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  1. tye1138

    2017 Supercross Arlington Rd 6 - Links

    JA wohl! Donna know why the feed ain't workin, maybe it doesn't work until after the heats? Strange, it worked great last week! Here is a temp feed http://cricfree.sc/fox-sports-1-usa-live-stream
  2. Thanks! More comin' in 2017!
  3. If I had the money, I'd get some AER's for my bike, I think they're just as good if not better then the KYB's, with a real shim stack and bleed spring.
  4. I think the simplest/best solution are KYB cartridges. You can buy used KYB forks on ebay for peanuts and there are a few guys who can do that work, Travis @ TBT racing being one of them. The problem is, once you're stuck with a tuner on the 4CS or Öhlins, you've gotta really use that one guy. With KYB inserts, you can go to ANY tuner and they can help dial it in. KYB cartridges are super easy to tune at home without special tools and knowledge. Plus the database of knowledge on tuning them is extraordinary! Since KYB hasn't changed them in a decade, it's very easy to get help online. I've had the Öhlins, I've had "tuned" 4CS's, I've even reworked AER's. I'm still a fan of the spring fork and the KYB cartridges. I think the AER's are the closest thing with a real mid valve stack. I think the fork works great with a complete re-tooling of the shim stacks.
  5. tye1138

    2017 250sxf suspension

    The 4CS forks just don't work. They have a few major design flaws, which makes them difficult to tune. Even the top tuners have issues making them do everything properly. You can make them plush, but not compliant. You can make them compliant, but they'll bottom. It's a big problem and everyone has tried. The only real solution for the 4CS is to add a completely separate bottoming system, sold by many of the tuners. It's an expensive kit, but it DOES solve some of the problems. The new shock started in the 2015 1/2 FE editions. The 2017 model changes the color from black to sliver, but it's the same shock. I'm sure the damping settings are modified, but the shock isn't that great out of the box, it needs some work to dial it in. I personally wouldn't get near the AER's if you already have 4CS. Air forks inherently need more service then spring forks. The KYB conversion kit, all be it expensive, is the way to roll if you already have 4CS forks. Buy a set of used 2011+ YZ250F/YZ450F forks off ebay, send them to one of the many TBT racing shops with your 4CS and they'll do the swap. You can recoup on the investment by selling the KYB tubes and 4CS cartridges. I made back almost what I paid for the complete fork. They also put little adjusters at the top of each fork, so you can change compression without a screw driver, one of the nice things about the WP's that's missing from the KYB's stock. You will never make an air fork feel like a spring fork, even though the AER's feel great, they're nowhere near the KYB SSS forks, they are hands-down the best production fork... THOUGH they do need a bit of tuning to make right, they come over-dampened from the factory.
  6. tye1138

    2017 250sxf suspension

    Numbers can be deceiving because you never know how they were measured. I always measure with a sag measuring tool AND tape measure. I also have more then one person do it, just incase there is an issue with someone reading the metric tape measure. I also measure sag on the rebound of the shock, rather then compression. So I push down on the rear and let it come back up, rather then simply sit on it. These are all tricks you and I know, but perhaps the OP doesn't, hence the deviation in numbers. LOL well, chasing something that was impossible you mean. I learned a lot in the process, but my shock springs have never part of the problem, as I've tried every rate within the weight bracket. I will take some pix for you and jot down some data... I should come in to the thread more prepared.
  7. tye1138

