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  1. So last night Rory Sullivan and myself decided to do some Pacifico Engineering... Who needs a knobby knife!!
  2. @DerHoss Wiley just let me know that What !S is also available digitally world wide on iTunes, Android Market, and Zune!
  3. My good friend Wiley Watson put this together... I hope you like it!
  4. AMM

    Moto Church

    Awesome Video Paul... so good!
  5. Hey Everybody, I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season. I wanted to post this up on behalf of my good friends Jeff and John Lague. They wanted to offer all Thumpertalk Users a discount on their latest ISDE film. Call it a shameless plug but these guys do so much for our sport as a whole... They deserve a little love!!! (See The Note From Jeff Below) Note From Jeff Lague: We wanted to do something special for all your Thumper Talk members and offer a discount code if you they purchase the DVD from the following link or attached QR code: http://www.motorsportsfilms.com/isde-2011-finland-dvd/ The discount is for $6 off [$1 for every day of racing] and the code is: ISDE611 We thank all of you for helping us support the ISDE effort. As most of you know we do this purley for fun. Our goal is to continue educating the offroad industry on this amazing international evet! Thanks, Jeff IGNITION3 www.ignition3.tv jeff@ignition3.tv 818.714.1401 ISDE2011FinlandDVDPressRelease.pdf
  6. @pur3Evil - hahahaha yea PV has a tendency to blow bikes up!! Actually there is a couple great spots out there for trail riding... if you go out past the actual pv motopark you can find some killer single track... We've got a couple loops out there that are 20-30 miles... fun for a quick after work sesh!!
  7. Ive done my fair share of that out there too