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  1. schmo

    suggestions for a new TT display name

    Never had an interest in having kids. While you have your son or daughter wiping your azz . . . I'll have all that money you spent over 20+ years to pay some hot chic to bathe me and wipe my ass . . . to each their own.
  2. schmo

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Getting pounded pretty good up here . . . you guys seeing much? Snow then warm rain, now high wind. Creeks and rivers are flowing, better bring a chainsaw if you plan to ride up here in the near future!
  3. schmo

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    That’s a bummer Gary. Heal up fast.
  4. schmo

    Tugger & Skid Plate install

    Must be one of these then . . .
  5. schmo

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    It's a moving target, I like WU but it's a crap shot. Right now it doesn't look too bad . . . better than last weekend and 95% of the time the wind was hardly noticeable. Up on the ridges the wind was pretty nasty but everywhere else it wasn't too bad. We hung out and ate lunch down in a canyon and there wasn't so much as a breeze. https://www.wunderground.com/hourly/us/ca/ridgecrest/date/2019-02-09
  6. schmo

    The Warden of the North is knighted by tt

  7. schmo

    The Warden of the North is knighted by tt

  8. schmo

    Winter 2018/2019 California Snow Report

    Snowing here in Schmoville at 3K. Coming down really good right now actually.
  9. schmo

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Can't make this one. Snowing this morning here in Schmoville . . . more expected Fri/Sat. Itching to get back up into the trees but looks like it might be a while.
  10. schmo

    Finally broke my husky subframe

    Note to self: Purchase . . .
  11. schmo

    Finally broke my husky subframe

    Sorry . . . I wanted to play along too. The lead role was already taken, maybe I can get a nomination for best supporting actress Oh shoot I wasn't supposed to be commenting anymore, I just can't help it.
  12. schmo

    Finally broke my husky subframe

    @Warden of the North 9 minutes with your new title and you've already displayed ignorance, lack of understanding of your own facts, inability to read the room or know your audience and impressed no one. Being a better rider than most is the only reason you have not already been flamed to dust. Thankfully I'm one of the few that will treat you like an equal, whether I am or not. And I don't give special treatment to those with different body parts. Everybody gets treated the same. So don't even think about it, Caitlin. However, now that you have shown yourself to be a stereotypical BB impersonator my block button will prevent me from having to see your inanity in the future... so you'll receive no future comments from me. Check back in 10 minutes, chances are I'm lying. There are plenty that will feel they should support and protect you from the mean old desert hermits mean words, but when you have displayed a certain ineptitude regarding things as minor as valve stems, tugger straps and skid plates just in the past week or so it's hard to come off as the superior . . . and if you haven't noticed that's my job around here pal . . . stick to your pussy pics.
  13. schmo

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Good ride today fellas. I can't next weekend, but if we get a break from the rain we should get something together in a couple of weeks up here.
  14. schmo

    Tugger & Skid Plate install

    @Jeff aka Bolt That's rich . . . Let's take a look at your dealing of that woman a couple of weeks ago that bought the 230 thinking it was green sticker and then come back and talk to me about ruthless, Jeff aka Mr. Self Awareness. God damn it, I should have saved that Putin Popcorn meme.