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  1. tirebiter

    DaveT Get Off Your Arse and Ride, Saturday 8/8/2009

    I gotta spare 450, you got insurance???
  2. tirebiter

    DaveT Get Off Your Arse and Ride, Saturday 8/8/2009

    Lee & I'll be at the SS staging area at about 8, look forward to riding with you folks!
  3. tirebiter

    Won't Start After Repairs

    Cap off the plug???
  4. tirebiter

    New here.

    Hi Jerry, Most of the A-holes that post from the N.Ca area are great dudes, no matter how much BS goes on. Sift thru the nonsense till ya get the hang. BTW, Welcome, hope to see y'all soon!
  5. tirebiter

    Foresthill Friday July 3th - "Beer scramble" RIDE

    Bring plenty of water in case you folks have problems, gonna be warm. Take your time & use team work. Those trails have been used for many decades, no one's skeleton's been seen hanging in the trees- that alone is a testament to 5's survivability.
  6. tirebiter

    dmv fees!!

    As a matter of fact, yes. BTW, should be a question mark instead of an exclamation at the end of your sentence.
  7. tirebiter

    2003 300 mxc rear axel nut size

    Try 1 1/16", works on my 04 and 05.
  8. tirebiter

    HT Racing 355 kit into an 03 250EXC

    I've had the HT 355 kit in my scoot for almost 3 years now, totally reliable & I highly recommend it. Transforms the bike into one perfect woods scoot- revs like the 250, pulls like a 450. Try 14/52 gearing, works great with the 355.
  9. 40 hrs is not excessive for an 04. If your still on the stock valves, I'd at least check the intakes every other ride.
  10. tirebiter

    pro circuit or fmf

    Pro circut is top quality stuff, you never know with FMF. If your looking for more power, less noise and no re-jetting, check out Leo Vince. Superb stuff. BTW, don't always follow what your friends are using, do your own thing based on what your really looking for- might save ya some bucks & headaches in the long run..
  11. tirebiter

    Foresthill Friday July 3th - "Beer scramble" RIDE

    Seems I remember someone sayin' "Your going the wrong way!" Next time we'll see if we can get a tad better organized..
  12. tirebiter

    Foresthill Friday July 3th - "Beer scramble" RIDE

    The adventures of buckaroo banzai!
  13. tirebiter

    Foresthill Friday July 3th - "Beer scramble" RIDE

    Shoot, that was one fine ride today! Nice to meet you Robert & Josh and always great seeing you again Bob. I started taking trail pics early in the ride, but my so-called rechargeable batteries (That I just charged the night before) took a dump after a few shots. Mr. bigbootie was kind enough to gimme a pair of AA's after the ride, so here's some pics.. Proof of life! Da Big bobber hisself.. Mr Bootie Norcal- musta been a boy scout, sucker brought his own porta potty! Anyways, dang near 50 miles at 58 yrs old- STILL a ton O' fun!! You folks have a nice evening, I'm gonna go soak my head...
  14. tirebiter

    Foresthill Friday July 3th - "Beer scramble" RIDE

    Don't get all het up & get yer panties in a wad, Bob'll show- I got 50 bucks say'n he does. Any takers??
  15. tirebiter

    Standard Shock settings.

    Fork: Compression 20, rebound 21. Shock: Compression 15, rebound 22. Here's the 06 EXC owners manual. https://www.ktmdealer.net/uploads/models_tech_datasheets/8403F3_OM_EN.pdf