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  1. SpLiZaaT

    /04 RMZ 250 Oil Comeing Out Breather Hose

    It was my 05 that had this same problem. EVERYTIME i filled it with exactly 1.3 (sometimes 1.2 as experiment) it'd spill oil. The last time I changed my oil, I tipped the bike as far to the right as possible without letting go and started her up -- didn't drip. Although I haven't run it since then...
  2. SpLiZaaT

    What oil?

    <--castrol actevo 10w40. In my streetbike and my dirtbike. Cheap (3.95/quart) and SUPER easy to find. Works great.
  3. SpLiZaaT

    Problems ???

    Sounds like jetting and possibly turn up the idle?
  4. SpLiZaaT


    I would suggest the aftermarket poly bushings vs the stock rubber ones. Applied makes a set. I went to the track today and for the second time, after falling, the bar mounts actually twist the bars so they appear crooked until you undo the two punch bolts and realign the bars...for sure get a set of stiff applied bushing!
  5. SpLiZaaT

    How can i check if valve seats are worn?

    That requires taking off the head though right?
  6. SpLiZaaT

    Nothing but problems...05 kx250f

    OK so they asked me to bring it back in and kawasaki took care of me. The bike seems to be running flawless -- they've explained a couple procedures to me and seems to be working so far. Took it to the track today after work and that power that it first had is back. I can't wait to take it riding at the track again this sunday! I take back everything I said about the KXF....if you have the chance to ride one, do it! And I can't forget to mention the unreal deal I got on it through the dealership...wahooooooooooo Lol.
  7. SpLiZaaT

    Nothing but problems...05 kx250f

    wow -- that's very strange. One of the times that it puked, it was while it was on a triangle. The second time i was standing next to it holding it straight up....
  8. SpLiZaaT

    Rear sprockets are they worth it?

    by going 13/49, you noticed quite a bit of top end loss though correct? WHat kind of riding do you do? I ride woods mainly, now discovering track, and have heard it's a good idea to go +2 in the rear...anyone running only +2?
  9. SpLiZaaT

    Does wheels on a rm125(05') fit the RM-Z250..??

    Look up the part numbers for the rims in microfiche -- if they are the same, they're the same rim....if not, then most likely not.
  10. SpLiZaaT

    Nothing but problems...05 kx250f

    I'm giving it a fair chance, I hope this bike turns out to be sweet. I can tell you from riding it in 5 hours, I will never go back to a 2stroke 125.....The power is incredible, and the ergonomics are great as well. After just a couple hours in this saddle, I've already progressed.... I will take the lean thing into consideration during next oil change for sure. I appreciate the help.
  11. SpLiZaaT

    Nothing but problems...05 kx250f

    They started it up and it didn't do anything So they rode it for 10 minutes and I took it back home. I am going to do an oil change before riding this sunday and see if it happens again. If not, i am going to be super happy... if it does, I will be video taping just in case. It's hard to explain and sometimes it's easier with video. Thanks for the words guys...i'll double check the vent hose for clogging or kinks and make sure nothing is obstructing. Until next time, thanks
  12. SpLiZaaT

    Nothing but problems...05 kx250f

    Absolutely right! The rate at which I post online has everything to do with how well I know motorcycles. Didn't take care of it? I've had the bike for a month, ridden it about 5 hours, and already changed the oil and filter twice....what's not to take care of? The thing isn't even finished being broken in yet.
  13. SpLiZaaT

    Nothing but problems...05 kx250f

    Oh ya, and everytime i change the oil, i pull both drain bolts and change the oil filter. ALL oil is out and I fill it with EXACTLY 1.3L using a ratio right -- PURPOSELY underfilling at first and it STILL spit last time
  14. SpLiZaaT

    Nothing but problems...05 kx250f

    I haven't ridden the thing outdoors yet -- only indoor small tracks. I don't have a pressure washer, only use a hose...bike has been on it's side once when i fell and quickly picked it back up. Water level hasn't changed since i bought it, and when draining the oil, there's no gas - coolant, water or milky oil -- the oil is perfectly clear. I already figured the moisture in the breather tube is cuasing it to spill milky, but WHY is it spilling? Also, if it was overfilled ONCE, it wouldn't keep spilling oil. AND, if it was spewing to level out the crankcas epressure, why was it "bogging" down the next morning until half a lap around the track? Kind of sketchy...still no word from the shop.
  15. SpLiZaaT

    exhaust systems for KXF/RMZ250?

    I am putting CHM exhaust on mine. Not only is the cost of an ENTIRE CHM system equal to a pro circuit canister, you get the SAME performance (according to that one magazine's roundup) and it's got a stainless steel header = less dentage!