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  1. amerrill130

    jetting for 02 yz250

    Is this what i should start at or should i adjust to something different? Since i am not stock anymore? Thanks
  2. Hey Everyone, just bought an 02 yz250. my first 2 stroke. anyway i have a question about my jetting and what it should be. I just put on a new fatty expansion chamber, fmf powercore 2 pipe, i run half pump gas 92 octane, with VP C-12 at 40-1 with yama lube 2R, Uni filter, i usually ride between 1000-3000 ft elevation. Around 70-80 degrees. I am getting a solid line of spooge right now, and cant figure out why? i am not sure what jetting the bike has now, but i need a baseline of what it should be. thanks:thumbsup:
  3. amerrill130

    Yamaha Raptor 350 problem

    Hey guys i need your help, my girlfriend has a 05 raptor 350, all stock, lately i have been noticing that when you give the bike gas, or let it rev up a little, the bike starts sputtering, almost like a back fire, or like it is thirsty for something, gas is on, air filter clean, i can't figure it out. Anyway any help would be great we are going on vacation next week for the week, and i need to figure this out.
  4. amerrill130


    I have a 2000 WR 400 and i would like to put an IRC M5B on her, but i do not know what size of tire i can put on there, i know my stock tire size is 110/100/18, can anyone help me out? Any advice would help, Thanks
  5. amerrill130

    2000 WR 400 mods?

    i have a fmf powercore 4, and an fmf Q for the state parks, what else do you recommend? what about the grey wire and other mods? Thanks
  6. amerrill130

    2000 WR 400 mods?

    Hey guys if you could help me out. I have a 2000 wr 400, have done a couple of mods to it but am wondering if there are any other mods to do to get more power out of the bike. So far i have filed the throttle stop, took the air box restricter off, and thats it. Is there anything else i can do to have more fun while trying to pass my buddies? I found a couple of posts but don't really understand what everyone is talking about. So if someone can fill me in on what some of the things do to the bike, like the power now, JD kit, etc. Thanks in advance
  7. amerrill130

    rebuild or not rebuild

    Hey guys I have a couple of questions. First off i have a 2000 WR 400, and it has a lot of miles on her, my brother had it before me and used it on the track a couple of times, and i am just a trail and hill climber freak. But anyway i don't have the money to go out and buy a new bike but this is my question, i have a weird noise coming from the left side of the motor, i talked to one of my friends and he says that it could be my cam coming loose? is that possible, or i should say common. It is like a clinging noise like metal parts vibrating together. I mean i don't really beat my bike but i do use all the power she will give me. So i am not sure what i should do, should i bore it out and rebuild the motor or should i just try and pay someone to look at the bike and give me their two cents on what might be wrong with it. I have kept up on all maintence, but just am not sure what i should do next. Thanks for the help.
  8. amerrill130

    i want more power

    I need more power!!!! has anyone bored out there 400 yet. I want to learn more about it. I would buy a bigger bike but can't afford it, plus i want to keep the green sticker. Thanks
  9. amerrill130

    2000 Wr 400

    Hey guys just wanted to ask a quick question, has anyone ever bored out a WR 400 before, what problems if any did you face. And was it worth it. I am thinking about doing that. Also what about this cam that i am hearing that you can install on your bike. I think it is like a exh. cam from hot cams i am not sure. But any info will help. Thanks.
  10. amerrill130

    Bike for sale

    Hey does anyone want to buy a 2000 WR 400? I live in sonoma county, California, excellent maintance on the bike, i have pro tapers, Acerbis anodized blue top and bottom triple clamp, honda style steel braded brake lines, anodized blue excel rims and new excel spokes, i have YZF 400 plastics on the bike, MX gas tank, grey wire mod, snorkel mod, YZF timing, AVS levers, FMF powercore 4, and FMF Q pipes, aftermarket header, UNI air filter, gripper seat cover, bud light graphics, brand new M12 Tire, new chain and sprocket, new front brake pads and i think that is it. But if you are intertested and live close by, plus i have a lot of the stock stuff that came on the bike, like the original plastics, gas tank, stuff like that. let me know if you, or you know someone that might want it.
  11. amerrill130

    making a 400 into a monster

    okay where can i get the JD kit at. Have you heard of anyone boring out the motor?
  12. amerrill130

    making a 400 into a monster

    Hey guys, okay i need a little help here. I have a 2000 WR 400, and i just love the bike. But i want more power so i have done all of the free mods except for the jet kit, i just have an fmf jet kit installed, but i want to get more power out of her. So my question to anyone is has anyone else been in the same situation? And what did you do. I have heard about the powernow system, that goes in front and back of the carb. But i was thinking maybe boring her out. I don't know. I rod my buddy's new 450 and love it, but can't afford to get a new bike. Can anyone else help me out. Thanks
  13. amerrill130

    Power now, av now ...etc

    alright i have a 2000 WR 400 and i am looking for the someone who can tell me the difference between all of these things, and where i can get one or which would be the best one to buy. Thanks
  14. amerrill130

    2000 WR 400

    Okay this is for the guys who own a wr 400, i am wondering if anyone has installed a powernow on there bike yet? If so what kind was it, where did you get one, and what did it do for performance wise on the bike? I have also been reading about the BK mod, i am thinking of doing that as well, but would like some feedback on that too, ant last but not least i am looking for any other kinds of mods that i can do for my bike to give it that kick in the ass. I have done the following, grey wire, YZF timimg, header, fmf powercore 4 and the Q, jets, bigger sprocket and new chain. I think that is it. Thanks for any feedback!!!
  15. amerrill130

    can anyone help me?

    Ok, i am still trying to find things to do to my bike to make it have more power. I have a couple of questions for anyone that can help. I have a 2000 WR 400, i have a FMF Q pipe, bigger header, grey wire cut, YZF timing, and i think that is it. Now i have been reading about somethings but i don't really understand any of them. Like a powernow valve, or putting in a 450 cam? can someone please help me or maybe tell me what else i can do for my bike. My brother has a 2002 YZ 250,his bike has a couple of mods but i need to give my bike a little bit of boost before i put him on my list for my next victim. Can someone help Thanks in advance.