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  1. ARcrf450

    So Hard To Choose!!!!

    Out of all the companies that you listed,try on what fits best.I was shopping for gear and tried out a few different brands and ended up with thor cause it fit me best.When I bought a helmet, I did the same thing and settled on a shoei cause it was so comfortable.
  2. ARcrf450

    twinair washing cover

    Get the twin air.Ive had mine for a couple of years and is still in great shape.Keeps the water out all the time.
  3. ARcrf450

    Workout Energy...

    Give Driven a try. mrm-usa.com
  4. ARcrf450

    Official: Best Tire Prices on the Internet Thread!

    I was just there a couple of days ago and picked up 2 dunlop rear 952's for $82.
  5. ARcrf450

    oversized bar mounts

    applied racing.
  6. ARcrf450

    Cams. Are they worth it?

    Crower, can you use regular 91 pump gas with your sportsman kit?
  7. ARcrf450

    Which exahust?

    Did you have to rejet?
  8. ARcrf450

    ACL reconstruction surgery!?

    My repaired knee felt fine after my first ride at the 6 month mark.I took it easy but still was dabbing my foot cause of natural reaction without even thinking about it.My leg wasnt to sore afterwards but the rest of my body was beat.
  9. ARcrf450


    Out in here in california I found it in a local albertsons store. I buy and use it all the time.
  10. ARcrf450

    arm pump

    Check out racerxill.com for some info.They have something on arm pump.
  11. ARcrf450

    Please Help!!!!

    Maybe it could be your bike setup.Such as suspension to stiff.Just throwing out ideas.
  12. ARcrf450

    arm pump

    A good suspension setup,exercising,and riding a lot.
  13. ARcrf450

    What Mulit-vitamin

    Right now i'm using gnc mega men sport.
  14. Rocky Mountain is good.
  15. ARcrf450

    Which HR monitor to buy?

    I have a polar also.It works great.