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    Riding and maintaing my XR, hope to get a 600R sometime soon

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  1. Coopz The XR Man

    xr250r mods your and mine

    '95 XR250R 277cc 77mm wiseco 10.5:1 Stock Aus Jetting No snorkel FMF Megamax II B&B bashplate Ballards sorted Fr & Rr Suspension Wide pegs, Raised seat foam, Bar risers 15/47 gearing, good for 120KPH
  2. Coopz The XR Man

    How fast is yours?

  3. Coopz The XR Man

    Is the 1988 XR250 frame the same as a 95 model

    G'day mate, The 88 frame won't have the provision for the rear brake master cylinder and resivor. Also i think the brake pedal pivot may be different I have a spare 94 frame i plan on doing the same with one day Good Luck
  4. Coopz The XR Man

    XR400 Dash

    There spares on the 400, The 650L uses the same dash and uses the other two lights
  5. Coopz The XR Man

    xr 600 tank on a 250

    there were mods in the day to put the 250R tank and seat onto the 600, but never heard of anyone going the other way
  6. Coopz The XR Man

    Setting up 95 250 Forks

    Fellas, Im wanting to set my forks up a bit better. Im 95KG without gear (210Lb's) At the moment i'm running stock springs with 23mm spacers to bump up the preload (I know, wrong thing to do ) and oil at highest recommended level. Shock is set up with heavier spring and oil (works well) works well everywhere (even on big landings off banks jumps etc.), until i attemt to climb hills. Has an annoying tendancy to bounce me off line when hitting even small trail trash (small roots, washouts) when on steep climbs, usually ending up with my front wheel in the air and me ending off the side of the track, in the trees, upside down, with the bike pinning me down They're 41mm cartridge forks with no rebound or compression adjustments (High tech, i know..) running 10w oil stock. Will correct weight springs and running highest oil level fix this problem? Where is the best place to buy springs? Cheers
  7. Coopz The XR Man

    XR 400 Bogging/Dying on Water Crossings...Why?

    A bloke here has an 03 XR250 and was having the exact same problem it turned out to be a dodgy kill switch, disconnect it and see if there is any difference
  8. WOW! You've got a lot of work ahead of you
  9. Coopz The XR Man

    top end ticking - xr250

    The 96 on bikes have the auto decompressor as part of the cam assembly so there is no outside cable. So yes, your bike does have an auto decompressor
  10. Coopz The XR Man

    1986 xr250r oil leak

    You'll need to remove the tappet cover. Once removed there is a pin that holds the decompressor arm into the cover, remove this. The decomp. arm should now slide out. Replace seal and reinstall arm You will need a new seal and tappet cover gasket.
  11. Coopz The XR Man

    Wheel bearing recommendations XR250L

    Take the old bearings to your local bearing supplies and get new ones with double seals (SSU)
  12. Coopz The XR Man

    Just got myself a 1988 XR250R

    Wheel bearings. Easy to check your swingarm bearings, up on the stand, take off the wheel, grab swingarm at the very end and try to wiggle it side to side
  13. Coopz The XR Man

    2002 XR400 Not Starting

    after you remove your main jet, take out the emulsion tube that the jet screws into. there are fine holes that clog up easily, and stop the bike from running ive cleaned carbs 10 times and only got it to run after the 10th time!
  14. Coopz The XR Man

    XR250L Auto decompressor

    2-3mm according to my haynes manual
  15. Coopz The XR Man

    1985 XR350 saved from the scrapheap

    Great minds think alike!