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  1. zderekv


    Not really sure what you're reading into his response but he's 100% correct. If you didn't like the way he responded to you I'd recommend staying away from Town Square, KTM vs threads or anything regarding which oil to use. Your skin may not be thick enough yet for the responses you'll get.
  2. What about an 85cc 2stroke? Smaller and lighter but still makes good power if you ride somewhat aggressively, which by the sounds of it she has covered. I'd cut the seat foam before lowering the bike. It will give you the added stand over without messing with geometry.
  3. zderekv

    96 cr250r

    I assume the bike is new to you. Are you sure it runs "great"? Start with a new plug and a clean air filter. Then have at the air/fuel screw (could be fat which would prevent a good idle). Record where your mixture is for reference later. Next I'd check for vacuum leaks and lastly a clogged silencer. Then adjust everything to factory settings. Get everything up to snuff before chasing adjustments. Let us know how you make out. Good luck.
  4. zderekv

    Apollo RFZ 125 ?

    This guy's in Boston http://www.powerdirtbikes.com/dirt-bikes
  5. zderekv

    Jackpiner in Craigslist

    Yep. Been there. Had to kick it before I got on so I could use my right leg.
  6. zderekv

    Service shop ripoff? Advice?

    If the rest of the bike is tight try to negotiate a better price on the labor and be done with it. It's really the only logical choice other than doing the labor yourself. You're already into the bike for the purchase price so if you ditch the bike or leave it to the shop to cover their labor your out that money and have no bike. So now you'd be looking to replace that bike for the $900 or so they want to charge you in labor. I'd try to get the labor down to $750 and ride the wheels off that bike without having to worry about it.
  7. zderekv

    Yamaha vs KTM/Husky

    This whole my bike is better than yours argument is getting old. Face it - if you suck as a rider it doesn't matter what bike you ride. Just like if you're a good rider it doesn't matter what bike you ride. The only time any of this BS matters is when your sitting in the staging area lying about how fast you are or bench racing on the Internet with a bunch of other people lying about how fast they are. I own blue and I own orange. Love 'em both. Am I faster on one than the other? Yes. Which one? Which ever one I'm riding at the time.
  8. zderekv

    Yamaha vs KTM/Husky

    Just like throwing breadcrumbs at the park, all the pigeons come out for a Yamaha vs KTM thread.
  9. zderekv

    Thoughts on this 1999 YZ 250?

    How is the condition of your quad? All things being equal I'd (personally) take the bike. But then again, this IS the Yamaha 2 stroke forum so opinions may be a bit bias.
  10. zderekv

    Made a mistake today, don't be like me

    Should have known better than to post this on an orange forum. Bias much? LOL! For what it's worth, I ride blue and I ride orange and I'll let you in on a little secret - the suspension hype, ya, it's for real. The SSS stuff blows the WP stuff out of the water.
  11. zderekv

    Chain problem!?!?

    I think he means flip them front to back, so the "Tusk" is at the rear and not against the adjuster. You could patch another full link in there also or if it's getting near time to replace the chain just buy a longer chain. I usually buy a 120 link and shorten as needed.
  12. zderekv

    Cannot find kyb shock shaft nut

    http://www.showlowmotorsports.com/productDetail.htm?productId=23570615 Any suspension tuners in your area? They could probably help you out too.
  13. Probably the only time the bike gets worked on other than its annual checkup at the dealer.