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  1. slowmoto

    taming KX100 for woods & 1st two-stroke

    Your son is going to outgrow that bike quick! I'm 5'4" and my KX100 is too small for me. Stock the riding position is cramped. I had to install Rox Riser and move the pegs back to make it comfortable. I use a 60 tooth rear sprocket to make up for the lack of low end. Chain guide has to be modified. Flywheel weight helps, reed spacer doesn't, timing doesn't make any difference. A lowered, woods modified YZ125 would be a better bike that he will never outgrow. I have one and now almost never ride the 100.
  2. I bought one recently from ebay for a second seat project. It was $22 for a used 20x14 equestrian pad. Several years ago I bought a thicker one off ebay that I use on my current seat.
  3. I'm 5'4" and need my seat extra low on my YZ250 since I like running tall trials tires. I use gel material and it never bottoms or wears out even after several years. http://www.actionproducts.com/home-medical/mattress-overlays/mattress-overlay.html
  4. slowmoto

    2001 YZ 125 Lowering link

    I have a 99 YZ125 and a 98 YZ250 that I lowered using links from different year YZ. I looked for ones on ebay that had more space between the bearings than the stock ones. It also made the shock softer. I'm 5'4" and also slid forks up, lowered subframe and have custom low seat.
  5. slowmoto

    Free bike

    We had a warm spell over here and I was getting my YZ cold started with some effort but now we have below freezing overnight temps and I couldn't get it started until I think I found the trick. 4-5 quick kicks in a row. This is probably one of the reasons they went to the longer kickstarter.
  6. slowmoto

    Lets learn more and reduce our risks about Chinese bikes

    I think the Chinese regard motorcycles as disposable items. They are not interested in selling parts because they expect you to buy a new one, ride it until it doesn't run anymore, then throw it away. They are good for tinkerers and guys who like hunting down parts. You have to enjoy working on your own bike because I don't know of any mechanic who will touch Chinese bikes, including suspension. Since you are in Atlanta, go to Motor Wholesale on Jimmy Carter and talk to the parts guy. He told me they would change things around on production runs so you couldn't just order a part number and expect it will work. Here's an interesting link showing how a Chinese copy of a Yamaha engine is not an exact copy. http://andrewgore.net/1274 Aftermarket parts is where the Chinese shine. I've gotten some great deals on ebay shipped from China for my Japanese bikes. Radiators, fork protectors, levers, carbs, steering stabilizers, etc.
  7. slowmoto

    Free bike

    Try advancing the timing to make it easier to start. Free and easy to try. My 98 YZ250 after a new piston and cylinder replate has more compression and I have a hard time getting it started in cold weather. I just can't seem to kick and get it cranking fast enough. The short lever doesn't help. Using your toes on the lever helps getting a fuller kick. I ordered a used YZ450F kick lever which is much longer and should help me starting it.
  8. slowmoto

    1998 YZ250 Running Weird

    Take off the head, pull off the cylinder, inspect the cylinder plating, piston, powervalve, check for crank play, push down on the flywheel to check for main bearing play. I bought mine for $570 and it ran after connecting a broken wire. Compression was low so I put in a new piston. Got about 10 fun hours of riding when it started to get noisy. I really enjoyed riding it so I rebuilt the engine, suspension etc. spending about $1000 in parts. I got another 30 hours fun riding until it winter came and it became almost impossible to start. Once it got started it ran fine. The stator had some burnt looking wires when I got it, so now I am waiting for a new stator to arrive. You can't expect to buy a good running 20 year old MX bike for $500. Expect to end up spending $2000 if you want it to run and look like a new bike.
  9. slowmoto

    1998 YZ250 Running Weird

    I have the same bike and after I totally rebuilt the engine it doesn't make that rattling sound. Check to see if your piston is hitting the power valve. On mine the stops were worn out and it over rotates and hits the piston. Easy way to check is to pull the pipe, look at the piston for scrape marks. A bike that old needs to have the head pulled for a complete inspection.
  10. slowmoto

    KX100 info/experiences wanted

    5'6" is too tall for a KX100. I'm 5'4" and it is too small/cramped for me without Rox Risers and moving the pegs back. A YZ125 will be better and he won't outgrow it. The KX100 has a bigger power hit and if you are too big, it is easy to loop out. I have both bikes and the YZ is easier to ride and the 100 is a glorified pit bike to me.
  11. slowmoto

    Free bike

    I have a 1998 YZ250 I bought for $570 and got it running good. I ignored the cosmetics until it was mechanically sound. Rebuilt motor, suspension, etc. My powervalve had worn out stops so if you don't fix that it can ruin a new piston and cylinder replate. I found a way to repair the stops but new ones can be bought at bikebandit.com Since the weather turned cold I have had trouble starting it and might have to look into having the stator rewound.
  12. This guy finished 8th out of 240 at the TKO race 1 on a YZ250. Maybe a YZ250X? I have a YZ250 and a KDX200 and the KDX is better at tight technical but not by much. I like 12/52 gearing on my YZ. Best YZ mod for me is softening the forks with a KDX spring and a DIY revalve that didn't cost anything. I also use an 18" rim with gummy tires. Mine is a 98 which is tame compared to newer ones and the only engine mod is a flywheel weight.
  13. slowmoto

    Rimlocks for tubeless set-up??

    I run a tubless trials rim on my YZ125 and it has no rimlocks. I don't think you can have tubeless and rimlocks. There's a trials rim that has no spoke holes and the spokes are on a flange. A flat trials tire on a tubeless rim is impossible to unmount with tire irons. You need a bead breaker. You can ride slow with a flat but it is possible for the tire to come loose just like on a car.
  14. slowmoto

    YZ500 for 2019? Is it real?

    There is a 500cc KTM conversion kit that you can get on the waiting list for $6000.
  15. slowmoto

    How to paint plastic engine covers

    I'm going to paint my 99 YZ125 cover. I already painted my 98 YZ250 cover and it looks so much better. I just cleaned it and spray painted with rustoleum hammered gray which is tough and holds up to boot scuffing. It doesn't have the logo though. For the 125 I am going have a red logo. Method I am going to use is clean, spray paint logo red then fill recessed logo with watered down elmers glue. Then sand smooth, paint and peel out glue.