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    I already got a nice lady at the local DMV to help me thats why I have a green sticker on my bike right now. The main office in Sacramento sent me a letter that says its a non complying off-road vehicle.
  2. funktree

    Gatorade in the radiator

    urinating in the radiator worked for those kids in the movie Red Dawn when the russians attacked, so its gotta be good enough for dirt bikes
  3. funktree


    I bought a canadian WR426 last year. First california wouldnt let me get it from the shipping company because it had to go through customs. Took an extra 2 weeks and about 15 long distance calls to even get the bike. I went and registered it at the beginning of this year and they gave me a green sticker. Now today I get a letter from the DMV stating that I have a non-complying off highway vehicle. I called DMV and they told me to call the California Air Resources Board. I called the CARB and they told me there is no way I can register this bike for use in california. I asked about a red sticker, she said I cant get any sticker. The green sticker that is already on my bike says June 2004, so I am ok for awhile, unless they run the numbers. But I want to sell this bike next year and get a YZ450. I will have a hard time selling the damn thing with no registration. I am sick of all the BS in this damn state, but Im stuck here for awhile. Any one have any ideas on getting this thing registered?
  4. funktree

    tried out my helmet cam

    I just got the helmetcamera.com setup last week. I went for my first ride yesterday, this thing is fun. I could feel the weight of the camcorder in my backpack a little bit but other than that I didnt even notice I had it on. It takes some nice clean video. It ran out of tape about 3 minutes before my big crash unfortunately, Twisted my knee up pretty good thats why Im home today. Is there anyway of getting more than an hour out of digital 8?
  5. You guys need to make tighter trails most of the trails around here are way to tight for a quad to even fit on. They stick to the fire roads
  6. funktree

    prarie city

    I finally got my bike legal and was thinkin about goin and checkin it out. What kind of place is it as far as riding goes? Can you ride the national track?
  7. funktree

    Jetting Qs

    Wow this thread is almost a year old.
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    its funny that the WR board gets stuck with the drinkin beer thread, me and the two othe WR riders I know can drink all the other riders we know under the table
  9. funktree


    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Sierra Nevada Porter Sierra Nevada Brown Ale Did I mention Im from Chico and have one of the best breweries in the country 2 miles from my house.
  10. has anyone tried these and if so how are they?
  11. funktree

    Parting Out 1990 YZ250...

    4:20 you out there?
  12. funktree

    Anybody runnin .48 fork springs?

    I weigh 240 and ride mostly mx, but alot of trails too. I usually mx one day and trail ride the other every weekend.
  13. I tried to order some of these based on race tech reccomendation, my dealer kept trying to talk me out of it. He was saying that those are way too stiff and it would make my bike unridable. he said the reason I bottom out all the time is because I still have two stroke riding habits. I think this guy doesnt know what the hell hes talkin about.
  14. I was wondering what rate springs my forks have in them I want to buy heavier springs and am not sure how stiff to go.
  15. funktree

    Parting Out 1990 YZ250...

    how about 75 for the rear wheel? you can email me at funktree@yahoo.com [ January 24, 2002: Message edited by: funktree ]