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  1. This guy finished 8th out of 240 at the TKO race 1 on a YZ250. Maybe a YZ250X? I have a YZ250 and a KDX200 and the KDX is better at tight technical but not by much. I like 12/52 gearing on my YZ. Best YZ mod for me is softening the forks with a KDX spring and a DIY revalve that didn't cost anything. I also use an 18" rim with gummy tires. Mine is a 98 which is tame compared to newer ones and the only engine mod is a flywheel weight.
  2. slowmoto

    Rimlocks for tubeless set-up??

    I run a tubless trials rim on my YZ125 and it has no rimlocks. I don't think you can have tubeless and rimlocks. There's a trials rim that has no spoke holes and the spokes are on a flange. A flat trials tire on a tubeless rim is impossible to unmount with tire irons. You need a bead breaker. You can ride slow with a flat but it is possible for the tire to come loose just like on a car.
  3. slowmoto

    YZ500 for 2019? Is it real?

    There is a 500cc KTM conversion kit that you can get on the waiting list for $6000.
  4. slowmoto

    How to paint plastic engine covers

    I'm going to paint my 99 YZ125 cover. I already painted my 98 YZ250 cover and it looks so much better. I just cleaned it and spray painted with rustoleum hammered gray which is tough and holds up to boot scuffing. It doesn't have the logo though. For the 125 I am going have a red logo. Method I am going to use is clean, spray paint logo red then fill recessed logo with watered down elmers glue. Then sand smooth, paint and peel out glue.
  5. slowmoto

    GPI rads

    I have GPI on my 99 YZ125. A spigot had to be modified/bent to fit for clearance issue. Had to modify overflow fitting for clearance issue. Cap is difficult to take off so I used stock cap. Otherwise happy with GPI. I have a theory that whoever makes GPI also makes Mylers.
  6. slowmoto

    YZ125 Wheel Offsets for Lacing

    The rubber band is about a quarter inch thick so it is very durable.
  7. slowmoto

    YZ125 Wheel Offsets for Lacing

    There is a rubber band to seal but I've always had them leak and have to use sealant. Better design is with a flange.
  8. slowmoto

    YZ125 Wheel Offsets for Lacing

    Do you know others running a trials tire with no tube? Not talking about Tubliss.
  9. slowmoto

    YZ125 Wheel Offsets for Lacing

    I don't like 19 and want the bigger selection of tires with 18. I swap wheels between my YZ125 and 250. One has a rim from a KDX200 and the other has a Morad trials rim. I might be the only one riding a MX bike with a tubeless trials tire.
  10. slowmoto

    YZ125 Wheel Offsets for Lacing

    I laced up an 18 inch rim on my 1999 YZ125 using Tusk spokes and all the spokes had the same bend and length so I laced them up with no offset. Rides fine.
  11. slowmoto

    98 YZ250 46mm kyb front fork options

    I have the same forks and modified them for woods with my only costs were oil, new bottom out bumpers and new seals. I weigh 150 and like stock KDX200 forks while most people don't. I had an extra pair of KDX200 springs and used them in the YZ forks with some filing down of the plastic spring guides to make them fit. I took out some shims and rearranged others and now the forks feel good in the woods. If your forks are too harsh, try lighter springs and revalving. I used these instructions as a guide but didn't follow exactly. https://advrider.com/f/threads/yz250-woods-build.1034442/
  12. slowmoto

    2001 YZ250 Yah, they are still hot!

    Here's a 98 for you half an hour away. If you can get it for $800 and spend another $1000 on it, it would be a nice bike. https://offerup.com/item/detail/536729160/ Probably never seen the dirt and wheelies forever on the street! My 98 is a great bike except the stock forks are terrible for woods. The only part I couldn't find is a new powervalve to replace the worn out one. I was able add more metal to the worn out stops.
  13. slowmoto

    The Kenda AMA Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro

    The organizers really need to use checkpoints to prevent course cutters. At least a dozen riders were witnessed cutting the course in race 1.
  14. slowmoto

    The Kenda AMA Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro

    I decided to stay home for this race along with 40 others who DNS. A buddy who last year finished the first race in an hour and a half, this year took 2 hours 20 minutes so I know it was a lot harder this year with all the rain Friday night. Here are the results. Looks like no amateurs made it to the final. https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1578086
  15. slowmoto

    Big chinese radiators for Beta rr

    I have GPI rads they look just like Mylers without the cross brace. I wonder if they rebrand them. They work fine but needed a little spigot bending to fit.