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  1. yorkshirepud

    David Knight wins on his BMW first time out

    I'm going to miss it as well, with work taking over at the moment... There are some great vids from previous years so I'm sure someone will cover it.
  2. Only a local event in the Isle of Man but here are the results.... http://www.southernmcc.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/dalby-enduro-2009-final-results.pdf Not found any photo's yet though...
  3. yorkshirepud

    sherco wins redbull romaniacs

    E3 in the WEC is interesting this year with Aro first on a KTM 300 and Guillaume second on his Husky 2T... That said, Merriman beat everyone last time out on his v-twin 550 Aprilia.
  4. yorkshirepud

    New 08 RXV 550

    Here is a site that shows some pics for you. There are a few other bits there as well... http://www.apriliaoffroad.com/index.php?f=data_spares_$_accessories&a=1
  5. yorkshirepud

    My husky Re-build (WARNING LOTS OF PICS)

    I notice GMX didn't send you a full set of tubes, they did the same to me. I gave them a call with the length of pipe missing and they posted me the missing one.
  6. yorkshirepud

    Tm 2008

    Here are pics and details of them all. http://www.tm-racing.co.nz/models/
  7. yorkshirepud

    Grip Tape On Frame

    My brother used it on his YZ250 in '05 but it does tend to wreck your pants. Grippy though!
  8. yorkshirepud

    2008 TE450 (EFI) word from Oz

    This months MX Digi has got a test as well and they like it.
  9. yorkshirepud

    EnduroX Denver

    http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=5371&Page=1 Knight from Huffman. The really impressive feat will be if Knighter can win the GNCC the day after on the other coast...!
  10. yorkshirepud

    MediaZone Video quality is SH***T!

    I've got live TV over here and its not much better.
  11. yorkshirepud

    Husqvarna Suspension Work

    I went to Marzocchi for my Husky. They do a kit to upgrade the outers to the black/black with a polished inside and fit the OEM internals in there. It did improve the front end but the Pro Action sorted forks on my YZ are far better so you may be better spending your money tuning them for your speed/riding.
  12. yorkshirepud

    Spoiler::: Mxdn Results

    FYI - USA went 1-1-1 in timed training - Townley kept RV honest but that was about the only challenge...
  13. yorkshirepud

    Supercross Spoiler::: Mxdn Results

    MX1 qualification race results are in... http://www.motocrossmx1.com/reslists.aspx?ct=7&c=6 1 1 Carmichael, Ricky USA AMA Suzuki 2 19 Langston, Grant RSA MSA Yamaha 3 10 Philippaerts, David ITA FMI KTM 8 4 37 Nagl, Maximilian GER DMSB KTM 5 4 Ramon, Steve BEL FMB Suzuki 6 13 Pourcel, Sebastien FRA FFM Kawasaki
  14. yorkshirepud

    aprilia 2008

    Any word on the MX version? The pics of the 'big bang' twin exhaust bike in this month's MXDigital look great.
  15. yorkshirepud

    who uses tall bars?

    I'm 5'8" and use ricky bend twin-walls -