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  1. cazzy160344

    Hangtown Torrent?

    Ah yeah, I'd like to know too!
  2. cazzy160344

    Painting Stuff

    Wow yeah that looks heaps better!! Very nice work. nice bike too. as someone said, very clean! Is that just the stock swingarm painted black? I was planning on doing the stock exhaust silver as well. But I think I'm just gonna touch it up with black...
  3. nice!! awesome looking bike. dont you love that seat...i just got a RB seat, so comfy!
  4. cazzy160344

    I'm buying a 2006 crf50

    i think u might need a new swinger and/or shock to even out the bike seeing as ur putting on the marzocchis. sounds good though! mayb u shud get an 88c kit though? i think its only a bit more $$ than the 72cc
  5. cazzy160344

    How to replace CRF 50 forks

    http://www.twobros.com/Cust_Service/Install_Inst/010-6-44K_Inst.pdf That PDF is very detailed and has close, clear pictures for each step. I used it to install my extended fork leg kit (Fiveo not Two Bros) and it went very smoothly! Highly recommend those installation instructions from two bros ^^^
  6. whoa! how did u paint that exhaust? looks good! i agree about the green on the 70 though
  7. here's a picc of my bike! its basically done just waiting on my new shock:) let me know what you think:)
  8. Thanks for the replies, i'll post back to update!...and post pics!
  9. Hi there, just got a stock xr50. the engine is completely stock. When i was riding it around yesterday, the first half hour was good but when i stopped for a bit, i was in gear and the bike kept moving forward... i was just wondering, is this a serious problem? does it have something to do with the clutch? if so, what can i do to stop this? Thanks, caroline.
  10. hi there, thanks for this! im using uTorrent, how do I enable the packet encryption?
  11. Hi there, I've just bought a 2000 xr50 and have been told by someone that I need to get the top end rebuilt...is this easy? Or should I take it to the shop..I'd prefer not as I've heard that it is expensive. Could someone possibly show me how to rebuild the top end? Thanks in advance.
  12. cazzy160344

    Anaheim I torrent here

    ahh!!! thanks from australia!!!
  13. cazzy160344

    is anyone good at photoshop?

    ok well heres my go, i know it looks dodgy haha...but like the thing is, i wasn't sure what hubs were..(excuse me im a girl lol) so im not sure if i did it right, but i think u get the idea with the black plastics and stuff. hope it was helpful!
  14. cazzy160344

    PW80 site/info/help/details?

    Heres some threads I found a while back, from DRN. Hope they're helpful! And post up pics of the modded 80 when ur done! http://www.dirtrider.net/forums3/showthread.php?t=83770 http://www.dirtrider.net/forums3/archive/index.php/t-93740
  15. cazzy160344

    Anaheim round 3 Supercross... (torrent)

    Ahh thanks so much!!! It means the ABSOLUTE WOLRD TO ME!! Coz yeah...don't have cable tv over here in Aust. so yep only way I could've watched it!. Thanks again!!! Looking forward to more