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  1. Supafreak_711

    06 Service Manual

    Gracias senor!
  2. Supafreak_711

    06 Service Manual

    Howdy! It's been a looooong time since I've been around here (I'm a former TT addict) Anyway, I am in the process of getting my CRF running again after 2 years of collecting dust and I realized I have lost my paper copy of the manual. Does anyone have a PDF of the 06 manual, or one from one of the years where they were pretty much the same bike? Also, I know this isn't the right forum, but if you have the CRF230F manual from the same time period I'd appreciate it! I'm trying to get it running as well so I can teach my girlfriend how to ride this summer. Thanks!
  3. Supafreak_711

    : (

    As long as the track is open I don't cancel riding because of rain. You never know what the track is going to look like on race day. The fair weather practicers will by crying while you go to work in the mud. If the track is closed hit the gym or go ride at a private spot where you arent going to tear the track up too much.
  4. Supafreak_711

    DNA Wheel set

    I got a complete set of DNA wheels (minus brake disks and sprocket) for $525 new in box off of ebay. Very happy with quality so far.
  5. Supafreak_711

    Dont' read this if you want to be surprised..but

    At Houston James finally got his swagger back that has been lacking recently. His pre race intro was awesome too! Reed looks like he has finally gotten sick of being a "second place" rider and has some swagger of his own (yes, I know he won the championship last year). I've been really impressed with Reed so far. Poto has the speed to be a threat to those two, he just doesn't have the consistency yet. Grant is also very fast, but I don't think he has the same speed at "balls to the wall" pace that the other three can muster. Reed was going all out at Houston trying to catch up. He jumped the Dragon's back out of the whoops section just about every lap. He and James were some of the only ones to do it, and James only did it a couple of times (like when he made his first move on poto) Its going to be an interesting year! As for the bikes, it really has looked like James was struggling with setup or something for the past few weeks. Something was just off. At Houston it looked like it finally clicked and he was out there enjoying himself. I remember a RC interview (after his retirement) asking about the fastest bike he has ridden and he said that the factory Hondas were rocketships. This was after developing the RMZ for Suzuki.
  6. Supafreak_711

    Supercross Spoiler: Josh Hansen interview

    Does anyone know where I can find Josh Hansen's post LCQ interview from the Houston SX? I was stuck in an elevator and when I made it up to the press box everyone in there was laughing about it. I know what he said more or less, but the exact words or a video would be awesome. I doubt it made the TV coverage due to the profanity. He was riding pretty well in practice and the LCQ, and after this interview... I just might like him a little more. Gracias
  7. Supafreak_711

    I'll "HDR" your photo

    Is that a Jekyll?
  8. Supafreak_711

    I'll "HDR" your photo

    My ridding buddy and I: I can find higher resolution versions if that would be better. This is just what photobucket does to them. PS: #54 did not eat it.
  9. Supafreak_711

    Hepler injured again!!

    I like the kid, but I think hes made of glass. He is always breaking something.
  10. Supafreak_711

    SPOILER: AMA Penalizes Josh Grant!--Spoiler

    He looked like he had his bell rung by that crash. With him on the ground you can see him motionless for a second or two and then he suddenly comes to and starts moving. He was definately dazed at first. Hopefully he comes back with a vengance and makes this season interesting. It looked like Reed has stepped it up enough to give us some battles.
  11. For putting up a smoke screen to keep other riders behind him! (kidding)Now that was an exciting finish! Bummer on the crashes, but those last 2 laps were a cliff hanger. GO GRANT!
  12. Supafreak_711

    Fastest rider on TT **CONTEST**

    I'm the fastest man alive! I went from starting gate to muddy ditch in less than 60 seconds! For the record, I was leading my class when I crashed
  13. Which models are the mounts compatible with? I have a set of oversize bar mounts that I am trying to get rid of (they are still in the box, and I no longer have a Yamaha). I'm wondering what models they will fit. I believe they would fit my 03 YZ450F, but I'm sure the stock clamps on some of the other models would use these as well.
  14. Supafreak_711

    Wheel Compatibility

    Bumped your gas bar to the next level, thanks!
  15. Supafreak_711

    Wheel Compatibility

    This was one of the questions I asked in a thread I recently posted (which was deleted before I could read the responses for some reason I don't know). I would like to know what other bikes my set of stock wheels (06 450R) will fit. I assume the will fit all of the Honda 450's for all years, but what else will they fit?