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  1. tl1000rlt

    Creative Uses for Old Helmets

    Leaving trash out on the trails just leads to more closeures and an eyesore for the rest of us.
  2. tl1000rlt

    Extinctinction of the youth...

    It doesnt take a fortune to get started unless you follow the board to much. I bought a nice 03 YZ450 for 1000 bucks off EBAY and drove 200 miles to inspect, then haul home. I then purchased a Thor Force Superlight on clearance (100) Smith goggles (20) Fox Comp 5 boots(175) Fox Titan Jacket (139) and clearance Fly gloves (9) over a couple of months. Then I replaced piston and cam chain, I think that was around 300. Then new tires some time later. Thats my setup and I like it. It works and it kept me on budget. As far as riding, I go a lot so it was cheaper to buy a working membership at the MX track for 250 and flag 2 or 3 race days. We go to the track because trails a virtually non existent in WI And the trails there are have two way quad traffic. (not safe) For fuel cost I team up with my son or my one friend that rides and we split gas. It comes to about 30 apiece and that includes munchies and some bev's when we are done. Thats really not that much money if you budget for it. I know this is a little off the OP's orig. topic but I wanted to demonstrate how we were able to do it on a budget. As far as kids riding there are plenty at the track. Especially on race day. Most of them are on brand new bikes and little KTM 50's that Prolly cost more than my entire setup. They are transported to the track in the finest toy haulers money can buy...you get the picture. So if you are a young person who works to pay for their own way, I applaud you, and you are exactly the right person to be our front man or ambassador to todays youth. You can use the example I shared to get your friends into the sport. Show them a way to afford it even if you have evolved on to newer and better things. Untill then keep doing what you are doing and keep talking about it.
  3. When you guys are using MX bikes for trails and slower tech riding how do you keep them from overheating? Are you using larger radiators? Can you mod the water pump to move more water at lower rpm's? I am curious as I might move in this direction.
  4. tl1000rlt

    Any 40+ guys here?

    46 here, been riding since I was 7. I also took 20 yrs off and came back 3 years ago on a YZ450. I mostly ride on MX tracks cause of the lack of options in my area but its great fun. I figure after the next "Big One" I can re-evaluate and drive for the trails. I also would be interested in a 40+ header. It seems like it would be a popular ongoing topic.
  5. tl1000rlt

    Best wife ever!

    There it is. There it is right there. The magical moment someone tries to steer the thread to 2t vs 4t. Im so lucky. But not as lucky as our OP, he's got himself a great gal and a new bike. Lets see some pics.
  6. tl1000rlt

    Are these decent boots?

    Rocky Mtn and motosport have similar policies.
  7. tl1000rlt

    Are these decent boots?

    They look good. There are several options in starter boots and in that price range you can order two different models. At motorcycle superstore you order the two pair and which everone feels the best you keep. It cost 6 bucks to send the others back and the initial shipping is free.
  8. tl1000rlt

    Best tire combo suggestions?

    I run on a groomed clay and loam track with some imported sand here and there. I wanted a rear to last so I went with the MX71 and its working good. For the front I stuck with the MX51 for better bite and even out the tire wear. I know this is not racing smart, but I dont, and Im looking to stay on some sort of budget. Love them on my 450.
  9. tl1000rlt

    Thoughts on Gear

    I dont even know Happy Seal. Never noticed him till the hate mail came. I mainly wanted to make the point that for beginners and poor peeps like me, there are solid options in gear that dont break the bank. Most of us are on a budget that has to be balanced with gear, bike, maintenance, track fees or memberships, and the rising cost of fuel. This is an expensive deal for most and I would rather see someone with a balanced set of gear rather than going without untill they can get the most expensive stuff available. Lets not shame anyone out of wearing gear they can afford.
  10. tl1000rlt

    Thoughts on Gear

    Everyone wants to be able to afford the best gear on the market but some cannot. Thats why we get post about what gear to buy for a beginner and what gear to buy on a budget. I responded to one of these post with a suggestion to buy a good quality boot from a reputable manufacturer and also that it would take longer for them to break in. If that didnt work for them they would have to buy a hinged boot, of which there is more than one choice. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/976731-whats-the-best-way-to-break-in-fox-boots/ Then I got a private message from someone that has more money than common sense. This is a copy of that message from someone named Happy Seal, titled "Go &%$#@! yourself." Sent 24 August 2012 - 08:49 PM &%$#@! off you miserable puke! Buy now or pay later! Your feet are more important than just about other part of your body! It's worth buying good boots for! I say, buy the best gear you can afford, but if you cant afford the most expensive gear on the market, get what you can afford and have fun riding. As someone who cannot afford the most expensive stuff on the market I am extremely offended by the comments of Happy Seal. Better advice is to ride within your limits and wear the gear you can. I love motorcycling and will not be limited by the fact that I cannot wear G boots. A copy of my reply to Happy Seal and his offensive private message. Sent Today, 09:50 PM I still think you are an uneducated idiot. Some of the less expensive boots provide good protection including the fox comp series. You think you are an expert but you are not. The manufactures of the safety products available to us spend more in research than you make. You do a diservice to all "noobs" by telling them to buy products they cannot afford, thus forcing them to go without due to the fact that they dont want to "waste money" on inferior equipment. They would be better off wearing what they can afford than waiting for the hi line product. Put more effort into thinking about whats best for them than your personal preference and directing insults to those who do not share your beliefs. Ride to have fun and stay safe in the best manor you can. Sorry for the rant but we see this time and time againand I really think it is a diservice to the folks that just cant afford the "Top of the Line Products"
  11. tl1000rlt

    Which Helmet

    I agree with holding off for awhile to buy gear. It will get cheaper and move into the clearance sections. For helmets Dennis Kirk Has awesome clearance now.
  12. tl1000rlt

    Baja 1000 vs Tour de France

    I say go to your local MX track and ride 20 laps keeping consistent time with you first lap. Then rest for a week and go back with the bicycle of your choice and do 20 laps, again keeping consistent time with you first, and get back to me. HA. I dont think there is anyone on this board that could ride the tour in twice the alotted time, but thats just me.
  13. What model of fox boots do you have? If they are comp 5 it will take awhile to break in but after that first 10 rides you will like them or need to go to a hinged type of boot.
  14. Thats piss poor advice. If you have nothing positive to add to the discussion stfu. If only you could see how simple minded and childish you sound.
  15. tl1000rlt

    Fixing a fuel tank.

    I agree, the impregnation will make it next to impossible.