,, should you really be out riding,,, ABSOLUTELY...... I have had the privlidge of serving with and lately helping some of the Greatest people you will meet learn how to ride,, Some missing arms,, 2 missing legs, (Knee down) and yes, both are right leg amputees... They love it,,,it let's them continue to be "just like before" What got us started, was a guy at elsinore,,, he had a prosthetic arm,, and a jersy that said "HOOK" on the back,, man could he ride,,, jump and whip that bike with the best of them... After some friends came back injured, or minus a body part or two, we were sitting around talking, and wanted to give some of them a chance to ride,,, Remembering "Hook" got us going,,, My kids have a friend, 10 yrs old, he lost his leg, from the knee down,,, He skates, (Skateboard) better than most with 2 legs, rides bikes and can climb trees faster than most cats.. I asked his parents if they would be interested in letting him learn to ride,,, they loved the idea, and have supported the whole evolution,,, he is now the main driving force behind alot of these guys (Marines) learning how to ride,, He shows them, yes you can ride,, and ride well with a prostetic,, as for a magic button,, really, who cares,,, JUST GET OUT AND RIDE....
  3. would not suggest freeriding in the area, as mentioned, it is illegal. There is plenty of riding fairly close by SoCal close that is (1-2 hrs drive) Perris, Elsinore, etc... here is a link that will show you all the places in SoCal with numbers and web sites.. fairly accurate, good resource and may even hlp with planning your trip. http://www.dirtwerkz.com/Pages/tracks/southerncaliforniatracks.html Chem
  4. Chevy Cowboy, I agree, especially on a new truck, But for my trailer I wanted the ability to retouch the stuff if need be, Also, cost was a factor, as for around 400.00, i did the ramp, floor and walls 18 inches up, Every quote I got for Rhino, Line-x and Vortex was between 1500-2000, and they all were going to give me a break on the price if I would put a small ad on the side of the trailer and pass out cards for their shops... For a new ride, I would definately go with a pro, it just wasn't cost effective for me on the trailer. Chem
  5. Here are a few more links, http://www.herculiner.com/qa.html http://www.herculiner.com/enghercadduses.html http://4wheeldrive.about.com/od/bedliners/a/HerculinerDIY_3.htm http://4wheeldrive.about.com/od/bedliners/a/HerculinerDIY_2.htm Chem
  6. All, I Misspoke earlier, I used the HERCULINER not duraliner,,, the herculiner allows for some flex, the duraliner is rigid, I edited my previous posts, to lessen any confusion to those that may come across this thread in the future, Chem
  7. Sipe3, Yes, the floor is wood, as well as the walls, For prep on the floor and walls, i went through, removed any metal, diamond plate, etc, taped off the built in "hooks" and masked my height line. I sanded any "compressed" areas in the wood as well as any marks from tires and cleaned any stains as best i could (oil, etc) Prep was actual very easy, medium grit sand paper and a vacuum/air compressor) I then started on all the joints, wall/floor and and akward areas, around the tie down cleats, etc, built up those areas, and then started in the front corner and worked my way back... I will admit, i was kind of nervous about the stuff not sticking to the stains, etc,,, but it has held up fine,,, one of the reasons i went with the herculiner stuff, is because it will adhere to wood,,, some of the other products will not,,,, here is the link, etc Herculiner: http://www.herculiner.com/ let me know if you have any questions, Chem
  8. I have used Herculiner on the inside of my enclosed 8.5x20 trailer, I did alot of research on all the different brands and visited every paint, home store and car parts store in the area,,, hands down the best product was the Herculiner... for a couple of reasons,,, 1. ease of use, i had alot of area to cover and wanted to not lose a significant amount of my life doing this "project", plus my kids 10,12 and 14 were helping 2. duraliner came as a really nice kit, had every thing i needed and more.. 3. you can re-coat Herculiner, most of the other products i found once you were done, you could not recoat it,,,meaning, touch ups later were a no go,,, this stuff bonds it itself, and is flexible, so it will not crack... it will gouge, but not crack,,, 4. you can thin it for use in a spray gun,,, use acetone,, same to clean it up after as well as fix any "mistakes" 5. I could cover vertical surfaces,,, i went 18 inches high for mud/splash protection, 6. the GRIP it gives is incredible,,, no more sliding around, especially of loose cargo. 7. clean up was a piece of cake,,, i let the stuff dry in the paint pan i used and simply peeled it off,,,, I would recommend getting one of those paint mixers you hook to your drill, since the heavier chunks will settle to the bottom of the can fairly quickly...i had to keep stirring it up,, a stick would have been a joke... I plan on using this stuff on a bumper i am having made for my Tahoe,,, better than powder coating, cheaper than line-x rhino or vortex more durable than paint and better grip than anything else out there for the price. just my .02 Chem
  9. got the DVD, this would be my 3rd 1000 and have followed score and the crew for years... I have pitted for a trophy truck last year as well as a class 8 last year unfortunately, due to events beyond my control, my scheduled trip down to watch the race had to be cancelled at the last minute yesterday (one guy inn the hospital coughing up blood, the other had to get flown out to a ship for some "work" Chem
  10. fletcher.... you rock... THANK YOU
  11. chemfrk

    Knee Braces and Broken Legs

    when i broke my tibial plateau (Knee) in my left leg, the orthopedic surgeon was insistant that had i been wearing a brace, especially a good one, I would have broken my femur and my tib/fib.. basicially put,,, the energy has to go somewhere.. do i wear braces now,, yes,, but i also know that if I were to have a major get off again,, my legs will more than likely suffer Chem
  12. thanks, I got the wire racks from Lowe's, all of the shelving i bought from there, the stuff works great and is very modular, I zip tied everything in place to keep the "Oh S*^%$"factor down on rough roads... for the helmet holders, I got the cable/hose holders that clip onto the bottom of the shelves, cut the taps off the back and then cut them in half using my angle grinder, this way i got 2 holders per bracket. I then just screwed them into the paneling on the trailer. I think they ran me 3-4 dollars a piece, this set up allows for your helmet on 1 "Hook" and your goggles, etc on the other,,, Chem
  13. chemfrk

    Wtf Yamaha!!

    CMB#23, that is a frame froma aTTR225, you did not say in your original post what type of bike you had, but unless it was a TTR225, you Got RAPED Chem
  14. chemfrk

    Prior Marines out there post here!

    MSgt 3d Marine Aircraft Wing, NBC Chief/Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Chief, MCAS Miramar= June 05-Present, 1st Marine Division NBC AT/FP Chief, Sept 03-June 05 MCB Camp Pendleton (Operation Iraqi Freedom, 04) Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group, Jan 00-Sept 03 (CJTF-Consequence Management, Sept 01-Oct 02, forward deployed) (Operation Iraqi Freedom, Jan 03-July 03 Marine Aircraft Group 36 MCAS Futenma, Okinawa Dec 98-Dec 99 MCB Kaneohe Hawaii Apr 95-Dec 98 1st Bn 12th Marines, Kaneohe Hi, Aug 89-Apr 95 (Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Task Force Ripper, Taro and Papa Bear...Aug 90-May 91) multiple bear hunts, PTA's, UDP's and general carousing around the globe... Happy Birthday Marines,
  15. Sorry, I forgot to mention it is a 2 wheel drive, from everyone i have talked to, it is supposed to be very easy to do, gives the vehicle a nice lift when you do this and add 2" blocks in the rear. total cost about 400-450 without the labor, Most places I have talked ith said this can be done in your own driveway, if you are fairly mechanical... Chem