    2017 250sxf suspension

    I mean KTM, Race Tech, MX Tech and my tuner Travis at TBT, all suggest a 4.2 rear shock spring for the 250SXF as a starting spot, since I already had the spring sitting around. So I just assumed it would work well and it sags up nicely. The same spring on the 150 was not suggested by KTM, Race Tech or MX Tech, even though Travis said it would work fine. He was right, it did sag up well, but had almost zero preload. The 4.0 on the 150 did produce BETTER sag numbers, but critically at greater preload numbers, around 4mm worth, which is spot on. I feel there is too much preload on the 4.2 spring on my 250SXF and having checked the charts once more, I do think the rate is borderline to soft. If I had my druthers, I'd go up one rate and I bet it would have the appropriate preload and sag right. Remember, I use to run a 5.4 on my 2013 250SXF. Back then, I had a box of springs and tried everything from 5.0 - 5.6 and the 5.4 was the only one that sagged up perfectly, with the appropriate amount of preload. It's unfortunate KTM changed the shock length, so those springs have been rendered useless. I don't have anything in the 4.x range outside of the spring I bought for the 150 and the stock springs for the 16' 250SXF, which are way out of range for me as I checked when I first got the bike. Since your numbers are so left field Mog, -way out of suggested range from any suspension tuner I know- I assume something is odd with either your spring testing and the manufacturing of those springs. On my 13' 250SXF, I had dozens of springs, distributed by various manufacturers; Öhlins, Eibach, WP and Race Tech (All of which are re-brands I know). I found the rates of each spring to be different, but not by the tremendous gap you're referencing. For instance, I had 5.4's from all those brands and the KTM 5.4 was the hardest to get sag, it was the stiffest of the bunch. The Öhlins and Eibach were perfect and the Race Tech spring was slightly softer. Yet, all 4 springs I got sag on and could have worked fine, the rates weren't that far off. So I don't know what to say... all the tuners I've talked with state side have made the suggestion I use and it works. Yet that same suggestion on your side of the pond, doesn't work. The only thing to deduce is that one of us doesn't weigh what they say they do... (I just measured myself again, I'm actually 150lb today) and/or there is some discrepancy in the springs/testing methods. I would love to measure the rate of my WP spring on the shock, just to see how far out of whack it is. Maybe I can convince Travis to do that someday, but in the meantime, the 4.2 should work fine for someone in the 150lb rage who rides motocross at a decent pace.
  8. tye1138

    2016 450 xc-f bad cam?

    Has anyone done any work to the engine, like installed a mechanical cam chain tensioner and/or even touched that assembly? The oil passes right up that assembly on it's way to the jets and if its disturbed at all, it can cause the same problem. Though my engine makes quite a racket before the oil pressure builds.
  9. tye1138

    2017 250sxf suspension

    It's true, the spring's I've been using from race tech and wp may not be accurate. I do find lots of variance between springs. With that said, the 4.2 I'm using is the stock spring from my 150sx and it sag's up nicely. I haven't measured preload, but the numbers are so perfect, I can't imagine it being THAT far off. Worth checking next time I have the time.
  10. tye1138

    2016 450 xc-f bad cam?

    WOW really? Sounds like it wasn't installed properly. You've gotta really tap it in with a mallet to get it so it "floats" inside the cam. If it's not floating, it will rub and that will cause wear. Those plastic shavings won't get through the oil system. They will get caught in the screen AND oil filter. So there is NO WAY those plastic bits caused the clogging of the jets if the bike is being maintained properly. You'd also see any fragments big enough to clog anything on the screen and filter.
  11. tye1138

    2017 250sxf suspension

    Ohh and 4.2 is the right spring for a 150lb rider. In fact, my sag numbers are perfect... 35 static and 105 rider. Doesn't get much better then that.
  12. tye1138

    2017 250sxf suspension

    Yep, it's very hard to ride a well setup YZ and go back to riding a KTM. I've spent years trying to make the older WP components feel like the KYB's of my friends bikes and failed miserably. I wound up buying Öhlins for my 13' 250sxf and today on my 16' 250sxf, run KYB cartridges, of which I'm very happy with after quite a lot of tuning. I've been doing some work on the AER's recently and I find them very frustrating to setup without doing internal work. Lowering the air pressure down to the 130psi range, of course makes a huge difference. Dumping 20cc's of oil out also helps considerably. However, even with the right rear spring (4.2), I was struggling to get the bike to feel anything like my KYB setup with the same rear spring. The solution unfortunately was a complete re-valve. WP has to over-damping the valving to compensate for the wide range of potential weights. You can click all day, but it's just a waste of time. The good news is, the AER's have nothing preventing them from working flawlessly. All they need is a quick shim shuffle and you're good to go, same goes for the shock. The last two bikes I help build, I was very happy with the results. Not only was the fork compliant, but pretty plush. That added plushness you feel from the KYB is no secret. It's just a combination of valving, main spring and even IFP spring. In fact, you can really dial the AER's in with simple mid valve changes and that's it. I don't know what WP was thinking when they designed the mid valve stacks, but they're a bit much for a 150lb rider.
  13. tye1138

    Mx training besides running

    The Model D is the most cost effective rowing machine.
  14. tye1138

    Monster Engery Cup Bench Racing

    Live stream: